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Bzzzzzzzzzzz. Zzzz. Zzt. Zzzzzzzzzz….

“Your grace?”

Rasputin blinked. The wasp dodged his line of sight and disappeared. His pupils refocused to take in the glorious, azure expanse of the Black Sea. His wide, blue eyes reflected the choppy crests of waves tainted by early signs of syphilitic psychosis.

How quickly something as insignificant as a wasp could feint his attention.

“Lock the doors. Make sure they know what is happening,” he delivered slowly, without altering his gaze.

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i am cleansed of my sins i am free i can see because of the cleanse, . . . . is that the answer is that what i need, . . . maybe just soap would work, why cleanse? . . why worry why think!

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The man hanging from the tree no longer had an worries. The only worries left behind belonged to those of his family, his friends, the ones that would be responsible for getting the splinters out of his back, the rope burn less visable for the open casket funeral.

» Posted By Bman On 11.16.2008 @ 9:29 pm

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