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Oh the entree of life, how fair it seems. You look at it on the menu, glistening with potential. Then the waiter with his pencil thin mustache and his spit-shined shoes brings out the silver platter, places it in front of your expecting eyes and opens the top. It’s just an appetizer. Barely bigger than a child’s fist. But it’s okay. I know we’ll sneak out of here and slip through the drive-thru, eating chili cheese corn dogs in the front seat until it slops down our chins. And then I’ll actually be full.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.22.2012 @ 5:29 pm


I want to hear the sound of excitement. No more of the sounds of my playlist on repeat while I search the same eight websites for something new and interesting. I want to explore. I want to walk out into the coming hail storm and go eat food and laugh and walk up and down the streets by the light of only the lamps. I want you to stop by because I don’t think I can text you again without seeming insane. I just want you.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.21.2012 @ 7:28 pm


To hide behind the world in my sunglasses, I wish I could. All I can think of, achingly, unceasingly, is that summer trip. We drove up to see her together. Your sunglasses reflected light back onto the dashboard along with that famous red hair of yours. We scaled the mountains in that Dodge Charger rental and we laughed and loved together and you taught me about life. I waved goodbye that next morning as I crawled back into my garage and my mundane life. If I had known it would have been the last time I would see you, I would have said something more profound, something more meaningful then just my inadequate wave.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.18.2012 @ 6:08 pm


She wore them like earrings, the tokens from her lovers, the multitudes of compliments she collected from slews of suitors in strict upright suits, clutching whiskey in one hand and sneaking desires in the next. Her ass clutched with thick fingers of the opposite sex. She enjoyed the attention, bathing in it while she drowned herself in champagne. It was better than going home to Mother, drunk on the chaise lounge. It was better than seeing her trust fund slip out from beneath her fingers. It was better than drinking herself into oblivion. They were her earrings. She wore the boys like diamonds.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.16.2012 @ 5:10 pm


I sit at this desk ignoring the work I’m supposed to be and just thinking about how the momentum of life is swinging out of control. I’m nothing but Ignatius trapped to a cruel mistress of fickle Fortuna. I’m digging my heels in nothing but sand because I don’t want this world to be perpetual. I don’t want this world to keep swinging. I want my “so it goes”. I want my frozen moment of being but a bug in amber. I want to keep all as it is. Time kills everything. I don’t want this to die. To reach your peak at an age so young as mine begs what there is left for me to actually do, to look forward to. Time stop your clocks. I want eternity of this moment for my one hundred years.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.15.2012 @ 4:44 pm


I think I’ve finally figured out what entices me about you so much and it’s that ever-pervading scent of just you. It’s that whiff of it that I gather when I wander books shelves. It’s the slight hint of it you leave on that blanket you so adore. It’s breathed from the chair in the nook. It’s exhaled from the fibers in the pillows. It’s that clean shirt smell that makes me mad.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.14.2012 @ 12:42 pm


nourish my soul for I feel it aching and longing for just one more bite of that dish of your ever-flavorful presence. Starved and aching only for your face once more. Third world children with bulging bellies and welling eyes know only how I feel and that’s empty

» Posted By Blayne On 04.12.2012 @ 11:35 am


bitten by first touch to see finally what might be made clear, that I stand naked in the sinking rain and let is douse my skin as I traced circles round your callouses and felt your pulse beat against mine in the knowledge that all shall never be and I hold onto my heart and let it drown in the puddles forming round my rain boots and all that can breathe from my lips is, god, I swore I’d never write anything like this… but you make me feel in shapes, in colors, in ways that music flows through my veins and electrifies each note. such a real to which I have never been privy to, me, who would have thought, but the band plays on after the baton has fallen from the skies and I must not continue, for it would destroy us.

» Posted By Blayne On 04.11.2012 @ 9:46 pm


Don’t sweat the petty stuff and don’t pet the sweaty stuff.
The only proof of hard work is sweat.
Sweat it out.

» Posted By Blayne On 03.03.2012 @ 6:27 pm


I’ve been on this route for a while… but I’m not sure where it’s taking me. I want to go where… but where… what is that? route. there isn’t enough time for me to get there, and I’d like to get there quickly… but it’s not happening the way I’d like it to. I want. I want. I want. route. but I don’t always get what I want.

» Posted By Blayne On 01.01.2011 @ 6:00 pm

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