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The little ant chugging away at the impossible task, pulling the stalk of wheat along to the hive, forever searching and never find its way back. That’s me, that ant, I don’t know where I am or where I’m going, and I’m afraid that I won’t be able to bring back the thing I need most. So I’ll stay here in the dark, clutching my book to my chest, too scared to do anything important.

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Your punishment, said the headmistress, is to eat at my table with me. To watch my mouth go up and down, and be fascinated with horror as the horrible chocolate pudding is mashed up and delumped. To experience the horror of not knowing which fork to use. To be unsure that the noodles you’re eating are not, in fact, some kind of horrible dead worm. That is what you get for talking with your mouth full.

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He screamed, screamed, screamed, wanting to know. The man would not tell, though. He patted the boy on the sleeve in a vague way and said, “When you’re ready for this, I promise. But until then, you’ll have to struggle along not know. It’s humanity.”
“I’m not human,” said the boy.
“Yes,” said the man, “That’s why you need to learn to be.

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the elastic nature of people’s affection has always surprised me. They say they love you and then, when you’re gone, they bend back out of sight. So you’re back again, and they act affectionate, but soon enough something else will distract them and they will be brought around to love that shiny new thing more than you.
And you’re alone and they don’t care, because a puppy is so much cuter than a big friendly dog.

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The violent explosion of purple that resulted from letting the lid off the can of paint made Amber wince. The magicians had been at it again. She gazed down at her hair and clothes, and sighed. The cleaning bill would be enormous, and of course none of them would pay it. It was unfair, the way they picked on the common folk these days. Just because they had magic…

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The maroon sweater was ugly but comfortable, so he worn it anyway. Besides, the fact that his best friend had given it to him for Christmas was something. That man had always known him better than anyone else. Something to knock around the house in was just the ticket for a cold winter’s morning.

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The stem on the leaf was the thing she decided to focus on. Try to move small things at once, they’d said. And so she stared and stared at the pale green thing, willing it to twitch, as if even the faintest breeze had gone through. If she had no talent, she’d just die. All her best friends were going to the academy.

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The history of the world is full of violence and affluence, full of mistreatment and surprising tenderness. This is humanity: any aliens who were exploring probably wouldn’t want to stay, out of sheer confusion. Puzzling things, humans. First one thing, and then the opposite.

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The belief in gods was a curious thing, tam thought. There was always an excuse, always a reason. Always some way that the god came out on top. It was never His fault, it was always humans’. Must have been a great job.
Which was why he was surprised, when he became one, that it was not. On the whole, he decided he’d rather go golfing.

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They wrote their own vows. This meant a little bit of unconventionality, and that “to have and to hold” were replaced, respectively, with “if she promises not to eat his books” and “if he promises to go anywhere she likes without asking questions”, but it was all good, because they were the ones who had to take them, an anyway. Nobody else much cared.

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It’s humid out today but I don’t really have the time to stop and think about it; if I’m late for work again my boss will kill me. Or rather, fire me, which is pretty much just as bad in this economy. The air’s so sticky. I wish my AC was working right now but alas, no luck.
Great. Traffic jam. I’m going to be late again. No more stacking oversized tires for me…. Starving to death? Fun.

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There’s a growing surreality about this place; I can feel myself disappearing as I walk further and further down the corridor. I’m not quite sure where I’m going, and it’s a stretch to remember where I’ve been, but it’s interesting, at least, and that’s something new. Escaping my daily life has been my dream for three years now, and it’s finally coming true.

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Your heartbeat against my ear- I can’t forget this sound, and even when you’re gone I hear it echoing in my head. Where are you now? I don’t know, but I’m keeping your heartbeat here in my ear so I don’t forget you, near or far, and you’ll always be here.
Where did you go? I don’t know, but you’ll always be here with me, if your heart goes on beating.

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Down, down, down goes the pedal. Up again. Down and up, down and up, like waves on the see. She watches, hypnotized. Her eyes feel glazed and she’s frowning slightly, aware something’s not right.
Down, up.
Up, down.
Illusion breaks away and madness melts as the rhythm is interrupted, and the real world breaks through.
She cries.

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The water poured gently out of the jug as he yawned and stared out the window. Old Mcgregor was mowing his lawn again; why? It was crew-cut already, too stubby for grass. Tam frowned.
And the pretty girl across the street was out walking her dog. Good. He’d have to talk to her later, maybe, if he could work up the courage.

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Fuzzy. He had lop-ears, soft fur. I couldn’t stop smiling; there was absolutely no resolution in the purchase of a new pet, but it sure did make me feel better. I’ve always loved rabbits, anyway. I’d wanted one for a long time.
I’ll call him Thamus.

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Around and around the globe spun as I idly twisted it with my fingers, thinking about all the places I could go. Everything was in front of me now; my parent’s inheritance would take me traveling and more. It wasn’t impossible anymore for me to visit the wetlands of Florida or the green hills of Scotland. My dream could become a reality.

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Checks sprawled out across the teeshirt I held in my had. My favorite pattern, I’d bought it one day down at the shops in Cleveland, the one with all the fluff outside. It was the last thing she wore before she went, because a soda had spilled on her shirt, and I lent it to her. That was how much I loved her.

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