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It was only a century ago since I first saw her yet it feels like the stars are ripping themselves apart all over again just to create the new planet God called “Earth” all those eons before. I’ve been watching her. Time doesn’t seem to fray the hair on my precious Adahlia’s head…not like the other’s and her blood doesn’t spill like a human’s. However, she’s found no other comfort outside this rather hindersome species, my gentle princess insists on gracing the poor things with her company.

“Why, Adahlia? Why must you pain me with this task?” I’m so maddened by her beauty that her slumber beckons me to the bedside of my dearest, whispering pathetic pleas of relief. I don’t wish to kill the humans, as nauseous as they are, but how does this magnificent rose expect me to be her sun when all the leaves and thorns are in the way?

In this period, for one reason or another, The Humans have grown anxious of sexual desire. A rose cannot share her nectar with another rose, lest one of Salem’s witch hunts be in order. For this reason, I cannot even show my face to Adahlia for I’m sure that she will fall in love with me just as I have for her. The Convent’s lips are pressed so tightly to the arse’s of these cretinous animals that I would not be able to protect my Queen from their conniption of riots and burning crucifixes.

A little slip of poison in their food will surely go undetected… The Convent will just write it off as another disease mutated too quickly. Then I will have Adahlia’s sweet kiss at last! Whatever she is, her heart will beat in my hands for eternity.

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He was prosecuted.
The sentence made.

A man with no wit ’bout him but also no guilt. How could a man with no guilt and no wit be prosecuted and sentenced to a life time- an entire life time to prison?

Well, all he had to was be Elex Wiles. And no one wanted to be Elex Wiles. Not even the man himself, not today.

You remember what I said about a man havin’ no wit ’bout him?
Mr. Wiles had none. Zero. Zip Zap Zilch. He had about ‘nough smarts in his cranium as a chimpanzee. That’s what his daddy said, anyway… and the principle. And all his friends. Didn’t bother the fella much until today. I mean sure, the girls weren’t much fond of his rather…simple “articulation”.

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I need the stability of your kiss.
The velvet caress of your lips anchor me to a place in your arms that no other has been, so I don’t float away into my own chaos.

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“Do you think you can just come waltzing in here like you’re some Romeo come to save his Rapunzel!?” Lylia pushed Jax away.

“Do you think that your big blue eyes and perfect smile is going to change a damn thing between us? You think that just because we’ve got history- just because you come back after years of making me miss you…You think that I’d still love you!?

Well guess bloody what…” her voice trembled and she buried her now wet face deep into his chest, where she felt most at home.

“You’re right.”

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I melted away when the look in your loving gaze turned to a hateful glare.

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Can’t think of anything because I’m uneducated.

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Sitting in the red velvet pew I looked up at the giant cross right above the stage where the pastor preached the good word at his podium. The cross towered watchfully over the empty sanctuary and I felt so small. So tiny. It wasn’t the intimidating crucifix that made me feel this way, however. I wasn’t even sure of what I was feeling or why but I knew it was definitely something bigger than me. What was the word? Fear? No…
Staring at the crucifix made me feel uneasy so I looked else where.
It didn’t take long for my wondering gaze to find a piano sitting alone on the stage with it’s seat pulled out as if someone just got up and left it. It looked so lonely, so abandoned. My heart swelled with pity, “How could someone just leave it there? How could anyone turn away such a beautiful instrument and let dust clog up it’s magical keys?” I felt the urge to march right up to the stage and sit at that polished black piano and play it for myself but something kept me seated. How could I ever think that my grubby, tainted fingers were worth the piano’s tune? It wasn’t a feeling of insecurity or shame. Maybe it was unworthiness?

Thinking about the wonderful music that piano could make and has made for made worshipers, I realized how quiet it was in that empty room. I couldn’t say that the silence was eerie or unsettling. however. Even though there was no one else around and I could have said whatever I wanted how ever loud I wanted, I didn’t dare say a word. What was it? Was it respect for the sanctity of silence? Could it have been the sense of security and assurance that blanketed me in that silence? No, it was neither of these. Sitting there, pondering the beauty of this sanctuary and all of it’s sacred corners, I realized what it was. I was humbled to the truth of what filled my heart-… what filled my soul.

It was reverence.

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Loneliness is the friend you learn to live with and fear to live without. Loneliness is the comfort of never having to be vulnerable in someone else’s arms that may or may not squeeze too tight. It is the darkness that claims, “I’m the only one you can truly trust. You’ve got no one else but me.” It’s your best friend, it’s your creator. It’s your god. Loneliness is knowing that hope is not for you, that the light at the end of the tunnel doesn’t and will never shine for you. Instead, it’s the whispering shadows that guide you blind through the dark tunnel. Loneliness is the bastard that trips you once you figure out which way to start running but you have to keep running no matter how hard it tries to stop you. Run fast and run hard.

Because loneliness will never stop until it’s destroyed you.

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She sat there all by herself, looking down at her food and didn’t dare to gaze back at me. She knew I was watching her, pondering her. She had no friends, no family. She had no name. Her name was loneliness.

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The loneliness crept in like a thief around the corner waiting to take your security. It’s like a villian who’s held you captured long along for you to identify with it and find security in the very thing that you fears but knew all so well.

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To the left of me sat the love of my life. His eyes sparkled blue and hair ablaze in crimson red. God, this morning I was a nobody. Now I’m a nobody who’s in love.

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i do’nt really know what an indecision is, it could be anything, and it could mean anything. Why should I waste my time on a word I do not care to know, when I could be learning so much more.

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The concept of a period, is adorable. And somtimes bloody.

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I’ve already written about “concept”. I didn’t really know what to write about this word so I just kind of ranted about how I didn’t even know what concept meant. Actually, it was more of a “What the hell does this all mean anyway? Life has no legit meaning!” Sort of thing. So…yea.
I’m done.

» Posted By Bunni On 08.12.2012 @ 9:09 pm

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