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June, forth of July . The party at the house I grew up around, with all the stoners and drunks and rockers . I miss that . I miss all of them and I miss feeling like part of that huge family . I wish when my parents split they didn’t make things so different . I miss having those people to give flowers to, or just to sit by a campfire with . Or go swimming in the pond connecting all their houses . And my friends . Gloria, and Bobby, and that other red headed freckled kid Andy who hasn’t been seen since we were all 7 . Bobby’s still such a great friend and it just reminds me how much I miss living there, being there, belonging somewhere . That somewhere being in the chain of houses those amazing people own together who made me feel real, like I mattered .

» Posted By Carlie Erin On 12.08.2012 @ 9:34 am

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