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He stepped in to the room. The air was stale and had the stench of death. The floor was covered in bright red blood, pooling from the man he had killed just moments ago in cold blood. “Rest in peace old man.” He said before exiting through the back door.

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We played marco polo all day tell it was time to get out of the pool.

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She walked along the divider as cars drove pass.

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He leveled the playing field after he knocked the sword out of his opponents hands.

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He wore a bright red headband.

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Purple flowers. A violent shade of ordinary things.The V in the beginning shows its violent beauy. The way the flower stands out in the middle of a boquet the way it shines brightly against the blues reds and yellows.

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flock of geese, gaggles of geese. Geese are the dumbest animals around, flying all day, and quacking like their is no tommorow. Violet was my favorite geese but is now oat the noisest animal alive. Not as pretty as swans nor will they ever be.

» Posted By Caelan On 08.08.2009 @ 2:56 pm

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