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Sequel is like second to something. There are sequels to movies. When they make one movie , sometimes they make a second one to it and that is the sequel. On the meta narrative the fall is the sequel to the creation. Jesus was the sequel to the old covenant. Eschaton was the sequel to the fall.

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the end is near no need to fear so don’t drink beer for God will save us who do not fear but grouser with him and you will be saved by the one and only IAM.

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My daddy often asked me to go hunting with him. He told me he could show me how to hold a gun and all that. My daddy is a good hunter; he can shoot a deer from miles away. That’s what it seems like anyways. Daddy says I could be a darn good hunter one day too if I wanted to. He asks me all the time, almost every day even. But I refuse. There ain’t no point in killing those animals, I think to myself. They are just minding their own business and doing whatever deer do, so why ruin that? I can understand if you’re an Indian. Those Indians shot deer to eat when there was nothin’ else around. But we don’t need to eat any wild animals. We’re okay, even if we aren’t the wealthiest of families, we’re okay. I don’t disrespect Daddy and all; it’s just sometimes I wish that he wouldn’t do that. It’s kind of unnatural when you think of it in a way. Mother Nature put deer on this earth and they die when they’re ready, not when a person is hungry. I don’t tell daddy these thoughts, I keep them to myself most of the time. But I do tell him that I won’t go hunting. No way would I ever go hunting.

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Methods are hard science stuff you have to remember, and quit honestly i do not like it! What so EVER!

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We’re filled with them. They start out as tiny cracks – a rude name, a mean comment – and most of them stay that way. But some of them don’t. Some grow until they’re threatening to consume us. And then it’s up to us, brick by brick, to fix the foundation.

» Posted By Carson On 06.21.2012 @ 11:00 pm


knights go on quests in fairy tales, mostly to rescue women, but regular modern people do too. Everyone has a quest, like your own personal holy grail type of thing, unless youre not looking for anything.

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The Spaniard walked up now, carrying the battery-pack in one hand. It was shiny and sliver, like a necklace, but shaped like a shampoo bottle. It was impracticable in appearance and shape.

“Are you ready?” The Spaniard asked. We nodded.

Into the marketplace we went.

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The accountant’s desk was lined with peanut butter wrappers. They piled up on top of each other, like a Tetris pyramid, and stank of cocoa. Underneath the mess, the files were hidden.

“You first.”

“No, screw that. You first.”

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“How much for the pen canisters?”


“That’s too low.”

“I can give you a broken typewriter.” The Merchant said.

“What at all could I use a broken typewriter for?”

“Good for gun parts. Springs, bolts.”

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The man in the suit walked up to the tank. He slid his fingers over the rusted chasis, and tapped twice on the hull.

“Which year did you salvage this from?”


“Funny, I assumed they didn’t have tanks back then.”

“The machine messes with the flow. You know that.”

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The lawnmower started with a groan of rusted steel, and it produced a whirlwind of dried, brown, grass.

“How much will that be.”

“For you, fifty dollars.”

“How about forty nine.”


The man gave him forty eight dollars.

“Close enough.”

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Steve came out of the building, the box of choclate bars under his arm, and walked to his car.
He opened the door, and put them on the front seat.

A figure came up behind him, and put a gun into his back.

“Do you have any… chocolate bars?”


The figure shot Steve. Steve died.

It was the strangest case in downtown Mongolia.

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Adam stuck out his hand, and Johnson raised an eyebrow.

“You expect me to give it to you?”


“So why try?”

“I’m a horrible judge of people, and I thought I might be pleasantly surprised.”

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She opened the umbrella, and the rain splattered off.

“When will I see you next?” she asked.

“When does the moon turn red?” asked the Rabbit.

“Holy sh*t you’re a rabbit, when did this happen?!?”


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They ran over to the car, bullets zipping by at distances too close for comfort, and pulled the handles.

The car was locked.

“Why did you lock the car?” Boye shouted.

“In case someone tried to steal our car.”


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Boye entered the next room, and saw row upon rows of copper monuments the size of lamps. They looked like lamps as well.

“What are they?” he asked Jim.
“What for?”
“Oh. I didn’t know you bowled.”
“I don’t” he said, and left to the next room.

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The feeling of the cheese grater against his finger shocked Terry. Immediately, blood began o flow from it, and it felt like an intense concentration of iron had been poured into the wound. He grimaced, hoping for the pain to go away.

t did not.

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The steel interior shot out of the cargo bay, like a foot had stepped on a tube of paint. Coincidentally, this same interior fell several miles before it crushed a passing train transporting ammonia.

Ammonia and Chalk.

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Rinor took the grenade, and embraced the lever against the base of it.

“That wasn’t hard.”

Jalal threw another one. Rinor caught it.


Jalal frantically threw another one, and Rinor had no hands left.

“Stop, stop, stop!” Rinor said.

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Kira had a secret. Well, it wasn’t a secret to Terry. Or to Jim. Or Berry. Really, it wasn’t a secret to anyone but Boye.

But it was a secret.

The secret was there was something unusual that was her beloved.

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Jalal pried the cigarette out of the corner of the cup holder, and put it between his palms. He rubbed his hands together, cigarette still there, until the tobacco spilled out.

“Odd,” he said. “Thought that something else would happen.”

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Terry held onto the lobes of his ears, and pulled. He thought this was something that you would do when you felt sick, but that was only because that is what he had seen on television.

Or was it television.

He slapped his forehead, and tried to concentrate; the nuclear launch codes were somewhere in his heads.

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It is spring, a new couple has just had a baby and they have painted the nursery a beautiful yellow. It is the signalling of a new beginning of a new life. It is fresh and new and wonderful.

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I pulled on my favorite plaid jacket and stepped out into the rain. Ugh, i hated rain. It had always frustrated me. But i knew i had to get through it if i wanted to get to … him. Liam. My best friend, my boyfriend, my everything. He was the only reason I drug myself through life.

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The radio was set at fifteen when Logan received the news. He was sitting back in a chair when a man with a burly accent interrupted the easy-jazz, and announced:

“Attention: There is little chocolate left in the world”

Logan shrugged.

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He took the backpack, the canteens and flags sagging into the barbed-wire patch-up, and walked into the abandoned cafeteria.

There was soda everywhere, and it overflowed the room. He smiled.

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The sergeant had sideburns that smelt of sweet-vanilla. To Boye, it was overpowering.

“Now, what’s this we have here with this pizza-box here”

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Bandana bandits stroll the open desert looking for what they set out for, the thing that whispered their names in the warm, night air. Water water

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