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“I promise” He said as he stepped out into the rain. It seems to always be raining when something sad is happening. I wondered if he’d keep his promise? Would he return to me? Dear God I hoped he would. He kissed my hand and walked on to the street. “Wait” I yelled but the wind carried my voice away. In seconds he was gone, down the road and out of my life. I walked back inside and looked at the unmade bed. I wanted to curl up and never leave

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He was my salvation, I told myself. He was going to save me, he was going to take me far away from this place and he was going to be exactly what I needed. But I had to screw it up. I let him go, when I should have followed.

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The wind sent chills down my back, I shivered in response. I held on to myself tighter, as if maybe I could pretend it was you holding me. That you were here beside me, with me and not there. You’re so close, I could reach out and touch you, yet you’re so very far away. I put the flowers on your grave and then walked away, pretending that you were the one holding me.

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When I was little I was fascinated with gardening. The idea that tiny seeds became big oak trees was amazing to me. To be able to plant something so small and watch it grow? How magical. I always heard love was like that. A small seed of a connection turned into true love but for me it was different. When I fall in love it was all at once, like one the big oak trees falling to the ground.

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It was the same routine, day in and day out. I thought, perhaps, about switching it up. I thought maybe I’d get a tea instead of a coffee, or for lunch have soup and a sandwich. But no, I was stuck doing the same thing because I was too scared of change. After all change took him away from me…

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We made a nest of blankets and stayed in bed all day. The only reason we would get up was for food or to use the bathroom. We would whisper and kiss and cuddle.

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We would chat until the early hours of the morning, as the sun began to peak over the trees. We would drink Jack Daniels and smoke cloves. Our hands would brush and our lips would meet and we would just be together in his apartment forgetting the rest of the world.

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The daily grind was the worst part. She woke up every morning with a funny taste in her mouth and when she drank her morning coffee is tasted like ash. She would go to work and come home and go to bed and that was all. That was all she could do because if she did anymore she would think, and remember but doing nothing was hard too. It was hard just to be.

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The architecture of the city was so old and beautiful. Walking down the street you could just hear the whispers of thousands of memories and secrets that live in the walls of the old buildings. The lives of the people never really forgotten.

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There was a pink floyd poster on the wall. I remember it so clearly. It’s the one with the four girls at the pool with their backs to the camera and they have painted images on them. I stared at that poster for hours. That night I couldn’t sleep. The events of the night kept replaying in my mind.

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It was like pins were pricking his feet. He was cold and tired and the road in the distance just kept going. He wondered if I he could make it. He couldn’t bare to walk anymore. Each step was painful, each breath causing an ache. But he couldn’t stop, if he stopped it would be certain death. One foot and then another. Just one more. One more.

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She was so willful, she was so strong. She knew what she wanted and she was willing to do anything for it. But when she finally got it she didn;t know what to do with it…and even though she was strong it was so easy for her to break.

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I weave in and out, to and fro. I feel sea sick from the changes you keep throwing at me. O can’t keep straight what’s what. Your emotions make no sense and I’m stuck on this rollar coaster because I love you. I love that you make me crazy even though it’s insane.

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There was a carnival in town, it was bright and loud and shook up our tiny corner of the world. No one had ever seen such beauty or such excitement before. it was as if the carnival was a window to a whole new world no one could have ever imagined.

» Posted By Brittface On 02.13.2012 @ 11:47 pm


I slowly adopted all your traits without even realizing it. It started with something little like your use of “eh” proving how wonderfully Canadian you are. Then gradually grew into me using the same hand gesture as you, and the same phrase; “Jesus, Mary and Joesph” when I had never heard that before you. All these quirks of yours I now possess but what do I do with them now that I don’t have you?

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It was a festival of love. All around people were embracing, laughing, celebrating. And there we were two lonley people lost in the crowd. We didn’t see each other, our hands didn’t meet. Our chance didn’t come.

» Posted By Brittface On 02.01.2012 @ 12:20 am


There’s this place below my heart. It’s small and private and no one knows about it. It’s like a chest, I put something in there a very long time ago and I locked it shut. Never to be opened again. What I put in there was you. Your words, your kiss, the memories I have of you. All I had of you. I promised myself I’d never look there again. I’d keep it hidden until I was old and grey and ready to handle the heart break of re-discovery. But yet here you are asking for me to open it…I don’t know if I’m ready…

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There was once was a man who lived next door. He was a very large man, with a very large smile. As children we were fearful of him. He would stand on the street and play his accordion. He always looked so cheerful but so menacing. It wasn’t until I was older that I realized he was just lonley. We made him out to be the pied piper but the truth was he was just trying to give us something to dance too.

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I want to pack up my trunk. I want to leave, say good-bye to everything I know know and get the hell out of here. The worst is being stuck in a world that you know you’re not meant for. I’m not meant for this small time. I’ve got big dreams. I will get out of here one day. I have to, I couldn’t bear to be here forever. I just couldn’t.

» Posted By Brittface On 01.03.2012 @ 5:38 pm


I’ve burned every bridge I can think of. I never thought I was a self destructive person but apprently I am. It’s my own damn fault. I get into my head and I worry and stress and freak myself out. I’m my own worst judge. And those thoughts I tell myself in the dark of the night when I’m feeling my worst, those are the thoughts I believe in the day time when I want to be my best. That’s the reason I ruin everything I touch. I’m the anti-Midas.

» Posted By Brittface On 12.30.2011 @ 11:26 pm


I don’t want to be dinner, I want to be dessert. I deserve to be the treat, the longed for, desired perfect end to something wonderful. I deserve to be happy and have someone who loves me. I just forget that sometimes. So here I am, an appetizer when I should be dessert because I love him so.

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Can you hear them? At first they silently think, then they whisper to each other, slowly the whispers grown louder and become full fledged voices, giving you their opinions. They see what you don’t. You’re deaf to their plees, don’t you see? They ask, he isn’t good for you, they chide.

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There was a clamp on his heart. Something was holding him back. “Emotionally damaged” he said. My heart broke. He said he just couldn’t love me like i loved him. My heart shattered into a million pieces. He couldn’t love me but I loved him with every piece of my broken heart. No matter how cliche it sounds.

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It was cliche and an over used idea but he had left a scar on my heart. He had broked my heart and it had shattered into a million pieces and slowly I was putting it back together again but it would never be the same. There would always be the ghost of him, the scar of his love and his betrayal on my heart and in my soul.

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There was a blemish her face. She looked at herself in the mirror and began to pick. No matter how hard she tried it didn’t go away. Her heart rate began to rise, she began to panic. She closed her eyes and when she opened them it was gone.

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I was at his beckon call. His every need and whim I carried out. I was devoted to him. Utterlyu in love, willing to do anything. It was horrible but I didn’t see. I was happy to do it. It meant I was doing something and it meant he needed me. As long as he needed me I was happy. As long as I was near him I was happy.

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He thought he was so clever. He was so sneaky about it. At first I didn’t even notice. I didn’t see the signs. But soon little things started to change, small insignificant things that weren’ot important. But I noticed them and I figured it out.

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I read in a book once “we accept the love we think we deserve” I think that’s very true. The worst part is I know I deserve better. I deserve someone who would move mountains for me, someone who would do anything to see me smile. But I’ll be damned if I don’t love you.

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Anywhere is better than here. Than this place. All these memories are killing me. Everything is a reminder. Every part of my life is ruined now. All I can think about is him and then mess he made. He broke it, he broke me. I need to get away. Get of here. Anywhere else in the whole wide world. I just need to leave and never look back.

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My dream is to see another skyline. Something new and exciting. A foreign city to have forgein adventures in. Could you imagine? To explore a new world, a new culture, to see new faces? Is there anything more thrilling?

» Posted By Brittface On 11.29.2011 @ 4:48 pm

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