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It was cold. So cold. I turned on my flashlight and kept walking. The sun had almost set now, and soon it would be too dangerous to stay outside. But it was more dangerous inside, so here I was. I knew I would make it somewhere eventually, but who was to say the next town would be any less deserted?

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“Look, I didn’t want to come here.”
“Just stop, it’s going to be fine.”
“We’re literally dropping through the ceiling of the biggest corporation in America.”
“It’s a skylight, they’re practically inviting us.”

» Posted By Camille On 03.03.2018 @ 8:56 pm


The pain in your chest when all you want to do is be with someone.
Science can’t explain it.
I can’t explain it either.
But I know it’s real
And it’s because of you.

The want to see someone’s smile, hear their laugh.
Nobody really believes it.
I don’t really believe it.
But I have to believe it
Because of you.

» Posted By Camille On 03.02.2018 @ 8:13 am


From the sacred temp spires to the human soul, to worship is to reflect, to repent, to turn our thoughts in line with God’s. God wants the best for his children

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a thick, marbled slab of flesh. that’s all she could think of as her father slapped the meat onto the barbeque, the fumes wafting in her general direction making her gag. she had never thought of meat like this before; it was overwhelming.

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» Posted By Camille On 11.10.2015 @ 6:14 am

Grief is something we will all experience throughout the course of our life. It’s one of the most debilitating things…ever. It could be over something

» Posted By Camille On 11.10.2015 @ 6:13 am


When I’m down
It’s a hard pill to swallow
I can’t say I’m sorry
Even though my apology resonates
With the deepest parts of my soul
I keep it hidden like stars
During the daylight.

» Posted By Camille On 10.07.2014 @ 6:44 am


Babies. Puppies. Kittens. Anything that makes you want to cuddle. The cutest things in the word evoke a parental instinct to nurture the item in question.

» Posted By Camille On 04.27.2014 @ 4:51 pm


it doesnt make sens like harry’s joke men their bad we’re not even talking about his tweets they’re still time left i dont know what to say ok well uhm banana is that non sens

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Girlfriend in a Coma by the Smiths. Melodic. Beautiful. A little straightforward.

» Posted By Camille On 12.21.2013 @ 10:28 pm


A way of life to express yourself as a human being. Creativity is what makes our world beautiful, colorful, perfect. How it is. We can express ourselves without being judged. In different ways, sculpture, painting, design, and color.

» Posted By Camille On 11.16.2013 @ 7:12 pm

It makes you clever and it is a great way to expresss yourself as a human being. A way to express yourself without having others judge you. It is a way of life. A way of creativity. It makes the world around you beautiful, not perfect but beautiful. Worth while, not worth everything, but worth a lot.

» Posted By Camille On 11.16.2013 @ 7:05 pm


A girl two nights ago told me she wanted to be a writer. She said her dad told her to write a page a day. (I’ve just read some bad slam poetry and now it’s making me consider a rewrite.)

» Posted By Camille On 10.10.2013 @ 10:23 am


When I first met my cousin Daniel, I remarked two things, his ox tattoo and that he mentioned he was scuba certified. What did Sylvia Plath say about trying on different lives like dresses? It’s odd to think how many people I won’t be in this life.

» Posted By Camille On 09.17.2013 @ 5:24 pm


In my lab reading last week Aristotle compared senator’s and many-leaved plants, or were they the parts of animals? I miss my mom.

» Posted By Camille On 09.16.2013 @ 9:15 am


I can barely look at other boys without wondering what it means to love you. What’s that saying about ‘whatever people say they are, I notice they seldom aren’t.” Anyway.

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I wrote in my journal today about how bad I felt for the rest of the United States they didn’t adorn their selves in lei’s to celebrate every occasion.

» Posted By Camille On 06.20.2013 @ 4:30 pm


Yesterday when we were in Bois de Vincennes and making our way through fields of people, we had all paired off into twos to talk to one another and the sight of that relaxed me.

» Posted By Camille On 06.17.2013 @ 2:56 pm


I don’t know much about how technology works. I’ve had two boyfriends try to explain shutter speed to me and I guess I just wasn’t listening. I do feel like the curtains are drawn back on the whole show somehow, like the moment where the great and powerful Oz is revealed, whenever I zoom into a picture far enough to see the pixels.

» Posted By Camille On 06.15.2013 @ 6:46 am


Short, curled hair and polyester dresses with slow pulling zippers, wet from running through damp grass. These are the nicer, pre-horror images I have in my head when I think of people having to flee under the cover of nightfall for fear of being shipped off to camps.

» Posted By Camille On 06.13.2013 @ 6:44 am


When I went to see Spring Breakers all I could think about what Vampire Weekend singing about Balaclavas and my friend Diane and porn stars and who I was in middle school. Where are all the pictures of me from my youth? Am I not supposed to be reflecting on that time yet? On the years where I wore neon sleeveless hoodies from wet seal and enjoyed the music of the Penfifteen Club?

» Posted By Camille On 05.29.2013 @ 4:47 pm


Let’s delve a little deeper here. Where does my affection for somber, unkind boys come from?

» Posted By Camille On 05.27.2013 @ 1:24 pm


Into the stratosphere! I barely remember who I was, what I looked like or what interested me that year that I took community college astronomy. I just remember the host of all of the Exploring Space documentaries we watched and how he relaxed me in that dark room with only one working fan.

» Posted By Camille On 05.25.2013 @ 4:57 am


Although I want to stop myself from saying this, I feel that the two things that would make me feel better about myself as a person were if I knew how to style my hair and knowing how to make sweaters by hand instead of having to look up “casting on for a scarf” on youtube every time I wanted to knit something.

» Posted By Camille On 05.21.2013 @ 2:37 pm


Knowing how to play chess, I think, would make me more confident. As would any other of the skills I sometimes daydream about having; to be able to read sheet music (and apply it to the piano), skateboarding, being able to lift my leg over my head, to generally be capable of any kind of hard work.

» Posted By Camille On 04.23.2013 @ 5:18 pm


Today I was walking down the street and someone walked past me who was wearing rose perfume. I could taste it in the air in front of me when I breathed. I missed the green house, I missed my mom and her perfume baskets. I think of the narrow bathroom where the sun streamed in through the window and I can’t think of things like leverage and fast walking.

» Posted By Camille On 04.15.2013 @ 4:10 pm


I read in a card with my name on it that I was probably an extrovert. I feel overstimulated. Did I make this all up in my head?

» Posted By Camille On 03.15.2013 @ 6:38 pm


She had bangs and only wore solid colors. I thought of a girl that I went to high school with, a girl that, standing next to her, made me feel obnoxious even when I wasn’t saying anything. I felt my existence pushing out on the surrounding space. She looked like a drying flower; withered.

» Posted By Camille On 03.10.2013 @ 3:33 pm

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