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grow crops,sheep,cows,works hard. Has dogs that help with the work that is hard.He has a lot of horses. The best part is that they love their jobs.

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She had always thought that he looked so regal; legs propped up on his stool, stuffy clothes that probably cost more money than her entire village back home – no, that isn’t home anymore – made in a year. Renard had always said that he was putting on airs, pretending to be a lofty and careless noble for show. That deep down underneath all of the pretense and silliness, he was a caring man who was dedicated to his people. She struggled to decide whether or not she could believe that. Still, if anyone knew anything about Gallin, it would be Renard.

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slow and steady like of mice and mens song.. Steady wins the race however life isnever steady. Funny how steady has 6 letters, well not really but still I just waant to write. Take everything steady. Steady steady steady sounds weird as i repeat it in my head.

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Live life simply.

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Vines look cool, there green and when Iv seen them there long. Monkey swing on vines. George the jungle swings on vines. I want to swing on one but not be fall. I wonder if monkeys ever get tired of swinging on vines.

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Vines are green and long kind of like long ropes except there green. Vines seem good for making a house and clothing. I think vines are cool because you can swing on them.

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people fabricate everything to make themselves the better person

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like fucking plastic covers on couches and shit

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His body twisted, contorted, writhed in pain. There was no release and no relief in sight. The waves of torture ripped through his body like a tornado, and refused to let go. He wanted to give up. He wanted to surrender…

Until she walked in. She grabbed on to him tighter than the grip of his disease and she refused to let go. How could he not fight for her? How could he let go when she wouldn’t? So he closed his eyes… and let her win.

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When she was young, the world seemed so big. The closer she got to the end of her life, the smaller that world became… She was reaching – always reaching – for the things in life she thought she wanted. She stretched her heart out for those that she thought she loved – those with whom she thought she was “meant to be.” She wanted to live. She grasped at life and love and the path she thought was laid out for her. She spent her whole life trying to achieve what people expected or what she thought people wanted, forgetting the most important lesson that she was always too busy to learn…

The only thing she was ever destined to do was die.

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Quite the catastrophe of emotions, this roller coaster that you and I are on.
From top to bottom, screaming, yelling, shouting, in hopes that someone will hear our cries for help.
But do we need help? Is that what it comes down to? Is it assistance in our time of need that we really desire?
…or do we enjoy the drama that comes with this calamity?

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I’m listening to what you are saying, but I’m not really understanding it. Do you mean that you miss me? Or are you lying to me? I just don’t understand. You have mixed emotions. You love me one day, but the next you hate me. Why?

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Listening. Listening. She never listens. She talks and talks and words spit from her mouth and spill into the air but she never listens.

Mom always said you can hear without listening… I never understood until I met this woman…

Hearing. Hearing. She never even hears.

I would give anything if she would just hear… but if she would listen…

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Listening. Listening. She never listens. She talks and talks and words spit from her mouth and spill into the air but she never listens.

Mom always said you can hear without listening… I never understood until I met this woman…

Hearing. Hearing. She never even hears.

I would give anything if she would just hear… but if she would listen…

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Somebody once told me not to think,so today I will not think.I will just be.Today I choose to let go and let God. Somebody once told me that sign that says think think think is not for me

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I walk into the entrance of a crowded room. I freeze. I don’t know a single person. What am I supposed to do? I’m too awkward for this. No body is going to want to talk to me. Should I just walk out or go sit somewhere. I decide to sit somewhere alone. Then of course I people watch. Will any of them talk to me?

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He was thrusting, pulling in and out. I was so caught in the passion, breathing heavily. Too heavily. My lungs! They were on fire! I tried to ask him to stop but all that I could muster was a sad little croak, a whimper. He mistook that for pleasure.

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No, don’t do it!
You can’t run away, you have asthma. If you run, you’ll cough. If you run, you’ll choke.
It’s easier.
It’s easier to just let him take you, even though you don’t want it to happen. Even though he wants you body.
If you run, you’ll die.

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Asthma is one of the most unfortunate afflictions I have ever come across. Anything from dust to smoke could cause some sort of a reaction, ranging from a sneeze to a fatality. Truly, it is a demonic possession of one’s lungs.

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Magazines. They show us how we should properly live our life. They showcase the ideal clothes we should wear, makeup we should buy, trends we should follow, and even people that we should be. Teenage girls and women in general are especially influenced by magazines. This can be both a good thing or a bad. For example, if the magazines are a good influence on these girls, then society will benefit; but, if they are a bad influence, then it will suffer.

» Posted By Briana On 08.28.2012 @ 1:13 pm


dare to be yourself. dare to keep kids off drugs. daring individuals take alot of courage and yeah i dont know what else to say about dare except triple dog dare you! ha

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words that tell you what to do, how to get to a certain goal, how to achieve something, how to reach an end result. words that get you to a certain place, a destination, a location you’ve been looking for. words that enable you to get what you’ve been looking for, what you’ve been searching for. words.

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a suggestion comes from an idea, an idea that can change a person, masses of people, or the world. suggesting comes from one person to another, it is a virus. the power of one suggestion has the power to reveal in one’s own self a rebirth, a rebirth of knowledge and wisdom. suggestions are key to growth and advancement.

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Detention? I was in detention just once – in 6th grade, after I was caught stealing sugar packets from the art supply room.

Why there were sugar packets in the art supply room to begin with is beyond me. I think we used it as sand in a painting project.

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Sometimes i think about baby birds and how fragile their little wings are. I think about how I wish i could cradle them all and then i realize that their broken for reasons beyond anything ill know. for reasons i will never be able to comprehend. because I dont know why things break – maybe so we can learn to fix them, maybe so we can learn to repair – but i know.

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he was running down the hill. everyone was watching him. he knew he had to pull it off. he didnt have a choice. he saw the gap coming up. he was so scared. just like every time that he did it. but this was different. people were watching. he always gets so nervous when people were watching, and when he is nervous, he screws up. big time. the only difference in this is if he screws up now theres no getting up and trying again. he could die. he doesnt know where the whole goes, how deep it is, what i s at the bottom.he was so scared but it was too late now. he was almost upon it. he tensed up his muscles prepared to jump and almost there… bam! he was up in the air, flying. he closed his eyes for a second, and then opened them right before he hit the big air bed. he tucked and rolled so he wouldnt hurt himself. he finally got a hold of himself. he could hear a dull roar. it was people yelling and screaming for him! he did it! he couldnt believe it.

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The pattern is haunting, is effervescent. Hanging in front of my eyes, the blindfold that drags me from reality, the quick sharp pain of sleep fading, the pattern has always been there. Always will be.

» Posted By Briana On 03.15.2012 @ 3:04 pm


you have dismissed my heart and put it into the bottom of a trench. You have dismissed me all together, made me invisible to love ever again. So now I dismiss the world…

» Posted By Briana On 03.09.2012 @ 5:24 pm

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