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The vision faded away when someone shouted my name. I turned toward the sound. “What?” I asked, angry that this person was distracting me from my thoughts. I didn’t have much time to get this problem figured out, and I was being interrupted.

“I think we can help you,” the voice replied.

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She was running out of options. Plans A through X all failed, so all she had left were Plans Y and Z, and those were the two worst plans of all. The only reason she even came up with them was so she could finish the alphabet.

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It was an hour until the show began, and everything was a disaster. Their lead singer was home sick with a sore throat, only half of their sets were built, and nobody had their lines memorized. They could only hope a miracle would happen in the next sixty minutes.

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Weather is the perfect way to introduce the setting for a story. It’s no coincidence that the phrase “It was a dark and stormy night” is so famous. Different types of weather are associated with different moods. Rain, for example, is associated with gloom and danger, but also romance. Many kiss scenes in movies are set outside in the rain.

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It was never enough for him. He would want something new with all his heart, but as soon as he got that thing, he would get bored of it. His house was full of things he didn’t need and didn’t appreciate. Gadgets and gizmos and all a manner of things, but it was never enough.

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When people meet me, many of them immediately assume that I am very shallow and arrogant because I am so quiet. The truth is, I’m mostly quiet because I actually have very little confidence, not because of an excess of it.

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My painting had a small blemish. While I knew that nobody else would notice it, I couldn’t help myself from fixing it. I mixed some pink and tan with my paintbrush and lightly dabbed at the blemished area, hoping I wouldn’t mess it up more.

It was hard to tell if I had made it any better. I would have to wait for the paint to dry.

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I will be candid here: I was not entirely sure what today’s word meant, so I looked it up. I knew that “candor” meant honesty, so I figured that the word “candid” was probably related to that, but I wanted to make sure.

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I’ve always had an interest in writing. I would love to write my own book someday, but that will take a lot of preparation and practice. Because of this, I have tried to gain writing experience in every way I could. Every paper I write for school, for example, I use as a form of practice.

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For their first date, Susan and her boyfriend went fishing. It wasn’t a very conventional setting for a date, but they didn’t technically know it was a date at the time. When the day ended with Susan catching her first fish and sharing a kiss with her boyfriend to celebrate, they realized that they had just gone on their first date.

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I bought some colorful duct tape a few days ago, and I’ve been using it to make all kinds of things, including flowers and bracelets. It was somewhat expensive, but I might actually buy more.

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It’s amazing how much music and dancing has changed over time. Not too long ago, both were only used in romantic settings, such as a just-married couple waltzing at their wedding. Nowadays, music and dancing can be used for a variety of recreational purposes, or even for exercise.

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I was scared of how my exam score might turn out. Either I passed — which would be pretty nice, I guess — or I failed, and this whole year would have been a waste.

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The CD was scarred and scratched along the edges when I took it out of the CD port. No wonder the program wasn’t working. I found a cloth and wiped off the CD, but it seemed damaged beyond repair. I would have to buy a new copy of the program. I added that to the “To Do” list.

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Cast in warm red light, the musical’s lead singer ended her heartfelt love song, indicating the end of the play.

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I couldn’t tell how long I had been procrastinating writing the essay. It was due tomorrow, but instead of working on it, I’ve been watching boring shows, reading random stuff on the internet, and occasionally staring at a wall for disturbingly long increments of time.

I could estimate how long I’d been wasting time based on the number of episodes of T.V. shows I’ve watched.

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The tablet slowly dissolved as it sunk into the glass of water. As I waited for the tablet to disappear, I tried not to think about how awful my headache was.

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I once had a turtle named Skater. It was a stupid name, but it matched his siblings’ names: Vader and Gator. Skater and Gator both died pretty quickly, but Vader is still alive today, several years later.

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It was hard to have empathy for someone like him. I’m sure he meant well, but he always came off as very gruff and rude. I constantly found it a struggle to relate to him.

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Today’s word is a planter in of itself. The word inspires us to write something by planting an idea in our heads. The word “planter” is a planter. Fascinating. I can’t think of anything else to write. “Planter” is not a very good planter.

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When I was little, I had to use a stencil for my artwork if I wanted it to look good. Nowadays, I trace things out of magazines and off my computer screen. I’m hoping that someday I can draw things freehand or using a still life.

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“They’d look better if you switched them,” my friend advised me.

“Good call,” I replied before taking off each flamboyantly decorated sock and placing them back on the opposite feet. I don’t know what it was, but something about wearing funky socks really brightened my day.

» Posted By Blunz On 05.04.2015 @ 2:06 pm

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