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Studying helps when you have a big test coming up. Many people think they can pass without studying. Maybe that is true for some, but for most studying will help them get the best grade they can. So, if you have to study, then please study. Party afterward, when your test is over.

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He was misled. He was told the party would be at the park. They just told him that so he wouldn’t show up at the right place..because they never wanted him there to begin with. Knowing this hurt him but he wasn’t surprised. He just thought someone was actually being kind to him for once.

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What a gorgeous night!, thought Ryan as he laid on the hill and gazed at the stars. It made this whole camping trip worth it to be here, able to enjoy something so beautiful. It made him forget the small annoyances that happened today…like maybe he will make it out of this if he gets to have a view like this one every night. Maybe, he thought, camping ain’t so bad after all.

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It was a gorgeous dress, but Anne was not really one to wear them. She looked at herself in the mirror like she was looking at a stranger.

“So…you like it?” Asked her mother who was lending it to her.

“Er…yeah…” said Anne with a fake smile. She liked it, she really did, but somehow it didn’t feel right for her to be wearing it.

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Sleeping. What a wonderful thing. Sometimes the best things in life are what we dream. Our dreams can inspire us to create something amazing. Without dreams, I probably wouldn’t find sleep interesting.

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The degree of which this is a serious matter is quite high. Maybe higher than most degrees. The fact you can laugh when things are so chaotic baffles me. I am a bit jealous, really. I can’t ever smile when my mind is filled with stressful things. Before I can feel joy, this issue must be solved.

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I flipped the light switch and the whole lab lit up, one section at a time until I could see the whole thing. I walked to the cabinets across from me and opened one. I took out the vial that had been sitting in there for the entire night. This clear liquid was not water, but the answer to everything.

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A little cat tail here. A little lizard eye there. Something’s missing…maybe a spice? I have a lot of them but…maybe one I haven’t found yet. I think I better find it and make this potion right.

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You hide behind smiles
You hide behind lies
You laugh all the time
But you’re dying inside
All bottled up
Those feelings will eat you
You better let them out
Or they might consume you

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The masked bandit snuck through the room, unaware that I was watching. I was too afraid to move, so I sat behind the couch and hoped he would leave soon. I heard him talking to someone, hushed. He sounded like he was part of some scheme.

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The keys they sing
Upon pleasant strings
Each note is pure
For stress, piano music is the cure

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I reached out to touch one of the keys. A pleasant chime came from the piano. I then pressed different keys to make a nice little tune. I smiled at the sound. The way a piano sounds has always been one of my favorite little things in life.

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I entered the attic which until now I always avoided entering. Since I started living here, I occasionally heard footsteps and whispers coming from the attic. No one believed me when I said my house was haunted. Anyone I told thought I was just paranoid or said it was probably just a mouse. I thought they were probably right, but tonight I couldn’t sleep because once again I could hear the wooden floor of the attic creaking as if someone was walking around in there. I decided if I wasn’t going to sleep, then I might as well solve this mystery myself. So here I was, entering the cold, dusty attic with a flashlight. I stood in the doorway at first, more than a little scared. I decided to take a couple steps forward, away from the door. I shined the light around to catch anything, maybe a mouse, maybe a ghost. My heart stopped when the bedroom door was shut behind me. I turned to see who did it, and the flashlight shined not on a ghost but someone in black clothes and a black mask. Just as I started to scream, the stranger ran over to me and covered my mouth. Then he whispered into my ear, “Don’t make a sound. It’s in the closet…”

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Candle light. Wine glasses. Fancy food. Crazy prices. Beautiful clothes. These are the things many people think of when they think of a date. I’d honestly rather just order pizza and hang out at home.

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The wanderer stepped into the cave, torch in hand. The light illuminated the dark cove, revealing it’s massive interior. Stalactites and stalagmites all decorated the place, and plenty of critters crawled around the wanderer’s feet. But there was only one thing the wanderer came for. He wanted to meet this cave’s dragon and offer it a prize.

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The world is my jury
My judge
It feels like I’m being watched
Expected to make a mistake
And when I slip up
It will be there
To tell me if I’m guilty
Or innocent

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The woman balanced herself steadily on the rope. She dared not look down, for beneath her was the ground which she would fall on should she slip. No, she couldn’t even think of what might happen. Rather, her attention stayed on getting to the end of the line. She walked toward the pier, putting one foot forward at a time.

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In the middle of the room was a black haired boy. He wore white clothing, and never looked up from the ground.

“Hello?” I call out to him. “What are you doing here? Are you lost?”

Then he looked up and I jumped because his eyes were just sockets and his mouth was stitched shut.

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I felt nervous about the woman who had just entered my apartment. Mrs. Fera was one of the most proper ladies I knew, so clean and perfect. And here she came into my apartment, cheap and a bit dirty. “S-Sorry about the mess, Mrs. Fera. I didn’t have time to clean up.”

The older woman shook her head. “The way you live is not my concern right now. I want to find my son, and this was where he was last seen.”

“I understand.” I went to get some tea for us before we began our conversation.

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What if my fingers were replaced by fries? They would be useless in most things hands are for, like picking up objects or grasping anything. They would taste amazing but you can’t eat them because you need them. Also, that would hurt quite a bit. So fry fingers are definitely a bad idea, but I will still enjoy all the fries that are not attached to my hands.

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I’m always seriuos in school. she is very serious when her cat is sick. he is serious obout his dog being out of his kennel.

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I always go psycho when i eat candy. I’m always psycho. psycho means crazy.

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I tied the strings behind my back and it snapped. That’s when I snapped. It had already been a hard day, and then my apron breaks? Gah. Fine. I won’t use an apron. I’ll cook naked. How about that? No messy clothes to clean.

» Posted By Brianna L On 01.05.2012 @ 9:24 pm

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