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She was such a catch, he thought. Just like that, a little sweaty around the face, blonde hair up in messy bun, stray strands poking out in each and every way. She leaned over…

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I lack the attention span, she said. No, you don’t, he said. You lack the ability to own your decisions and to honor them, giving them the commitment and enthusiasm and attention they deserve. You are not a failure, you are not lacking anything, however what you are doing is attempting to prevent yourself from succeeding by saying these things. Stop this now and experience a success you never have before.

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Her white dress was dotted with three-dimensional daises that moved as she did. The dress was entirely white, even the daisies, and she stood there rather angelic-looking as she prepared for her first communion.

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She picked a bouquet of daisies from the ditch on the side of the road. He sat in the car, antsy, waiting for her to return. It seemed she was always coming up with ways to procrastinate, no matter what they were doing. But this time, he understood.

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There were crosses along the side of the windy road, many draped with wreaths of synthetic silk flowers, faded from the sun, where motorists had experienced their last moments careening around the mountain before facing their death.

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She stood on the balcony like a sardine, squeezed in between a couple of drunk frat guys as they pelted pedestrians below on Bourbon Street with used Mardi Gras beads.

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I was incapable of telling him goodbye. Instead I just walked out the door, carrying the few things I needed. I closed the door softly behind me, barely a whisper.

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The house next to us was vacant for some time, before the crackheads moved in. Well, that’s just wrong, they weren’t crackheads – they used heroin. They got it from Jerome down the street. He rode by occasionally on his bike to see if they needed more or Prissy had done any tricks.

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My dad taught me how to golf when I was little. I used to hate those hot days at the range, it all seemed so dry. Now I dont know where I’d be without those days on the range, frustrated hours with my dad patiently instructing me. Golf is a forever game, an investment and a gift.

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They were there when I woke up. I could barely roll out of bed and stand to greet them, but I didn’t need to. They called out, ‘Hello,’ and got to work: vacuuming, scrubbing, tidying. My angels’ chatter was heavenly music.

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I derived that I do not know what the word derived means. I would (Denny) much rather just write the word several times…..derived, derived, derived. Let me see if I can figure this out. I can only assume that if I derive something I am coming up with a meaning for it. I can take it apart and put it into pieces. So if I derived

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It was a national holiday but Julie didn’t feel very patriotic, not after that last incident with her Air Force boyfriend. He had left her stranded on the side of the road, all because of a little disagreement. She had broken one of her heals on the long trek to find help. No, she wouldn’t be celebrating with much passion this year. He had tried to make it up to her later, but flowers are a paltry peace offering when one has hiked unexpected miles on a country road.

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The caper unfolded. The boys had planned it for weeks but who would have know how much complication could come in with three boys, 2 dogs, one small pond, and a very large tree.

The first time Jeff climbed to the tippy top of that tree he wasn’t sure he’d be able to make it down. He did, though, and was brave enough to try it again. Then over the summer again, and again, and again. Now, he could even look down to the ground from the highest point, the place where his weight caused it to sway back and forth gently, without going week in the knees. It was from there that he had discovered the man sleeping under the bush.

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I always feel like I need an audience when I’m struggling, or in pain. I can never silently suffer. But right now I just feel resounding anger and I don’t need anybody to see this. I need to live without the audience.

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I miss my time at camp. I miss my friends. I miss the care free nature of every thing. I miss them missing me. I know I’m the only one who still cares- the one sending forced post cards, trying to check in. I wish I wasnt forgotten.

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My greatest fear in life is failing. . . Failing my son as a mother, failing my God as a follower, failing my sisters as a member of our remaining family, failing my students as a teacher/s

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He stood on the street corner and watched the cars pass by. He was lost and didn’t know what to do next. Maybe God had something new for him to do, but he didn’t know what it was. His l

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Being flexible doesn’t mean you can put your leg behind your head. Instead it means not taking things too seriously. Relax and go with the flow.

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an instrument that people play. It’s a type of percussion instrument that also has bells. People shake it to make the bells ring and hit it for a drum sound.

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Ugh, I hate them. So full of themselves and beautiful. I am not beautiful and thin and cool like they are. I am not cool at all.

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I dont know if I know what this word means. I cant say anything to me has ever been classified as heartfelt. Maybe I’m not a thoughtful or caring person. Its not my strong suit I’ll admit but I’m trying to work on it. I think of Valentines day when I read this word.

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Quickly and carefully she began to work on her essay, the defining masterpiece of her senior year English class. It would be a perfect paper, she swore to herself, absolutely perfect. Nothing could be left to chance here, as she typed efficiently on her glowing laptop.

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I heard the gentle lullaby waft through the neighbour’s window and it called memories of my childhood, my mother singing softly to me to make me fall asleep. It was making me fatugiued just listening to it, and I was thinking about the neighbour’s baby who must be falling asleep to it as well.

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all of my friends seem to be having babies. I’m getting used to the fact that our lives are changing. But it bothers me that they seem to think they are somehow better people now. Not just better people than they used to be, but somehow better people than all of the rest of us. Including each other, which doesn’t even make sense.

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I’m lost! Oh no I’m lost! I wish I had a compass.

I’ve been stuck in these words for almost 3 weeks. I was thrown from a plane which I thought was taking me to Prague.

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He walked past her, not realizing what he was seeing. He knew her. She was from his past. That haunted him for a moment, but he overcame it. He wondered what had happened to her.

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The pen was square. Small, too. Ten paces by ten paces – it left her with little room to move. Still, at least she could move. And while she could move, she had hope. Hope of leaving. Hope of escape. Hope of being somewhere else.

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the first memory i really have of drawing was as a young girl, going into my grandpas part of the house to ask him how to draw clouds. I was tired of drawing the generic cloud shape that looked nothing like the ones I saw in the sky. He showed me : look, it’s just like drawing eye brows!

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Wondering what it is to be alive… is it the simple drawing of breath, a heartbeat? Or is it a state defined by what we think, feel, love?

To live is better than being alive.

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carbon is something that i learned about in science class. carbon dioxide will kill you if you breath it in. in apollo 13, my favorite movie, the astronauts figure out a way to change carbon dioxide back into oxygen so that they can breathe and survive. it ends up being a pretty scary situation but thank goodness tom hanks makes it out alive.

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