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I can barely carry the damn things, they’re so heavy, but I do carry them and I carry on carrying them until my legs are shaking and my arms are on fire. No choice, really. Six in each hand, the plastic digging deep into the flesh of my fingers – but there’s no alternative. I must get them inside.

She looks at me. “Just make two trips.” Ridiculous! How could I live with myself if I didn’t carry everything in one trip???

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The national anthem is not just a song. The anthem is for our country during the civil war. Have you ever wondered? Well during the war they sang as the bomb and rockets went off. So don’t say that the national anthem is just a song.

» Posted By Cassie On 05.10.2017 @ 9:16 am


And as she flew up and around, higher and higher until she could taste the cold on her lips, she laughed, a sparkling laugh that the wind carried far away. Her hair whipped around as she darted and weaved among the clouds.

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she sweved in the air, her hair fluttering and getting in her mounth. she swerved annd dived again, neaarly jiting another of the ginormous fireballs spitting out from the gaping holes in the wasteland.

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she walked quickly towards the opening at the end of the alley, where she knew she had a chance to escape. as she hurried onwards she looked cautiously over her shoulder and instantly regretted it.

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Outer space! Fly away! Aliens? Dream! NASA! Neil a. The moon! Interstellar travel?

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Hello World!

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I don’t know where it went, but all i remember is who took it. Let’s just say, that was the moment when the world fell apart. I can’t believe it happened that way. I thought you were my friend. Come on, we’re both in the same boat here, just give it back. Please.
I’l never, you know i can’t. Or don’t you remember?

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Dan is bored, he’s practically sleeping. This isn’t their scene, not their crowd and Arin nudges him with an elbow in the soft part of his ribs to keep him up, because if he starts to snore Suzy will murder the two of them. Not that she notices them much as Barry (who does like ballet) is whispering to her and pointing at the stage, with Suzy nodding excitedly in agreement.

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Her hair was a current, not of the ocean, but of fire. Like the way asphalt blurs in humidity and the summer in Carolina is so hot, you sweat on the brow of your lip before it’s even morning. The twilight hour is the most dense and the mice even, hide away, from the downing sun. It’s a place of uneven prop

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A run over ragged trench of thick grass, the bottom sunk with mud and soft from the rain, the same three days worth of rain that’s filled up the bottom of the trench. His knees are wet through his pants as he struggles to make purchase, to climb upwards.

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I sell not for i have nothing to sell. i simply buy and buy and buy. and when my money runs out, so does my supply. i have not anything. once i buy, it vanishes, and i am once again left with nothing at all. Where does it all go you may ask. I do not know.

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Cargo pants covered his legs, not tights. T-shirts were what he slipped on in the morning, and they bore no insignia. There was no cape upon his back to catch the wind. His smile was what masked his pain. He did not stand tall, but bent in on himself, as if he could somehow keep himself together that way. He was beaten and bruised. He was flawed. Beautifully broken. But he was still here. And he would never know that he was my hero.

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I hear a thud and a loud cry. I turn around, and when I see her laying face-first in the dirt, I quickly run to her side. Kneeling beside her, I turn her over and jerk back in surprise as I catch sight of the long, thin arrow embedded halfway through her knee. She lets out a cry, tears slipping over her round cheeks. “They know.” She hisses through the pain. “They found us.” I ground my teeth. “Ah, shit.” I mutter. I was supposed to be protecting her, I swore I would, but I let her get wounded. I was so useless. “Go,” She says urgently, trying to push me away. “Get out of here. I can’t move like this. Run!” I shake my head violently and heave her up into my arms. “What are you doing?!” She demands, squirming. “Leave me!” I press my lips to her temple and take off running. “As if I could actually ever leave you behind!” I yell in reply. In the distance, I could hear the calls of men who had found their bounty.

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“Let’s go.” He begs. I hunch down behind our rock, making sure I’m completely obscured from anyone’s view on the other side. “Please–” His voice cuts off with a strange noise. A sob threatening to tear from his throat. I avoid looking at his eyes; I don’t want to see my own horror staring back at me. But, if I don’t look at his eyes, I’ll have to look elsewhere, and that’s not an option, either. Not when so many of our comrades lie dead among the wreckage. And God knows, no matter where I look, I will see red. So, I stare at his left shoulder. A safe zone. I shift my gun to rest on my broken right arm. Tear the fingers of my good hand through my hair. Pause. Inhale. “Where can we possibly go?” I ask, pretending I don’t notice how weak my voice sounds. He doesn’t answer, and he doesn’t have to. We both know we were trapped. We were going to die here, just like everyone else in our team had. And it would not be a beautiful death.

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“Make a contract with me and become Puella Magi!” Kyubey said, face never changing from the cat-like smile he wore. Homura watched from a distance, waiting for the two girls’ answer. ‘He’s deceiving you!’ Homura thought desperately. ‘Get away!’ But she could not reveal her hiding spot. Not yet. Sayka gave an “Eh?!” of shock and wonder, and Homura rolled her eyes. Of course, she could care less about the blue-haired girl. Not that she hated Sayaka…just…it was Madoka whom she really cared about. Madoka whom she worried for. Madoka, whom she swore to protect. Madoka, who was a ray of light in her dismal world. Madoka…her best friend. Homura aligned her gun, aiming at Kyubey’s skull. She would not fail this time.

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The way she moves. Her hips sway to a slow pulse of music that plays in her mind; her heart beat the greatest stereo she’d ever need. She lifts her arms above her head, as if she could touch the clouds above her. Tilting her face to the sky, a smile curves her red-tinted lips. And sitting here under the shade of this tree, I realized I could watch her forever.

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A place to display your special, unique artwork. A showcase of creative art, music, culture. Somewhat like a museum.

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as he passes her in the streets and becomes aware of her tiny gentle frame, he follows her and opens the door. as she passes him they share smiles in knowledge that there are still chivalrous people in the harsh streets of New York

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as the door opens and her hands don’t dare to touch the wood, he gives her a smile. allows her tiny frame to glide through the door frame and skip past him as she realizes there is still chivalry in her tainted world

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the day goes by so fast and no one can help you. you think of what you need to accomplish in the short 24 hours you are given. your body is in distress and you begin to convulse with tension and uncertainty.

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Easy, reliable. They considered her enough of that. She’s as steady as they come, but underneath the calm in the waters there is an urge waiting to get out. She wants to be rough, to tumble through life and the streets screaming and falling into waiting arms. She wants to be reckless, wants stories to tell, wants danger and feeling alive. She wants to be anything but predictable. Anything but a steady ship on peaceful seas.

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A fake, a false heart, plastic and strips of felt, pipe cleaner edges. You never had a real one, so you don’t know what love really is, but the important thing is and oh yes, there is an important part to all of this is that you tried to love me. You took your decoy of a heart and loved as best you could.

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A thundering realization that maybe the world isn’t as static as she thought. She’s been living in the gray area in between the black and white. A foundation built of two men she loves, two she has such passion for, a trifecta of sex, and love, and trust, and it’s nothing that needs a name, but it’s everything all at once.

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Passion. A crazed heat. It’s way too hot to be in bed, to be joined together. His skin is damp and hot and she feels on fire. His mouth tastes her even where she’s sweating and the bed is all fucked up underneath them. His groans are fire curling around her and his hips slide against her own. It is too much, heat, and Him and their breath hanging like heavy clouds overhead.

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Pairs, everywhere. People paired up all over the room. Some danced, some laughed and some stood around awkwardly, knowing it’s only a meaningless exercise. Yet here I was, in a corner, alone, always alone.

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She moved stealthily through the building, undetected by the guards on duty. She was looking for the final piece of the puzzle and knew it was in the building. Where in the building was the question. It was a good thing that she had mastered the art of remaining undetected years ago.

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Lack of self-esteem. Lack of determination. Not wanting to think. Circumstances beyond control. A chance to teach others the meaning of life. A chance to reach out and help. A group of people with a sense of humor – dressing up as a plant and scaring people as they walk by.

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Rambunctious friends with a common interest. Their interest is unique and only they know what it is like. They stand up for each other and help each other overcome challenges. They work to decode the confusing world of girls and what girls mean when they speak. And they solve their arguments quickly, usually with a fist fight before pulling each other in for a hug and being “done with it”.

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A sisterhood is a group of women. They don’t have to be related by blood. They can be friends with a common factor. A sisterhood will protect each other. They fight for one another and act as a sounding board. They watch movies, sleep over, and talk about the men in their lives that do crazy things. They are friends in the beginning but turn into sisters the more they interact with each other.

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