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As she looked down at the child in her hands, her eyes started to tear up. This was her baby, her very own. Even though the doctors said it was almost impossible she would be able to have kids, God had blessed her. “I promise to always protect you, to cherish and treasure you. When you call I will be there for you. When you cry, I promise I will do everything I can to make you laugh. You are my child and a blessing.” As the baby started to get fussy, the doctor instructed her on how to feed her child. “You are my little miracle.” she whispered to her baby.

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this was the word yesterday.

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Nothing. i’ll try again later.

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No. Its not… He wouldn’t. As I looked at the picture on my phone, I realized its possible. He could. He would. He cheated on me. How could I not have noticed. I mean, he’s been hanging out with her more often. I’m such an idiot. I thought he loved me. He said I could trust him. So I did. I gave him everything. I gave him all of me. But he just used me. He doesn’t love me. And here’s the proof. He never cared, and now I’m nothing to him.

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“You filthy, back-stabbing, liar!”
I turned around at the sound of her coming down the hall. “What are you talking about?”
“You know exactly what.” she spat in my face. “You said nothing was happening between you two. You said she was just friendly. How could you do this to me?” She was pretty much in tears at this point.
“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
“You cheated on me!” she accused, yelling again.
“No I didn’t. Why would I do that?”
“I don’t know, maybe because she is prettier. Stop lying. I have proof right here.” She shows me a picture of Julia and someone kissing. You can’t see his face, but he looks like me from behind.
“That is not me. I would never cheat on you.”
“Prove it.” she said. And I’m going to do just that.

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Run, run, run! Don’t look behind you! If you see him, he runs faster. Don’t slow down, even if you think your safe. Keep running. Your not safe. Don’t run to the cops, they are of no help. You need to keep running. Hes chosen you. Once hes chosen, there is no going back. So just keep running. How do you know hes following you if you’ve never seen him? You feel it. When you feel like someone is following you, but you turn and no one is there, its him. If you see him, then you know its too late. You don’t want him to catch you. Now If you’ve reached this point in my warning, you need to go, because by the time you finish, he will be there. Hes been waiting. So go. Go! Never mind now, your already about to encounter the Devil.

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Maybe their right. Maybe I can’t do it. It’s impossible. I’m just a girl. Overweight, ugly, weird. I will never amount to anything. Maybe I should just go crawl in a hole and die. But you know what, I’m stronger than them. I get told these things, yet I keep going. I keep going, so I can prove them all wrong. I’m running and impossible race that gets longer with each trial. But I will reach the finish line, no matter what it takes.

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“no no no no no.” She murmured to herself as she ran through the house, taking in the mess of the house. ” This is awful. Its a disaster.” There were cups and trash everywhere. People passed out. Puke all over the place. She hasn’t even seen outside and she didn’t even want to check the bedrooms. “What am I going to do.” She thought. ” Mom and Dad are going to be home in at three and its twelve now.” Looks like you could use some help.” A familiar, deep voice said from behind her. “I don’t remember inviting him,” She thought. “But then again I don’t remember inviting most of these people.” She didn’t want him there but she needed the help.

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The men had been training since childhood. They were ready. Ready to fight for Rome. Ready to build an empire. Sure, many of them would die, but they would go far before they did. The other countries won’t know what hit them.

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Nothing and i’m not even supposed to think.

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nope got nothing

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He was full on yelling at me. His anger radiating off of him. The look in his eyes was enough to make even the toughest guys cower if fear. I opened my mouth to speak but was cut off by a sudden stinging sensation in my right cheek. He slapped me. I backed away from him, whimpering, tears streaming down my face. This was new, no matter how angry he has ever been with me, he has never hit me.

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She looked out the window at the gardener. Today he was wearing a navy t-shirt and blue jeans. His hair clung to his for head, wet with sweat. She knew today he would be working on the rose bushes in the back garden. She set the sprinklers to go off while he was out there, he would get wet and need to come in to dry off and turn the sprinklers off. She then would take her plan to the next step.

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“Get your priorities straight!” She yelled at me. “You need to focus on your grades more than that boyfriend of yours.” “I was out only an hour after curfew, we lost track of time. I can still stay up late and work on school.” I said. They were overreacting about me being home late. My boyfriend took me to meet his father and I was happy to meet him. It was only 11 anyways, I could stay up an extra hour and work on homework. “You have to be up early tomorrow if you want to be cheer-leading tryouts, which I know you do.” Crap! I had forgotten about that. If I was even a minute late, the cheer captain would not let me tryout.

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Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

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I am so clever. all that goes though my mind is fandom stuff. I love Doctor Who. The Doctor and River are OTP. Sherlock is amazebeans. I ship Johnlock. John married a murderer. I don’t like her. Supernatural is so amazing. I love my moosey Sam. Destiel for life. Superwholock meatings are so awesomesauce. We have tea and pie.

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She woke up early that morning. Everything about that past night seemed hazy. She looked around the room she was in from her position on the bed. As she tried to sit up she realized that there was an arm wrapped tightly around her waist. A groan came from the body next to her. As she looked over her shoulder at the owner of the mysterious limb, her stomach dropped when she realized it was the man she dreaded ending up with the most.

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His armor shone in the setting sun light. He walked over to his princess and grabbed her hand. ” I have loved you since the day I laid eyes on you. You make me complete. You saved me from myself. You consumed my thoughts and dreams.” he said. ” You are the one and only one for me. Let me be your knight in shining armor and you be my princess. Let me be your happiness as you are mine.” He got down on one knee and pulled out the velvet box. ” Please say you will be my wife and make me the happiest man alive.” he said and opened the box, revealing a gorgeous diamond ring. Her response was what changed him in a way he never imagined.

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There are a bunch of fandoms. Doctor who is timey-wimey, wibbly-wobbly stuff. Supernatural is all about trying to get Destiel together. Sherlock is about Sherlock Holmes dying and coming back and breaking all the fans hearts over and over. All together its, Superwholock. Your welcome.

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The camouflage made Peeta look like he was part of the rock. Katniss nearly walked on him. She was so happy when she saw him. Love is love.

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They said don’t think.

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C-O-N-F-I-D-E-N-T. That’s me. I’m confident. Use your common sense. Whats wrong with being confident. uh-huh-huuh.

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What does this word mean. Rural. Sounds dangerous. I bet its the name of a cult that is very dark and mysterious. Dun dun duuuuuhh. Sounds oogy.

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