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this is a sequel to whatever you had last week, remember? Bah, you are barely puking now, just go home, drink some liquids and go to sleep. You’ll probably be fine tomorrow.

But he wasn´t.

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they orbit around the body, like small shielding fireflies. It´s like they are helping him sleep better… Honestly, a weird show to watch but I have never seen anything so beautiful.

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The Reveal was upon them, nothing they could do but wait sitting on their living room hugging each other and waiting for them to arrive, for them to take them away and finish what they were supposed to. Their eyes started to close, going away with their conciousness

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The firefighter stood up, grabbing his knee while the sharp pain was shocking his leg. He grabbed the door again, feeling the heat through his gloves like a soft summer heat and pushed up with all the strength he had left, releasing the boy and his sister.

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This is a weekly issue with you -she sat down, hands covering her face. He knew she has covering her watering eyes – and I’m just so tired right now. Of this, of you. -She stayed silent for a couple of minutes before adding -get out, i don’t want you here anymore.

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The cone fell done, breaking the silence. The noise jumped around, echoing, calling to the creatures around them and giving their location away. They didn’t care for carefulness anymore. Now they started to run as fast as they could

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Millions of citizens died thanks to the virus. No one’s sure who released or how, if it was born it nature or man-made, but does it really matter anymore? 90% of human-kind was wiped of the earth in bloody swipe and, now, we´re all that´s left.

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the copper wire is broken- he got up -can you go back and buy a new one? We need to know what’s going on outside of the country

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you turned this beautiful empire into a twisted, forgotten reminder of what it once was. Look at us now, we have to hide in the streets, running in the sewers, away from the creatures that you summoned and away from the twisted king you put on the throne.

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what are you doing? I told you to pull up the bag -she took it off her sister´s hands -not to drag it. The bag was heavy, she granted her sister that, but she was old enough to carry it on her arms or her shoulders.

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are you kidding me? they broke down the steel doors, Jessica -he kept slamming, stacking things up against the door -if anything else, aside from steel, we need to put more stuff between that thing and us!
She didn’t even hear the end of the sentence before helping him push a closet over the rest of the stuff

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Okay, that’s a way too radical decision for us to take -he put himself in the middle of their fight. -How about we go, grab a cup of tea or coffee, and then come back to this, yeah?

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we departure tomorrow, boy. Be ready -he said, closing the door after himself. The kid could feel his breath speed up and each time he breathed in, he couldn’t get enough air. He felt like he was going to pass out

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he took deep breaths of air as he stood in the middle of the room, grabing the knife and pointing it at her. He chuckled a bit, what good was it going to do having a knife when she was aiming at him with a gun.

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Criminal? throw him out, he´s a waste of food and water -she said, not lifting her head from the documents she was signing. He knew that was going to be her answer, but was it correct to leave a man out to die in the cold like that?

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the alarm rang and the voice flooded the site -alarm bypass, shutting down all emergency exits.
They were close, just a little more and they would be out and safe.

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Did you check the store on the left? -he asked. She recalled and said no -but I think it’s empty, I haven’t heard a pip coming from there. He glanced at her as they walked towards the store’s gate – yeah, but still… I don’t buy it, it’s too quiet.

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Finally -she grabbed her purse, I’ll see you later. The clock marked one twenty, she had half an hour to go and eat lunch. She left Alex talking alone but she was famished, no breakfast or dinner thanks to that blood test. A hamburger was coming her way.

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Fatigue surrounded the wounded. Their wounds weren’t healing -not to mention severe- and, at this point, all they could do was let their families come in and talk to them in their final moments. Becca sat down outside the quarantine room covering her face while tears ran down her already reddened cheeks.

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he’s stray -he said, that’s dangerous. She look at him, she could see in his eyes that he didn’t think of that man behind the glass as a person, he thought of him as another infected, a creature with no rights. Something to experiment on -… No, he is a human -she concluded, leaving the room determined to help that man get away

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Well, not one in is charge -he slammed his hand on the table. What are we going to do now? Staying trapped in this building isn’t quite my plan, I have a plane to catch in a couple of hours.

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He is in MY care -she glared back at him, he never yelled at her like this. Now, either get out of the room or stay quiet and let me treat the kid. He turned away from her, leaving her mouth hanging and going back to the consultory.

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ok so I already put the basil on the food but… what else? -he knew he was forgetting something for dinner tonight, he looked around and remember with a gasp -the wine! He lowered the heat and ran down stairs looking for a bottle that would go with the meat.

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It´s so typical of you to do this, each damn time I have asked you to help me you just ignore me! -she yelled before slamming the door on his face. She may have given him the satisfaction of manipulating her, but he would not give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry once more.

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Classified my ass -she said yelling in the room. Everyone turned around looking at them, staring at her like a crazy lady; perphaps she did look crazy, but they had no reason to hide things from her now. If crazy is what they wanted, crazy is what they are going to get.

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The teacher had left them a lot of homework and he didn’t felt like going to the library at all. Investigating about some old man who did a thing 200 years ago wasn’t something in his plans right now, but he had something else in mind. He pulled out his phone and started to dial Nancy’s phone.

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He was standing in front of the crowd, wearing a mask. Beneath the chandelier the music filled the room, the instruments stopped their singing when one of the members saw him holding a gun, letting a scream go off and alerting everyone in the room. He held his up towards me, pointing straight to my head.

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Dammit! The tires exploded- he yelled from the back of the car. She turned around to see him walking to the trunk and open it to try and change the tires. It hadn’t been an accident, she had planned for them to be stranded in the middle of the road, in the middle of nowhere. Where she could finally end the bringer of her misery, quietly and with on witnesses.

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The old regulation has been recheck and it’s been passed again. I don’t know why they would want that, since it’s only benefitial for our enemies; but I have another plan to get out of this hell hole.

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I saw the emblem on the wall -he said, grabbing the cup on the table and taking a sip of the wine. John could hear him swallowing, loudly drinking the poison he put on the cup before he arrived and, now, he had no reason to hide anything from him anymore.

» Posted By Bramsy On 03.25.2018 @ 7:47 am

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