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She fell into him, his arms around her. They just stood in silence, her face buried in his shoulder taking in his smell, his hands finding her waist and tracing his fingers along her, making her move closer into him.

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She listened to the swells of the music, closing her eyes and letting is sweep over her. His hand found hers and she found tears prickling down her cheeks even through her closed lids. There was something so comforting and wonderful about all of this. She was settling into a contentment she hadn’t felt in a long time.

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She stepped into the mud, feeling it ooze around her shoe. She felt pretty useless, grossed out by the feeling of that mud around her foot, squelching as she tried to lift it. She would make it through this.

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She looked to his face, transformed in the dim light into something softer, younger, more vulnerable. She wanted to cry.

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She closed her eyes as if the answer were written on the back of her eyelids and she simply had to read it off to him. “It’s a quantity versus quality thing, right?”
“I guess?” He asked a question right back to her, batting it like a tennis ball at her heart as if that would get her attention.

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She was loading the dishes with such ferocity that he thought she might break them.

“Hey, take a breath.”
“This should have been done already.”
“I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time.”
“Whatever, Steve,” she huffed as she jammed silverware into the rack.
“Linds, stop.”

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She rewound and pressed play. The familiar static and then her mother’s voice, “Leave a message!”
Rewind again.
“Leave a message!”
“Leave a message.”
She felt the hot tears rolling down her cheeks, waiting for the tape to play out to the end.

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She saw the flashing vacancy sign from the road and thought about stopping. And then thought again. She kept driving. She wanted to keep up this pace.

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She felt the dog’s warm breath on her neck and she almost burst into tears. She felt so loved. She hadn’t had warmth like this in… who knows? In a very long time, at least.

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She felt the familiar flashes of light on the sides of her eyes and tried not to wince. Wincing only made the whole thing take longer. She stared, motionless, up at the blank ceiling, want this to be over, to go about her day. Once a month was too often for this to happen. There had to be a way to reduce the frequency of treatments.

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She pulled the thread and the weave of the fabric puckered as she kept pulling the thread.

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She opened it, the hinges creaking. “Oh.”
He turned from the shelf he was looking at. “What?”
“Come look at this.”
“One second,” he placed some knick-knack on the shelf and came over to her.

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She gave him a swift kick to the shins and ran off, leaving him cursing and laughing in spite of himself. So much of her mother in her. It was painful to remember, but hard to ignore. He sighed and stretched his arms above his head.

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She heard his customized ringtone from across the room and it took every bone in her body to stop her form leaping over there to pick it up. She let it wring for an excruciating amount of time, waiting for it to click over to voicemail.

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“What’s the harm?”
“The harm is that now he expects something out of it.”
“Oh, he does not.”
“Don’t be naive.”
“I’m not being… I just think he’s different than that.”
“He’s not.”

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She listened to the grace notes, hoping they would provide some sort of insight into what was happening. They told her a story of heartbreak, of something disguised as love but never quite making the mark.

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She looked over her shoulder.
“No, you’re other left.”
“Oh, sorry.”
“Do you see it?”

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She tapped her hands nervously. “I think I’ve had too much coffee.”
“Yeah, you think?” he muttered, sliding her a bottle of water. She opened it and took a sip. “No, drink the whole thing, please.” He begged.

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Across the streets, the drills had already begun, saws buzzing, and was that a jackhammer? She pulled her pillow over her head and groaned. This was not how she imagined being awoken on her day off. Where were the birds? Where was the breakfast in bed? Alex tossed the sheets aside on top of her as he climbed out of bed groggily.

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She blinked her eyes. They looked identical. It was spooky. She looked back from the photo to the mirror. Who was this girl? And why did she look so much like… it was too weird to think about. She shook her head.

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She closed her eyes and she was there, in paradise. But it didn’t look like other people’s paradise might. Her’s was a small apartment on the second floor of a Chicago high-rise, clothes strewn on the floor, and his fingers playing along the back of neck like a flute while she was lulled to sleep by the tempo of his breathing.

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She felt a cool rush of air between the cracks. “That’s not good.”
“There’s air coming through the floorboards.”
“Ugh, you’re joking,” he groaned, up to his elbows in soapy water.
“Nope. We’ll figure it out,” she assured him.

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Her legs were shaking. She kept sipping the coffee, even though she was anxious and the caffine wasn’t helping.

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He clapped his hands, “So, the tour?”
“Yeah, okay.”
He motioned with his head towards the kitchen, “So, kitchen.”
“Good, you need a kitchen.”

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She grabbed the wheel and slowly backed out. She started to shift around in her seat, trying to get comfortable.
“Eyes on the road.”
“The seat adjustment is all wrong.”
“Well, put it in park before you futz with it.”

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What do you think?
I think it’s great.
I thought you might hate it.
I don’t hate it.
Are you sure?
I’m sure.
I’m probably going to keep it like this.
You should.
Okay, I’m gonna…
If you want.
Do you want?
I dunno.

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She slammed the drawer shut. “Well, what do you want me to do about it.” It wasn’t a question. It was definetly a statement.
Had Stan been a smart man, he would have backed off right then and there. But Stan never quite knew when to leave well enough alone. This was definitely not “well enough”

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She found her watch, but it read 12:20, and that couldn’t be right. She held it up to her ear. Nothing. Great. She looked outside, but the rain made it impossible to know what time it was.

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I bury my face in the smell of him and instantly it all dissolves- the distance, the difficulty, the disconnect. I am here and he is here and that’s all that matters anymore. I listen to him breath and adjust my body to his and we just stand there.

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She watched the muscles in his arm move under his skin as he worked the knife. It was weirdly mesmerizing.

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