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He was behind me, my back to his back.
I was glowering over my notes, he was idly perusing books.
“Are you done yet?”
“Are you stuck on something?”
Yeah, you’re too close dummy.

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The icing had magically landed on her nose – somehow.
Somehow, from the tips of my fingers and to the tip of her nose. The culprit? Myself and my stupid hammering heart.

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It didn’t make sense, what kind of instructions where these? First of all: they were not in English. He was flabbergasted at the audacity of the woman – who clearly knew he was English – and sneaked a glare towards her retreating figure.

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Steam poured from the soup as I settled it in front of him. He took one look at it and immediately frowned, “Redo it” he demanded. Right then and there, I wanted to scream all the frustrations that he had caused me but because of what he knew – I could not. And he was doing a pretty good job of exploiting that too, that jerk.

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