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His head was spinning, but in a pleasant sort of way. Perhaps, if he was in his right mind at the moment, this feeling might frighten him, but he’s too preoccupied by the warming sensation slowing filling up his being. He looks at his hand, at his fingers clutching the smooth, cool bottle with its golden contents sloshing around as he staggered into a corner, attempting not to spill it. He finally found a wall to lean on, and slid down contentedly, coming to a stop finally against the baseboard of the wall that may have been in a hallway (but he wasn’t sure), looking at the wall opposite him and wishing vaguely that a certain familiar face was sat there, looking back at him.

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Ratings are evil creations. Yes, some say they may help you grow or learn or some other bullshit lie they feed you in school, but those that say such things are vile liars. Yes, ratings help the artist to know what they need to improve on, and they let consumers know what is ‘good’ and what is bad. I mean, they’re generally good for society overall, but they tend to shatter the fragile wings that inspiration flies on: confidence. Every new rating, each lower than the last, plucks the feathers one by one from the delicate body, with it’s wings carefully grafted on, leaving nothing but a cheap, plastic skeleton in its wake.

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“Why do I need their approval?”

I know that’s the mindset I need to have; I remind myself nearly constantly. But even as I’m thinking those words, I’m wondering what they would think of me for it. I hate that I constantly think like this, and that I’ve never been able to stop.

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One thing fuses to another. Attracted like magnets, they are at first, but eventually they become the other and the other becomes them. Fused together, for better or worse. Is it better to be fused to another, or to remain alone, in your original state?

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Well, isn’t this the icing on the cake. Just perfect. All that hard work, down the drain. And for what? A stupid little get together? He sighed, a smiled a bit. Maybe it wasn’t so bad. He still had his friends, after all.

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He had followed the instructions to the letter, yet here he was, watching everything fall apart right in front of him. He felt the waves of terror rising within him, accompanied by shame. People often complemented on his cleverness, yet he had walked right into a (rather obvious, now) trap. He stood cowering in the corner as they closed in on him. His friends had either fled or were being restrained by one of the many angry faces towering over him. He inhaled deeply. He swallowed past the lump in his throat, and pushed back the tears threatening to come. There was no way he was getting out of this, it was going to happen. Perhaps he even deserved it. He didn’t know, he just hoped it would be over quickly.

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The framework was almost up for our new home. Winter was coming and we wouldn’t be able to survive in that cave. Not to mention that Mother was getting on up there in age and the cold could kill her. It was hard work, with only Drakuru and I working on it. Drakuru seemed to have all the strength of a carthorse. Especially compared to me. To be honest, there wasn’t much I could do, as I couldn’t life the logs, but he seemed to enjoy my company.

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I was bitten… Was I bitten? By what? I can feel the toxin seeping through my veins, scorching tissues as it spread. I can feel the prick of two needle-like fangs inside my skin. My head is foggy. Seconds stretch into minutes stretch into hours. I decide to look down; maybe I’ll have a chance if I can get rid of the snake. I look down to see, not a snake, but my own hand. Holding a needle to my skin. What have I done?

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I pulled my hood up in an attempt to shield myself from the rain. It must be nearly three a.m. by now. It’ been a long night, and it’s not over yet.

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Sometimes, I get so angry, I can do nothing but turn on the TV and flip through channels. It’s not because I enjoy television; I hate it, in fact. I simply do not trust myself to speak at those moments.

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I’ve always wanted to go to Hogwarts. To sit in charms class and learn about wand movements and such. It would be much better than learning about the American Industrial Revolution, at any rate.

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Another rainy day. Though there may not be thunderclouds rolling in above, it’s still pouring in my mind. Every sound, muted but deafening; like rain splashing inside a cave, the sound bounces off the insides of my skull and is echoed. Building and building until it’s reached an ear-splitting level, though it started from an inconspicuous hum.

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“Well, he made quite a splash…”

“What was he thinking!? Everything hangs in the balance on this one. He could have just lost everything. More importantly, WE could have just lost everything.”

“Calm down; he’s just a kid. He didn’t know what he was doing. We’ll be fine.”

“Yeah… fine. Just fine,”; the gentleman in the white coat muttered the last few words. And with that, he stormed off down the hall and screamed at the unfortunate secretary that offered him coffee at precisely the wrong moment.

Still, the other gentleman, standing quietly beside the surveillance screens, couldn’t help worrying that the white-coated gentleman was very much correct. That kid better move. Fast.

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My temper got away from me. I have been building up so much hate inside. So much hate for them, for God, for His creations, and for myself. But never for her. She is the only light in my life and in my dark existence. And I took my temper out on her. I’ve ruined the only good thing in my life. I used to go to her, to get away from the darkness inside of me. But now I see, I deserve myself.

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I slammed the trunk closed and jumped into the driver’s seat of our van. Just me, and my friends, and the summer’s open road. We’ve been planning this since freshman year and now, as near adults, it’s becoming reality. We’re finally getting a taste of freedom.

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My ratings are going up. Finally. I feel like a success for once in my life. This is a new feeling. This is a WONDERFUL feeling. Now, let’s hope I can just keep up with it. I don’t want this to slip through my fingers, as everything else has.

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The generator’s dead… again. We’re already freezing. Our food’s spoiling and the water heater runs on electricity, so we’ll be taking cold showers for a while. Oh well; at least we can keep each other warm.

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The crescent moon began to disappear behind the mountain tops as I lay thoroughly relaxed in my boat with the fishing pole hanging over the edge of my little wooden craft. Dawn was fast approaching, and today would be an excellent day.

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“This popcorn is disgusting.

I’m serious.

It’s too damn salty.

I’m going back to the store.”

“You’re leaving? Already? Please don’t ruin this.”

He hesitated by the door.

“I’m going on the paths through the park. Would you like to come? It’s been a while since we walked together.”

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Curse you! Curse everything you’ve turned me into. You’ve turned my life upside-down. Nothing makes sense anymore; it’s like I’ve fallen down a hole chasing the white rabbit that is you. But… despite everything, I can’t bring myself to regret your presence in my life.

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I swear, his head’s a balloon. Every little compliment, a gust of air blowing him up a little more. One day, oh, one day, he’ll pop. And if all goes well, I’ll be there to see it.

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And we took shelter from the rain. Or I did. She was standing at the edge of the makeshift roof and giggling as the tiny drops of water landed on her nose.

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Am I on the right track? Have I EVER been on the right track. I think not. No matter what “222” might say. I just can’t get over her.

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A pony, really? What am I supposed to do with this?

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How do you adopt a new persona? It’s highly improbable.

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Like a butterfly she drifted through my life. Beautiful from a distance, but imperfect up close. Like a butterfly, she left my life. Changing nothing but changing everything.

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White walls, trapping me in. Driving me insane. They’re all I see. All I have ever seen. Erasing everything.

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She’s his whole world. Everything orbits around her. Balances around her.

» Posted By Caddie On 02.06.2012 @ 4:01 pm

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