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“You’ll never take me alive, coppers!”, Smiles yelled out the window of his car. Li’l Jimmy Boxer leaned out the passenger window and sprayed the red and blues with a hail from his typewriter, thinning the ranks of the pursuers by two.

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he diagramed a diaphragm to show the ma’am her problam because you see, she couldn’t breathe and the mystery was solved with ease

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as with a bat, or a gun, or a knife. or a heart. or a word. many ways to die, many ways to live. kiss me, kill me, show me more

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Rifle slung over his shoulder, big six gun on his hip, the Ranger rode through the desert searching for the man in black. The trail had led him far across the country, miles and months he traveled. Soon he would find his father and redeem his family’s name.

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He lay there in the scrap pile, staring at the sky as he did most days. His thoughts were miles away, thinking of all the broken machines around him. Broken like he was. They called him Junkyard and that’s how he felt. A pile of broken metal, rusty and sharp. Worn down. Used up. Discarded. So, he came here everyday, stared into the sun, and broke down more every time they yelled through the chain link at him.

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I assert that certain urchins are, in fact, not as poor as they let on and simply play on others sympathy to make it easier for themselves. These certain urchins may be seen near exit ramps, under bridges, or outside bars in well populated areas. Trust me, I’ve seen them. YES, ALL OF THEM. EVER.

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A helping hand is all that’s needed, another way out
A crutch on which you wish to stand,
But you stumble, fumble, fall,
And I help myself to what’s left of you

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Average is as average does, not below, not above. Indeed, it seems, average is between what you think you are and what others seem.

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The weather was lousy. Clouds hung low, the sky an end-of-days grey. There were no birds, they were all gone south. It put a sour taste in his mouth when he stepped outside.

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He was a reader. Of faces, places, books, nooks, niches. He could see through you, read you, know you instantly. He could tell so much simply by watching. He could read you the history of the buildings just by looking at the pockmarks in the brick or stains on the walls. He was a reader.

» Posted By Bishop Chave On 11.08.2010 @ 6:43 am


The kit arrived in the mail today. I opened it up to find all the parts jumbled around inside. The little rods and springs all mixed together, the bags torn, the pieces in no discernible order. Needless to say, I was very disappointed.

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The feud raged on into the night. Dishes shattered against walls, couches overturned for cover. A battle such as this had not been seen by man since before history began.

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He mixed the elixer with a tender twist of the wrist, thoughts of her over his head as a mist. To make her love him, to make her his, all he needed was a drop of this. The potion he made her, to make her make it with him, all he needed was a drop.

» Posted By Bishop Chave On 11.03.2010 @ 12:39 pm

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