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She regretted not attending camp. If she had, her life would be different right. She would be successful at every test put before her and she would have no regrets.

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She was used to people telling her she was wealthy. When she saw something she wanted, her friends would urge her to not check the prices. “Come on, you know you can buy it”.

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She always applied her bare minerals makeup before she left the house. Sometimes she would even apply it before she went to bed, to cover any circumstance of fire or other emergency forcing her into the public without warning or consent.

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She played the piano daily. After 3pm, she would sit down for two hours, running her hands over keys she couldn’t see. The sound would be considered noise to any stranger passing by the one story house, but to her, the music let her dream in images.

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When asked about the trait she liked best about herself, she internally would answer “my aura”. But, she quickly came to realize that such traits are not respected in a competitive world. First impressions are everything and unfortunately people are more interested in face value than anything deeper.

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The horizon was fuzzy. No one knew what was to come. A soft ball of white was raising its face, coming to cleanse everyone’s insecurities.

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She wasn’t sure what laid beyond the horizon for her. The future was scary. She was confident in who she was and where things stood, but the ever present mystery of the horizon filled her with a knotted heart.

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She was no longer sure what essential meant to her. She use to think that her hobbies her essential, but she was beginning to realize that life offered many paths and no single path was more essential to follow than another. She used to think that friends were essential, and although she still believed friendship to be necessary, she also realized that there were many people out there that she was bound to meet in life and no single person was essential to her happiness.

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Art was essential; a breath her life desperately required. Without art, life became blurry and distant, something intangible. Art was the only way she found it possible to accept the aliveness of life and not become caught in an inescapable and imprisoning routine.

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She went through her phone, looking at old pictures and text messages. There were reminders of him she hadn’t remembered keeping. Why did she still have them? Was she afraid that letting go would mean she would forget? She wasn’t sure. But she knew one thing; the only way she would ever feel worth loving was if she stopped worrying about validating a mere memory. She hit the trashcan button, and took the satisfying risk of welcoming clearance into her life.

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Her agenda was different from everyone else at the Spy Academy. While everyone else was training for greatness; to protect and better the world, all she cared about was gaining prestige and glory to feed her ego.

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She loved to study. Studying was the only time she had to herself. When she wasn’t studying, she was left to the gossip of her friends or the overbearing support, or rather strict guidance, her parents offered. But when she studied, she was in control. She decided what she thought was ok and what wasn’t, she paid attention to her boundaries and her never hurt anyone.

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She walked down the catwalk, smiling behind a closed mouth and stoney facade. Everyone loves fashion. She stood there, stage lights sparkling down on her, and she realized that life is about letting the bright moments conquer the shadows of doubt.

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Like a vollyball, spiked across the net. Or a drink, spiked with traces of relaxation and dizziness. Or the way you feel when someone betrays you, like you are floating and falling and struck.

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This reminds me of Hairspray and the segregation never, integration now thing. Which subsequently makes me remember my ex boyfriend and how today I had to talk about him for the sake of a monologue. And how weird it is that we always feel the need to minimize situations that have hurt us or annoyed us because we are afraid that other people will view the situation as not-big-deal and will pass judgement on our emotional injuries.

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I need this now. i cant live without it. im not a lifeguard. in a grocery store. wearing a life jacket. calling your name as loud as i can. hear me please

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I had been warned. Nobody knew but us, we had knew it was coming. We knew the war was going to begin, we just never knew until now. The Earth would never be the same and neither would Evoba. We had officially been warned.

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The water felt cool as the girls boiling body fell in temperature.
The babies fever kept rising, boiling points to nearly kill.
People live for this in summer.
Heat is unbearable.

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He embraced me. my arms hung down, numb. Your hug does not soften the blow of betrayal.

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montages are what they play in the movies, when a pivotal moment ensues as a way of perhaps wrapping up a plot point or seguing into a new plot twist. But in real life, Montages are the glimpses you get of your life with her when you need a moment to yourself and she is everything that makes life worthwhile.

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She entered the darkroom, thinking about what tis image was going to mean to her, to him.

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The paperclip crashed to the floor like an anchor crashing into the sand. I looked up and into the eyes of the great stranger in front of me. He bent down and grabbed my paper clip with such gentle hands, hands that i wanted to grab me like that.

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art. art is usually a master piece. art is like dancing. A dancer does just what she feels and only what she feels. She dances to music or just to her own emotions. A dancer is and artist. SHe holds the brush of what you see when she dances. And and artist creates the masterpiece.

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headbands can be cute but also make your forehead look unreasonably large.

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blair waldorf

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its when people snap at you or twigs snap or your ankle can snap andyou can drink snapple and snap a cordthey can stap a stick or a tree can snap an insult

» Posted By calli On 01.31.2010 @ 9:43 pm

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