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he loved to watch her laugh. there was something scintillating about her smile. she lit up the area, the room, the people around her. he would often notice that when she laughed, she attracted the attention of everyone around. not awkward or weird attention, but you could see the interest in their face when they looked at hers. she was the definition of laughing.

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Alcohol. All alcohol is dizzying — just on different flavorful levels. Bourbon tastes like tree sap. Similar to gin. Both remind me of older people sitting on the porch with double shots in high ball glasses, nothing else. I don’t think I’m a fan of bourbon. I’ve had it all but can’t recall a bourbon drink I liked, or can even remember. I like Mai Tais. Sweet, fruity, pretty.

» Posted By BrownSugarBritches On 04.18.2015 @ 11:34 am


i am a tornado of questions and wonders. an ever moving, kinetic, ball of incomprehensibilities. many many things that i cannot understand nor make sense of. things that baffle my mind endlessly.

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something (ridiculous) kept telling her they were meant to be. destined to love one another for all time. something (entirely stupid and reckless) inside her clung to his abusive ways and accusatory tone for far longer than anyone (in their right mind) could or should. what kind of disposition must one have to spend every waking moment searching for the negativity and disappointment in life (wtf)?

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an entrance and an exit are one in the same. even if the door, window or opening only flows one way. it’s merely the way you look at it. like a half full half empty type deal. either you’re coming or you’re going and only you can decide. make it an entrance, or make it an exit.

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what does it mean to be civilized? to act properly? to do things and respond to situations according to societal standards? interesting. this would infer that one would either innately know or learn these things. .. much like the elusive “common sense”. …

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fresh. what kind of fresh? like doug e. fresh? or fresh fruit? do you mean fresh like flirty? or fresh as in “i opened the bread the other day and there’s no twist tie on it but it should still be ‘fresh'”??

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i like to be dominant. particularly in physically expressive sexuality. i exert my inner testosterone and take charge. it’s always a good time.

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mass. hmmm.. oddly, i don’t have much to say and what i do have to say might border the lines of things that shouldn’t be shared. regardless, my grandmother once told me that an ultrasound technician told her that there was a “mass” on her kidney. she didn’t tell me until years after, but i think it was a cancer of some sort and i think that it’s what eventually took her life.

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i am happy. i don’t feel it, i can’t see it and it’s as quiet as a church in here, but i know in my heart i’m happy. i might not be all that happy today, right here – right now, but i’m happy in my heart, in my spirit and in my soul. my mind has a mind of it’s own and while it might be choosing to be unhappy, the rest of me knows that there’s too much to be happy about to be unhappy!! and so, with that.. i’m telling you i’m happy. i don’t quite believe it, but i need you to.

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they say anything is possible if you just put your mind to it. i made this remark to a friend that is an inspirational speaker as well as authority figure in his community. a self-made man with well defined principles and morals. his replay was “where there’s a will, a well devised plan and a drive, then yes, there is a way”. well stated, Mr. Bryant.

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i had to read Hamlet last week. lord love a duck. i had the text version in my coursebook, the text with plain text version on my aunt’s table, the Merriam-webster website open as well as the spark notes site and a separate notebook for my own thoughts and it took me two days to actually be able to understand it and write about it. it’s not a hard plot, it’s hard dialogue.

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sometimes it’s hard to see the signs. sometimes, things would be better if there were statements instead of signs. if there were outright stand alone statements based on their own meaning and merits to show you the way instead of the easy to misinterpret signs that everyone seems to think are so easy to read.

» Posted By BrownSugarBritches On 10.01.2012 @ 10:29 pm


i have not ever voted on anything. ever. shame? pitiful? awful of me? i know. what can i say, i just haven’t. i’ve wanted to, but politics is not my thing. i have no tolerance for history, religion or politics. although there are facts related to all of it, there is too much opinion and therefore too much confrontation for the likes of me. thanks, but not.

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some people. you can’t judge a book by it’s cover… well, you’re not SUPPOSED to. but that’s nonsense if you ask me. the cover is the greeting, the opening, the appetizer. if you don’t like the cover, why try what’s inside? have you ever picked up a menu and thought “none of this sounds good”? .. yeah.. it’s kinda like that. you can look at some people and just know… “huh uh.. not for me”.

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despite my efforts, i cannot seem to add hours to my day. no matter what, there still remains only twenty-four, even though i have protested and requested more. i just need them for myself. i won’t share or divide them. i will keep them to myself and promise to do only good with them. i’ll save my evil-doing for my God given hours.

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i am suffering from inspirational writing blindness. there are hundreds of words bouncing around in my head with no verifiable pattern or message. i am trying desperately to write an essay for my english class, but i struggle to string the words together methodically and convincingly enough to actually comprehend.

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really? i know more about asthma than i care to. my son has severe asthma. brought on by seven out of eight major food allergies. he’s been in anaphylactic shock several times and has to carry an epi-pen. he has a nebulizer and inhalers to assist with the asthma in emergencies. he also has inhalers for both maintenance and fast=response. he doesn’t respond well to steroid treatments as it makes him insanely aggressive and emotional. my bestie is also asthmatic and she’s always concerned for his quality of life. he suffers asthma the most in the upcoming autumn months. we struggle just to keep him breathing normally. i hate asthma.

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there is a stillness to the early morning – just before the dawn that is unlike any other time of day of any other time of year. everyday is calm and beautiful as it slowly matures from dusk into dawn. every living thing having gone full cycle between sleeping and waking, eating and lounging. all things regenerated and rejuvenated and all flowers having opened and closed completely … one good time.

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i thought that i had my writing in a style that i liked and was comfortable with. i basically just sit down and write whatever comes to mind. most of the time the thoughts flow pretty cohesively and i manage to get my point across with a smile. well, i recently started online college and i had to write a paper, well, let me tell you, my writing style is far from what is expected of college folk and i haven’t any of my grammatical bases covered. i’m just exposed.

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i used to have an obsession with magazines when i was in high school. i still love them, but i don’t spend money on them the way i used to. mostly because i hate looking at things that i will never know — simply because they are out of my price range. i do enjoy special editions though and i swoop them up every chance i get. i have at least a half dozen from the world trade center disaster as well as three from barack obama’s election. i will save them for my son.

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there is not a medicinal marijuana distributor operating out of the same shopping center as the local grocery store. they have quadrupled the amount of foot and vehicle traffic entering and frequenting the area within the last two months. they are mostly rude, loud and park any kinda whicha way they feel. they come crammed in cars like a circus clown act producing passenger after passenger long after one would think the last passenger had exited the vehicle. it’s fun to watch.

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i took a personality assessment at work and they determined from that that i have an extroverted personality. that’s not news. i am what some people consider a “people person”. i’m outgoing, personable, chatty. i can start, strike, engage and involve myself in any and all conversations near me. odd.

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what would you bellow if you had to do so? would it be important? would it be an emergency? would it be the pouring forth of unconditional, die-hard romanticism? or would it be the relentless disdain for someone who’s broken your heart?

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i never knew myself to sacrifice anything prior to motherhood. but since then, well, what’s NOT on the list. this won’t be a “woe is me, look what i gave up rant”, just a realization that you give everything up to become someone’s mother. from your figure, to your sanity, to private time, to what you will have for dinner. it all goes out the window. you become inconsequential and the child becomes the most high.

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the riots. i’ve heard this phrase before. in reference to the watts riots and then again years later referring to the rodney king verdict riots. .. i think. i remember video coverage of the rodney king situation. i had never truly known about the watts riots.

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she often finds herself staring at nothing and thinking about everything. she is still. her mind wanders to thoughts of being in love, of winter getaways and the joy of the holiday season. she closes her eyes and sighs. she can hear his breath and feal the warmth on her neck. he is close to her. she feels the forcefulness of the air between them being moved swiftly out of the way as he gently closes the distance between them. she falls into him, hugging him and finally lets her mind grow still.

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sheep. that’s the only thing that comes to mind. oh! no, actually, a photo comes to mind, taken by my blog buddy over at he went on a trip to Italy and took a magnificent photo of a shepherd. there was so much to see in that man’s eyes.

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i am not the person to ask for advice. i don’t mind listening, sharing and helping to evaluate a situation, but i don’t necessarily like giving advice. it’s an awkward situation. i prefer to share my experiences and their outcome and perhaps help the person see another avenue of closure. it’s not always good to tell someone what to do. their life is best left up to them.

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i don’t recall ever having the ability to scout. i am just kinda head over heels and dive right in. it’s certainly been to some detriment, but life comes with all sorts of challenges. i have seen the err of my ways and will learn from my mistakes. i cannot change what i have done, only what i will do.

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