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“You taste like dessert,” he said, drawing her close. “Sweet, and sinful.”

She shuddered, gritting her teeth, keeping herself as still as possible. She would not let those lips win, that cold, sweet breath win, those cold, delicate fingers swirling around her neck win.

“Too much dessert is bad for you,” she managed.

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Duck and cover! People screamed from all corners to do this, to crawl beneath desks, to hide your head. But what good would it do? Once it hit, we were all ashes. I sat down cross-legged in the middle of the street, where everyone and everything could see me, looked up at the skies, and watched the fire come.

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Everywhere, they rose — black, red, crumbling, upright and soldierly, painted on the sides with advertisements for things no one bought much anymore, smoking from lopsided chimneys.

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Fire licks up one side of me and down the other, little hot mouths tearing my skin. I press one of my cheeks to the glass, desperate for a bit of cool relief, but it shatters beneath my skin. I am bleeding. I am a bleeding lattice.

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With the first sunrise came an idea for murder. With the second came the location — sharply, clearly, through muddled thoughts I didn’t plan and didn’t understand. I saw the loft before my eyes like it was a physical thing, memorized it, searched for it, found it, crept up the stairs, and knocked, the dagger hidden behind my back.

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Bursts of blood rained down upon the forest, and soon the trees were red. We ran, holding hands, our fingers slipping as they turned crimson and hot with the last breaths of everything dying above us. Feathers rained down and stuck in Glory’s hair.

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The dog sat on the stool and listened to the conversation, about how the vines in the garden weren’t really vines, and how they were made, and the atrocities in the attic, and shook his head but disguised it with an ear scratch. Humans, he thought, are distinctly unwell.

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The road sign was black and stood at a green corner between two roads. Someone was whistling and someone was kicking a ball, but no one was around. I sat on the pavement and tied my shoes. From behind me came movement. A finger tapped my shoulder. A voice said, “Finally. I’ve been waiting for centuries.”

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She took a key and opened the door. Past it lay white walls, white floor, white windows, white beach. The moon was so close she could taste it. She turned the key in the latch and locked herself in. She stripped to her skin and pulled the white sheets around her and sat at the window and waited for the signal telling her it was safe to jump.

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The wand broke, and so did the world. Angry hands threw her back against the wall, cracking her skull. The wandbits lodged in her skin, hair, and teeth. She tasted hair and pus and firelight and realized she was lying facedown in a pool of blood and magic.

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It had been centuries since she’d seen him. Living through lifetime after lifetime, she’d never forgotten him. How strange, to see him just the same — blue eyes, brown hair, a quirk to his mouth like he was always in the middle of a jinx.

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“Dress me,” she demanded, glancing back over her shoulder. He tugged his necktie in place and frowned. “I’m not in the mood,” he said. She tossed her head and laughed the ugliest, most frightening laugh he’d ever heard and scoffed, “I don’t believe that for one second.”

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Galleries of statues and paintings, all of her: Impressionism, Roman-Greco, oil paintings covering entire walls, cityscapes, cubism.

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There was a stripe down the middle of the road. We followed it, for days and days, and at last reached the end. Nothing. A cliff. A drop. A precipice, and an abyss. We crouched on the rim and looked over: Black, and at the very bottom, another stripe, like the rest of the road waiting for us to jump down and keep going.

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Too many, all across his skin. Nothing was spared: Chest, back, face, belly. Everything sliced back open. Black rope. Broken blood, broken breath.

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“I need a lint roller!” my brother screamed. It was one of those no one’s-ready mornings. I found the roller, tossed it to him, heard a slam against the wall. “What was that?” “Spider.”

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They might as well have been. A horrible attraction: Hooks, strung-together jewels, hearts and desires, danger and hatred. He pulled and she stumbled forward; she tried to run away, and couldn’t.

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Regardless of the fact that you totally ate my sandwich, I’m gonna make you a deal. Two bucks, you’re in. That’s it. Two bucks only. Everyone else is ten. You, two. Even though you ate my sandwich. Wanna know why? I love you. Always have.

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