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In the dungeon I sit accused. Hated for a crime I did not commit. The darkness seeps into the fiber of my being. Maybe I really did do it after all. I feel like I could now. I feel like all manner of darkness is apart of me. Maybe I really am guilty.

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The road was wet; the night long and black. Like two glaring eyes the car high beams lit up the darkness with electricity. Wet asphalt and tires squeal, the metal automobile swerves to avoid a dead racoon.

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The whole ground beneath their feet was shaken as the giant’s footsteps drew closer. They stood their ground, spears at the ready. No one had confronted this beast and lived to tell the tale. Would they be the first ones?

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The people in the hall congregated like a flock of geese resting on their way south. The wooden walls echoed with their mummers and sobs; the ground beneath their feet quacked with violent trembles.

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The darkness that filled the open closet seemed to take shape. The moanings of a heater struggling against the chill of winter added to it’s lifelikeness. It was a monster, she was sure of it.

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The room was silent, just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Maybe he shouldn’t have used those words exactly, but it was too late now. She was fuming. He could tell by the way her face was stone still, all except her eyes, which were fire.

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A bunch of roses littered the play area, strewn about as if there had been a rose parade. But the kids… there were no sign of them.

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Green. Brown. Tree limbs and leaves. That’s all she could see in the shadowy undergrowth of the forest. If he was hiding in there, his camouflage was good. She took an uneasy step backwards, hoping that if was only the wind rustling the leaves. She had to get out.

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I am confident. That’s what I whisper to the darkness. It doesn’t seem to listen. I AM CONFIDENT!! I scream into the wall. Nothing happens. No one stirs. Maybe light had always been a figment of my imagination.

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A rural landscape spread out before them, sprawling over the misty green hills. They could see a red barn gleaming somewhere off in the distance, set aglow with the morning sun.

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“Well this turned out to be a worthwhile pursuit, didn’t it?” Jacob’s voice dripped sarcasm. Kristy looked up at him with eyes threatening to burst with a storm of tears. Did he really think this was a time to joke!?

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Instantly the steam filled the air. The explosion reverberated through the cement walls as if they were made of putty. A slow metallic groaning could be heard, complaining that one of it’s steam engines was out of order.

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The moon landing was a hoax. Everyone knew it, they had all seen the fabrication papers. It had been a huge governmental scandal – the papers screamed in big read headlines “THE PICTURE IS A LIE!” That was the day no body could trust the government ever again.

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“That’s exactly what I meant.” The man said as he turned away from the window to face the little girl. Her eyes were so big and brown, pleading puppy dog eyes. He looked back out the window. “And that’s final!” He wouldn’t say anymore, not to her. Thing’s couldn’t be any different.

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the offering was perfect. an unblemished lamb. the poor creature was placed upon the alter, knife gleaming, poised ready to take its life and make its blood run over the already blood stained stone. everyone watched expectantly.

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he looked at her, blue eyes pleading. “don’t leave… please.” but she turned her back, although the tears fell from her eyes as she did so. she walked out of his life, forcing herself to not look back. forever he would be haunted by the sound of her footsteps as she walked away.

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The rabbit burrow was deep, so deep that you couldn’t see the bottom of it. Sally inched closer to the hole. The soil around it suddenly gave away and she fell into the black pit with a scream. She disappeared from sight into blackness.

» Posted By Cate Write On 04.20.2013 @ 1:45 pm


she had instilled that lesson well enough. he backed away from the river’s edge, shaking violently; the memories were still there. the time he had almost drowned.

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The hurricane had destroyed everything, houses… and lives. Nothing was left, and nothing left to do but to pick up the shattered pieces and try to start again. That’s the way life always is.

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The sound faded then grew stronger. Was it something from outside? Peeking out the window the small girl tried but failed to see what was causing the heart stopping noise.

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The officers rode up on horse back; the small children shrank from their sight. This was not good. It had been a year since the officers had come to that town and now they knew that their presence meant trouble.

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she was a determined girl, nothing was going to get in her way. she walked forward with boldness, even with a gun in her face. she was fearless.

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“I feel alive today!” Amanda shouts as the train comes to a stop. Bouncing out she twirls around a lamp post and skips down the street. Everyone else is staring after her as if she’d just escaped from a crazy farm.

» Posted By Cate Write On 09.16.2012 @ 2:53 pm


harnesses hung from nails in the old barn. the whole place smelled of horse. one wild stallion neigh ferociously and kicks at the door that holds him.

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the ball is in motions, rolling down the cliffs by the sea. the angry waves splash at the bottom, threatening to swallow up the small red ball. it bounces and takes one final leap before it hits the churning waters.

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chills ran down her spine, did she really hear that? there it is again, breathing. raspy breathing coming from the shadows of her thought to be empty house. was someone there? she backs away from where the sound is coming from, looking for an escape.

» Posted By Cate Write On 07.01.2012 @ 7:05 am

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