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“I don’t believe you,” his voice shook. The figure in front of him reached out it’s hand. It was burning. He turned to run.
“Your soul is due,” the figure gabbed him and pulled him into the earth.

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Four corners

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“Did you receive the letter?”
“What letter?”
“You didn’t see it?”
“What are you talking about?”

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Coffee is what satisfies me after a long week. It melts my brain in warm happiness and sends me to happier places.

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Mention the Earth, and I imagine a wide array of colors, of sounds, of smells. I can see the many creatures that inhabit her, that are a part of her. I can feel the unseen connection between all beings, and it makes me feel whole.

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We rose up in defiance against the one in charge. He was no match for us. We stormed the building and never had to do any of this boring crap again.

…I wish…

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and then i walked into the shop and i listened to thre song that was playing in the background. kind oif reggae dubcore. it was very chilled i am pretty siure that the guy who made it must have been really baked to trty and make this shit sooo damn good! i mean it’s just so good i can;’t even remnember why i went intio the shop in the first place. and then i wa left the shop and went to the tpark where i mnet a man called larry and he told me that wehen he was living in norway during the war one time he had so many shrooms he crashed a tanker ship that was full of cild slaves from africa. he felt very bad and so he killed himself. this doesn;t mean he was dead though, because to some there is life after death and it jut keeps going like that for a while but you know when that happens just sit back and think, what if i had not dieD? what would have happenbed>? where would life have led to take me along it’s wside long path, it waould maybe never have ended but sometimes that isn’;t for the best because it means an evernlasting life which has no turning points because everything just repeats and repeats and redpeats and repeats and repeats like a dream you dreamt when you were long and ijn love the the possibikities of the future.

» Posted By bizzle On 03.22.2010 @ 4:49 pm

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