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She stiffened at the sound of the voice. No. Please no. She turned to see Shirley smiling at her, beatifically, benevolently. Oh wow, how Jodie hated her in the moment. “Hi.”

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She rounded the corner and almost ran into Justin.
“Sorry, I gotta-”
“Woah, hey, slow down, stop for a second.”
“I don’t have a second.”
“Don’t call me Deb, it’s not funny anymore.”
“It was only ever slightly funny, not like a knock out or anything.”
“Can I go, please?”

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The squeak of the marker against the white board calmed her as her pencil moved across the page. Math class. Math at least made sense to her. She let the numbers continue their gentle rhythm, waves of logic and reasoning moving into focus as she let the rest of the world drift away.

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She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. In order to make that happen, she was going to have to have complete focus. And that didn’t come about very often. She opened her eyes, calculating sums on the wall in front of her.

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She heard the shrill melody of birds as the sun hit her eyes sideways, making her squint before she was even fully awake. She stretched and rolled over

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The way the lavender plant’s spindly arms climbed up the sun streaming through the window was almost hopeful. Almost. She sighed and went back to her work.

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She lifted her glass in the gesture of a toast, which made him laugh. The bar was frothy with noise, lit dimly but sweetly in the summer evening. It was perfect. All of it. She felt the wine catch in her throat a little as she studied him, awash in love.

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She felt the room begin to tilt. Something was not right. She blinked and searched the room. Where was Ben? She opened her mouth to speak and fell.

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She tried to think through all the steps. She couldn’t have imagined it would come to this, but here she was. She blinked the words away for a moment and looked at the margins, the scribbled notes becoming tangled and unreadable in her exhaustion.

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She listened for the whistle, hoping beyond hope that the train was late. Rather than early. Which it usually was. If she had missed it, it was all over. She held her breath and looked at the large clock in the square across the street.

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She counted. Yeah, she had enough. Enough when it counted, anyway. In reality, that as all the mattered. It wasn’t that she needed to have enough all the time, after all. Only when she needed it. And she didn’t need it all the time. That was the beauty of living the way she did.

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She looked in the mirror, tugging down on her cheeks. “Geez, I look tired.”
“You look beautiful.”
She made a face in the mirror even though it was directed at him, but a smile flushed her cheeks anyway. He chuckled and resumed his work. It felt good, this easy conversation.

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She saw a flash of teeth and felt a pang and then there was nothing. Blackness. When she came to, she was staring up at a tin stamped ceiling. Strange. She felt the blood rush to her toes, up through her leg, which was throbbing.

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She looked over at him, laughing. He was rolling his eyes as he switched lanes, but she could see that he was smiling as they passed under a street light.

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Scars, sure. There were scars. There were plenty of scars.

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She folded her knees to her chest and stared out onto the water. A lake was a fascinating body of water. Because there was in fact a limit to it. There was an end to the expanse. Even if you can’t see it.

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She took a deep breath in, and when the seawater smell hit her lungs, she almost cried. She had missed this place. She craved it in her skin, in between her toes and fingers, in the spaces between her ribs. It was something dear and precious to her.

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She took some time, sat down, rolled out all her options.
Not really.
She jumped in head first.
She always does.
She didn’t really think it through. Did she ever?
But she knew it was the right thing to do. Somewhere in her gut she never needed to.

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She stared at the name. It wasn’t possible. She blinked, trying to piece together some long forgotten puzzle. But there it was. Two letters in difference.

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She looked down at the small crying thing in her arms and her ears stopped working. She was crying. The baby was crying. Roy was crying. She couldn’t hear any of it. Just a sucking vacuum of silence.

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She felt his hand move up her back, his feet move slight apart. They stood like that for a while, swaying slightly, happy to be there.

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She felt the life inside her quiver like a small insect. She closed her eyes and tried to ignore it.

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She looked to the heavens, waiting for a sign. Something. Anything. She just wanted to be told she was doing well. But, of course, it doesn’t really work like that, does it? She blinked, bring the room back into focus.

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The smell of hot dogs and the sticky smell of the asphalt filled her nose as she walked up the steps. She was far too overdressed for the ballpark.

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She jolted up. “What?” He rolled over, concerned. “Sorry, sorry, nothing, I’m fine.” “Hey.” “Sorry.”
“Okay, it’s okay.” “Yeah, yeah, I’m fine.” “Okay.”

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The complete absence of stress was unfamiliar to her. She wasn’t used to sitting, with nothing to do. She looked over at him. He was dozing. Of course.

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She tasted the fakey taste of the strawberry on her lips, wincing slightly at the memories it brought back. Summer. Sunscreen. Too many mojitos. Or not enough? Somewhere between.

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She stacked the plates silently and took them into the kitchen, everyone laughing and talking, not noticing she left. She dropped them into the sink with a sigh, blinking up at the ceiling. “Hey.” Jack had followed her. As she turned to him, her shoulders dropped, as if she was giving up, giving into his presence.

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She pulled up just as the boat was pulling away. “Damnit.” She slammed the door of the car and ran to the dock, waving her arms madly. “Wait! Hold on!” They didn’t hear her. Or didn’t want to hear her.

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The fume of the hairspray was overwhelming. She blinked it away.

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