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“I’m not so good with…monsters.” I muttered and saw her eyes in front of me get wide. She opened her mouth and pulled out her fake vampire teeth.
“It’s a costume party! No one’s really out to eat you. You’ll be fine.” She assured me, but that didn’t do anything to fight the bad feeling in the pit of my stomach.

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Her hands slipped as she attempted to fill the cartridge, the blood making the mechanism slick and difficult to manipulate.

“Shit, frick, damn,” she whispered, glancing around as she finally managed to wedge it into place. Then she took a breath, took aim, and fired.

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The water was warm that day, which was reliving. Poor circulation makes swimming usually unpleasant. A bright blue puffer fish swam underneath the scuba diver, almost as blue as their lips.

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The butterfly fluttered above my head menacingly, it;s wings just grazing the top of my head. Everyone looked at it mesmerized, being taken over by it’s mind controlling alien beauty. I shivered in fear that it would land on me, staying utterly still while doing so.

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It felt like I was having a heart attack. Not a real one, but everything around me combined didn’t help my mental state, not just the combined heat of all the warm bodies around me, or the tens of people all talking with each-other. As the music blared and I saw him strut closer to me, his eyes only looked more vibrant. The few lights that there were seemed to be focused on him, casting rays of gold and diamonds onto his brown hair, his blue eyes lit up and glimmering. He smiled at me, taking my hand and absolutely melting me.

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I was downgraded yesterday. My boss sent me and email saying how they were taking jobs away because they couldn’t afford to pay them. They said I was ‘lucky’.

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I smiled, looking into my camera as I clicked the button. My friend laughed at my side, telling me to send it to her. We looked out at the mountains, amazed at how well our vacation’s gone so far.

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I looked up at him, my face red in anger- no, stronger. Rage.
I couldn’t believe how I ever trusted him- invested feelings into him.
He smirked at me, flipping his hair out of his eyes. His hazel eyes taunted me, their colors dancing around teasingly.

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the drummer was a quiet young boy, contrasting his loud music.

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To be continued…

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I walked over the muddy sidewalk, each step bringing another sloshing sound to my ears.
It was quite rainy, so I ducked into a store to catch my breath.
“Hey, do you know where the bus stop is?” I asked the cashier, admiring the curls his hair was in.
“When you walk back outside, take a left and then walk straight, it should be right there.”
I followed his directions, but as I scanned the area around me, I realized that he’d misguided me, this was the stop for a school bus.

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Perspective is something that we all need sometimes. Just realize that you are so small, and the demons that hound you now will probably be gone five years down the road, and all your worries today will be nothing but memories tomorrow.

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I looked at the pointed tip, bringing my pointer finger up to it.
“It’s still not sharp enough.” Priscilla pointed out to me.
“I know.” I said, bringing up my pointy pencil and pointing the sharpener in the back of the room.

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In between my house and my neighbor’s, right in the middle, there was this small box.
When there were rainstorms, the cardboard would get wet and start to disintegrate, and we always heard faint noises of barking.
Of course no one ever addressed this, it was in “no man’s land,” but that was until they moved.

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He looked up at me, delighted to finally go to his favorite place in the world.
The candy shop over on 23rd street.
It was a ten minute walk, but we only ever went around this time of year.
They had a Halloween special where they gave out candy apples.
I personally also loved Autumn, when leaves tuned red-orange and fell to the ground, crunching under your feet with every step.

We opened the door and heard a bell chime twice, and I suddenly realized how cold it was outside when the warm air hugged me.

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He’d gotten the job of a painter when I was 7.
Each day he’d come home in his apron, blue and yellow and red and every other color I couldn’t name streaked and splattered on himself.

Sure, I’d never seen my father too much since he took up the job, It’s hard work, and doesn’t even have a lot of pay, but I knew it’s what he loved to do, and I loved him coming home and twirling me around in his arms, smearing those streaks of paint all over one of my dresses.

It seems that those vibrant acrylic colors made up the best of my childhood.

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I’d never thought of myself as the dating sort, I mean, sure I did practically crush on somebody for every bit of my life, but I never REALLY wanted it to end up with us dating.

He looked up at me with his translucent eyes, moving his black hair out of his eyes.

I was hardly convinced this was real life as I stood there, frozen in my spot. His body was tense as well but managed stepping closer to me.
His toes touched mine, and his hands fiddled with his dress shirt’s collar, stretching it away from his neck.


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My sister looked at me from across the kitchen counter, a smile playing on her face.
“Mom told me you and Bradley are going steady.” She laughed, pouring herself a cup of coffee from the freshly brewed pot.
“Shut up.” I told her, a smile playing on my face despite my choice of words.
“That’s a big deal, I’m proud of you both.”
“Yeah, whatever.” I said to her, getting my own mug from the cabinet and getting coffee before sitting down with her on the couch to watch some television.

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Apparently we were both middle children.

I looked back up at her through strings of my own black hair, trying to push a piece of it out of my face and over my shoulder.
Her lips were a nude colored lipstick, I noticed, as I watched them move in an entrancing fashion.
“That’s pretty cool, I mean I guess we both know what it’s like, huh?” She laughed after her sentence, and I laughed along with her, glad I’d decided to finally go on a date with her.

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I’d always walked over to the same old milkshake place, order some friend and a fudge milkshake. I knew all of the people there.
That place had great memories.
At least… When my mom was here.
I could still hear the oil sizzling as they made the french fries, hear the laughing growing louder than the jukebox in the corner.
I snapped back to reality as the waitress brought over my food.

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Her glasses, my friend, are called Nedwin. The color is “Summer Green.” Is it a Plants, like Plant Man or Led Zeppelin? I’m not sure I know, because she could be Posion Ivy. Maybe? I don’t know. Takes a special lens to really see, I guess.

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Flimsy premise, this bogus film screening early at 7.
Pretext of an attractive date, dressed to the nines.
Tethered to the moon alone in heaven at the tender hour of 11.
Midnight was another sigh of softly spoken, wordless signs.
Contrasting hues muted on a bloodless winter’s night.

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They sat and stared at each other, hoping for a modern day fairy-tale but all they got were shattered post-colonial dreams where Disney seemed like an export created to sell the fairy-tale, that was modernization.

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how do you ask for mercy when you don’t know who to ask.
what’s the point of asking for mercy when you don’t know what it would be.
we ask ourselves, and give to ourselves, and we keep going round and round.
upward, onward, anywhere but here.
there is no mercy.
mercy is imaginary.

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sentiment. one word means a world. emotion and feeling

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And I’m held prisoner by my own inhibitions. I’m a captive of my own creation. I sit guarded by the four walls I built so nothing can ever get in and hurt me but slowly I begin to realize that I can’t seem to escape these four walls either.

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I’m stunned by you
By your sheer beauty
By your brute will
By your little quirks
The scrunching of your nose
and the warmth of your smile
I’m amazed by you
by the richness of your eyes
and the kidness of your heart
I love you
for all that you are
and all that you hope to be
for everything and all the complexities
that make you… you.

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It was cold, as the wind blew in the vast white Antarctic. No sound was heard, no movement felt, other than my own. I was alone here in this infinite abyss.

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As I lay my heart on the table, I noticed it had a little leak. Before I could look twice, its entire contents spilled all across the table, over the floor, spreading a multitude of colour, hurt, rage, love, and emotion into the sky like an unending rainbow, aware of its own existence.

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I know that she wants to be more well-read, so I bought her “The Old Man and The Sea”. She liked it.

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