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My family had a red van is was amazing and it had a lot of storage we found different stuff about the van each and every day. It was AWESOME!!!! And we also had a cool radio and and there was a lot of buttons on the steering wheel for the radio.

» Posted By brittney On 08.18.2016 @ 10:26 am


Hazel believes that departure from the Earth is in her future, due to her thyroid cancer. She meet

» Posted By Brittney On 05.09.2014 @ 12:17 pm


Biblical makes me think of the bible. Which I am not educated on and don’t really care to be. It’s pretty useless to me actually. What does it teach you? Maybe I should read it and see idk

» Posted By Brittney On 01.16.2014 @ 7:51 pm


Particles. Something like ashes, except these rise above you. Drifting beyond limits. Inhaled into the atmosphere willingly.

» Posted By Brittney On 07.29.2013 @ 2:50 pm


i woke up and all i could hear was the alarm buzzing. i didnt want to get up but i had to. i could tell today was gonna be a horrible day just by the way i felt when i awoke but id have to struggle through it anyways, just like any other day.

» Posted By Brittney On 06.08.2013 @ 10:56 am


I am a baby. WAAAAAA. I cry when I want. I poop when I want. Only my Id controls me. I have no sense of measurement or object permanence.

» Posted By Brittney On 01.29.2013 @ 7:52 pm


the reality behind something. it’s real and complete form. what it is.

» Posted By brittney On 12.23.2012 @ 1:41 pm


We had the same auburn hair, the same golden eyes, the same blush when we were embarrassed or bashful. Both of us are always confused with each other. It’s like we may as well have been one zygote, one fetus. But we’re not the same. I play the violin; she plays the drums. I can draw and paint and craft things with my hands, whereas she’s better at destroying them. I am little and petite; she has always been muscular and toned, like a lioness. If I were described as an animal, I’d be some kind of butterfly or song bird, not a beautifully, ferral beast.

» Posted By Brittney On 12.03.2012 @ 7:12 pm


i will rise on eagles wings before my God, fall on my knees and rise. Bread rises before you bake it. I rise when I wake up in the morning. Rise and Shine and give God the glory, glory!!!! Rise is such a beautiful word! It’s such a God word!

» Posted By Brittney On 11.30.2012 @ 9:18 am


I went to the mall and spent money, but I realized that’s not what’s important in life. As much as I love to spend money and buy things that I find aesthetically appealing, that’s not at all what is important in life, and it only keeps me happy for a short amount of time.

» Posted By Brittney On 11.10.2012 @ 8:44 pm


help is something I always violently overate. I never need it. It’s for the week. But I do need it. Especially with spelling.

» Posted By Brittney On 09.27.2012 @ 10:03 am

help me I’m drowning in a pool of cough syrup. I need a lifesaver. Or at least a cough drop.

» Posted By Brittney On 09.27.2012 @ 9:51 am


the losses had closed in upon the little boy. the constant suffocation of grief swallowing him in his every breath; he was slowly choking.

» Posted By brittney On 07.30.2012 @ 4:04 pm


children never know what they get into. Their mothers try to protect them constantly. Dont do this, dont do that. Leave that be, come here. what are they? they are rule, instructions to help shape us into who we can be, who we could be. but do they work? They never fully do, much like the instructions found in a ikea booklet for that desk you bought, there will always be wandering screws, questioning if what was just built, what you now stare at across the room and are forced to work on, is correct. Is stable, and half the time it’s not. One day that spot where the extra screw was ment to fit will turn up, and it will be empty, one simple jig or push in the wrong spot could cause that desk to fall, along with all the hard work you had created a top of it. Sometimes the screw may be placed away somewhere, somewhere where it can be found but other times its gone. Thrown away with the box it came in and shipped off to a junk yard to rot. Sometimes instructions arn’t the best way, with anything. Sometimes it may be better to just try to create something yourself, from your own mind and let it form into something that is you, not someone else yelling out how A connects to D and F connects to Z.

» Posted By brittney On 07.21.2012 @ 9:07 pm


the doorknob turned slightly. i could here my brother wimper in my arms and i shushed him immediatly. the shadow the of feet outside our door was swaying slightly, the doorknob turning just a half an inch more.

» Posted By Brittney On 07.13.2012 @ 12:28 pm


he walks around like he is my advisor, asuming that i would not kill the girl, assuming that he could control whether or not i killed the girl. my advisor. please. how dare he think he could take over my life like that, believing that he could control me as such. it is pathetic.

» Posted By Brittney On 07.12.2012 @ 7:08 am


We continue to spin, we are constantly turning like a turbine, controlled by the shear power of the spinning, spinning, the constant motion. around and around and around.

» Posted By Brittney On 07.09.2012 @ 6:40 pm

the turbine engine swirled and ran, screaming power

» Posted By Brittney On 07.09.2012 @ 6:27 pm


any one whom you have contact with or see, it could be your neighbor or a stranger in the street. Be nice and kind to persons, it reflects who you are as a person. Show compassion and respect.

» Posted By brittney On 06.21.2012 @ 12:18 am


balloons are colorful and light and they float high in the sky. They make children happy and people smile. Ballons are found at circuses and birthdays and all kinds of other events. Ballons come in all shapes and sizes and can even be made into shapes by twisitng them. They can be used to hold water as well!

» Posted By brittney On 04.27.2012 @ 11:22 am


YUMMY GOODNESS. I like buttered toast with my brunch, and altogether too many cups of tea. Brunch isn’t brunch without tea, just like it isn’t brunch without you. Wow, you’ve been on my mind a lot lately. I’m sorry, but life just isn’t fun without you in it.

» Posted By Brittney On 03.08.2012 @ 8:15 pm


They are on cars and they get you places. They spin and are usually black. Sometimes you can get different kinds of tires though, and they can be pretty colors. When they spin it is trippy because its just colors. When I was little I had weird beads on my tires for my bike and when I would bike they would click together and make funny noises. People always knew when I was coming down the street. I had cool tires. Why am I even writing about tires, why couldnt I have had a cooler word….

» Posted By Brittney On 11.05.2011 @ 9:16 pm


when i see the word combination i think of two things being put together. You can combine more than one thing to make a combination of many different things.

» Posted By brittney On 11.03.2011 @ 2:08 pm


well i don’t know if this is spring the season or spring the action, but either way it can be interesting. Bunnies spring as an action. Spring is my favorite season. I should be done by now… it gave me another 60 seconds. whatever. ummmmm. Blah blah blah blah blah blah blah

» Posted By Brittney On 10.12.2011 @ 11:56 am


Stacks of paper piled on Rodrey’s desk.
“What am I going to do!” he cries.
“Calm down babe, it’s not that bad.”
“Shut up Sydney, you don’t know what you’re talking about, this will take me days!”
“Sure, sure, just don’t talk to me like that and get back to work.” Sydney gets up and walks to the kitchen as Rodney stares at the stack, the very intimidating stack of homework.

» Posted By Brittney On 10.11.2011 @ 10:37 am


When I think about the word trade I think about being a child and the importance of trading to our livlihood. We trade snack packs for bologna and barbies for GI joes and friendship bracelets and all kinds of things that seemed to be of importance at the time. Then we grow up and realize these things really aren’t what the world is made of, or are they?

» Posted By brittney On 09.12.2011 @ 11:25 pm


you can stand under my umbrella, it gives us comfort, shelter, its beautiful and colorful, everyone’s is different, my favorite ones are the ones that are animals heads, like the frog with the two eyes on top. i love umbrellas, but i also hate them because it means its raining out side. i always wear flip flops and because of that i hate the rain, but i love watching the rain when i’m inside but then there’s no need for an umbrella.

» Posted By Brittney On 08.24.2011 @ 11:19 am


Something that isn’t just a thing that can kill you, it can also be something very addicting, such as tv, or computers. Poison is a chemical that can be given to you to harm of kill you.

» Posted By Brittney On 08.21.2011 @ 1:04 pm


The moment of victory is much too short to work for that and nothing else. Victory is sweet, but the challenge getting there is much sweeter. Victory is one the best feelings in the world. Nothing in the world compares to accomplishing your dreams. MY DREAMS.

» Posted By Brittney On 07.18.2011 @ 2:18 pm


A little boy was sent to the corner after a badly thought out prank. It was the ‘Time out” corner in the very back room of the child’s basement. When the mother sent him there, she did it partially because she knew that room terrified the child like no other. In his mind, it was haunted with the worst of hell-beasts.

» Posted By Brittney On 06.08.2011 @ 4:14 pm

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