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the beat of the drum is impeccable. It disguises all else in the backround. noise roars in as the hit fades out arms swinging lyric

» Posted By blake On 11.05.2016 @ 9:03 pm


I watch television all the time. I watch it constantly and there are many channels on my guide. The show I choose to watch the most is Breaking Bad. I love Breaking Bad.

» Posted By Blake On 12.07.2015 @ 10:14 am


That one planter that is always knocked off the porch.
Onto the sidewalk.
Drenched in rain.
So cold.
Days before picked up but then falls right back into its old place.
That poor planter.

» Posted By Blake On 05.06.2015 @ 8:26 am


We were all left so undone. Nothing more for us to do. Where do we stand?

» Posted By Blake On 03.19.2015 @ 8:38 am


My life is short, but not let it run out. I take what I can and do what I please. Money is the essence of life, and it what I breathe. I need more life and nothing more.

» Posted By Blake On 10.14.2014 @ 9:09 am


hearing footsteps while in the darkness of your room is pure

» Posted By blake On 10.03.2014 @ 5:32 am


i was in total conviction wheni was being prosecuted for my crime. all i did was steal a toy. now cmon that aint that bad.

» Posted By blake On 09.29.2014 @ 5:22 am


I don’t know what that means pleas

» Posted By Blake On 07.13.2013 @ 2:04 pm


The class formed up. On the trumpet blast, they all began to slowly dance. But this was no ordinary dance. The casual observer may have thought to themself “My what they learn in school must be very draining for this bunch of youth to be so sluggish”

» Posted By Blake On 06.06.2013 @ 8:13 pm


shown the door
removed from the dance floor
musta been a poor sport…
the way i grabbed at her around her back-side
shown the panties slide
right underneath the skirt

» Posted By blake On 10.19.2012 @ 11:04 pm


I cannot help but think about the time that the entrance to the zoo was so ironically entrancing even thought I know that it isn’t something to be said. Whatever was there was pulling me into the area and toward the zoo. I really don’t understand why. How does that happen?

» Posted By Blake On 10.17.2012 @ 11:11 pm


Being in the zone in sports, nothing else around you matters. Everything is in slow motion as you are moving full speed. It is effortless as you continue to dominate in whatever sport it may be. Being in the “zone” is a great thing!

» Posted By Blake On 08.17.2012 @ 9:41 am


I do not approve of people sweetening their tea. I think it is for total fagz. But not in the gay way. Like the stupid way. And that is how I feel about approval. And sweetening of tea. And, done.

» Posted By Blake On 08.12.2012 @ 12:36 am


My principal from middle school and from third grade on loved me. I was the star student in every class. I did everything I was told and more. I felt like I was totally loved and would be successful. Freshman year, I doubted that but now I am the editor in chief of an award winning yearbook and I am so proud of myself

» Posted By Blake On 07.29.2012 @ 6:36 pm


the man was keen and cunning, as he silently crept through the darkness of the home, and as he filled his bag with valuables, he wondered what the inhabitants would do following the tragedy he was now bringing upon them, and in moments, his bag hit the floor, he was gone.

» Posted By Blake On 06.18.2012 @ 9:00 pm


hotel,loaged in something,club

» Posted By blake On 05.24.2012 @ 9:13 am


romance is when two people love eachother. they go on a date,get married,then have a baby.

» Posted By blake On 05.17.2012 @ 9:19 am

romance is when two people love eachother.And have a good life together.

» Posted By blake On 05.17.2012 @ 9:16 am


i count primitives around sqares.

» Posted By BLAKE On 05.11.2012 @ 9:23 am


you can be bitten anywhere. YOU CAN BE BITTEN ON THE ARM,leg. YOU CAN BE BITTEN BY a dog cat.

» Posted By Blake On 04.12.2012 @ 9:09 am


a trunk is somthing that is in the back of your car.A trunk is the back of something.

» Posted By Blake On 03.23.2012 @ 9:07 am


a pattern is were it just goes on and on like the same goes like hfhfhfhf.they can be on houses on the tiles.i have seen them on a hat.

» Posted By blake On 03.16.2012 @ 9:11 am


brunch is when lunch and breakfast are mixed together.

» Posted By blake On 03.09.2012 @ 9:07 am


A lantern glooms in the is used during camping.

» Posted By Blake On 03.02.2012 @ 9:17 am


When I think of epic I see a giant castle overlooking a valley surrounded by mountains. It has to be big, glamorous, and spectacular. Isn’t that what epicness is?

» Posted By Blake On 02.02.2012 @ 4:11 pm


my cousin got a new bears aapron for christmas.He loves so so cool.he thinks that i am jealous of hiim but i’m really not.

» Posted By blake On 01.06.2012 @ 9:09 am


to guess or think something may or may not be without actually knowing it to be true

» Posted By Blake On 10.03.2011 @ 8:57 pm

Suppose i tell him what i have been thinking. Suppose he responds in a horrible way, but suppose he doesn’t. Suppose he actually agrees. Suppose he finds out I have been lying to him from the start.Suppose I find a way to stop thinking of the damage he has already done to me. Suppose I damaged him.

» Posted By Blake On 10.03.2011 @ 1:17 pm


There is nothing like a couch. It doesn’t even have to comfortable. Its always in the best place no matter where it is. After a long day of work you can just go and sit on it and relax. Watch tv and read. I got a free couch the other day. It was on the street by my grandmother’s place. It’s in my living room now. IT’s awesome!! I’m actually sitting on it right now. My roommate is to. It was free!! The funny thing is we would have paid atleast $100 for it! hahaha… It’s black leather.

» Posted By Blake On 09.21.2011 @ 3:05 pm


Deer thing again?? Why is it always this one word? this is quite strange! You know what i am going to do? Write about a new word!

So interesting and colourful! :D And now my time is up.

» Posted By Blake On 08.18.2011 @ 11:24 am

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