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They didn’t own much. Just a plot of land that held all of their things. The family had lived on this land for generations and no one had taken it from them. It was their empire built from the ground up with with planks of wood and handmade nails and it would stand for years to come.

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It moved without being told to and that was what scared people. Robots were meant to follow commands like computers. They could do nothing that they weren’t told to do, but that wasn’t the truth anymore.

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They always hide as shadows in the night. They are mere shapes of things and not the things themselves, but that does not make them less terrifying. Their skill in not in physically harm of humans as most creatures is. No, their skill lies with the mind. They horrify those who see them, farming shapes that will make their hearts stop, and their faces freeze in the contorted shape of a scream.

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It was cold where she slept. She had gathered as many blankets as she could, but it still wasn’t enough to keep off the chill. Her friends family always had the air conditioner blasting, and when she looked up at the credits of the movie she found all of her friends asleep. The only available place to sleep was the lazy boy right next to the air conditioner, so she scrounged for blankets and settled in for the long hall.

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Her father had just purchased a wacky waving inflatable tube man for his business and all Lex could do was stare at it. She had always hated them and thought that they were tacky. Now, she was beginning to question her father’s sanity. Desperation drove people to ridiculous things, but this was going a bit far. The monstrosity took up half the sidewalk and almost waved higher than the building. Boycotting helping her dad was sounding like the best course of action.

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The magistrate had only recently been informed of the situation. Her face fell when she heard the news, and she sat heavily on the chair. She had never her a number so large to fall in such a short amount of time. Thousands in seconds. Lives gone in a flash, and she could do nothing about it. She had the power to change any law in her country, but not to stop death.

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She wanted to. It was right in front of her. The kind of opportunity people only get once in a life time, and she didn’t know if she should take it. The door backstage to the concert was ajar and the line for the tickets was long, too long. She would wait all this time, and they would be sold out before she could even see the ticket booth.
She glance around her, rocking on her toes, hands deep in her pocket. She stared at her glorious opportunity for one second longer before moving, striding to the door and dashing inside.

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You could only invite them in, the fae. You could only invite them in, and that was what protected you. That was what kept them at bay. But the most dangerous characteristic of the fae is that they are tricky, and sometimes you have no choice but to give them an invitation.

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The sunlight was fading on the open porch. The girl felt a peace watching the night spill into the world, but the pastel colors of the sunset were only the prelude. She awaited the stars, and the stories they would whisper in her ear.

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She was tired, always on her feet, always moving. This person’s food had too much salt. This person thought it would be funny to leave their tip in an upside down glass of water. This person ordered a burger not spaghetti even though she had read the order back to them. Well this waitress is tired of the bullshit.

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The women was staggeringly beautiful. Elijah literally stepped back when he saw her and he felt ridicules, but staggering was the only word he could think of.

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The boy was irritable and the teacher could not figure out why. All she could think was that it had been something she had done in class, but she knew that that isn’t always the case.

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The sun was setting on the quiet, still town as the women strode through the streets. She had been on a mission for years, and she was going to complete that night.

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The sun was setting on the quiet, empty town as the women strode through the streets. She was on a mission that had been calling her for years, and she would see it completed that night.

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“I suppose.” “I suppose.”
Always that fuckin’ word with these people.
How bout this? I SUPPOSE I can shove my foot up your ass!”

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