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quilted, sewn in, blankets. In > in . secure? no to safe Its not that deep. layered though, It’s quilted , it’s got stuff, content, but it’s still digestible. Kind of everyday digestible. There’s lots in the mundane, we dont document it all, but if we did, we’d see that the mundane is quilted. Padded, got threads keeping it together.

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I was so started bathrooms explosion aww t I fell backwards and knocked my head on the pavement!!! Then after the startling smoke cleared I was a startled to see that a person was a startling laying on the ground!

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Houses have driveways. They are made of concrete. Or Tar. In the old days they tarred someone, by pouring hot tar on them and covering them in feathers. This would kill you, as tar is very hot, and you would melt.

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So many times he only took in the bust of a woman. Not the bosom – the top half. He’d ignore the legs, the pants, the dress, the skirt, and keep his eyes and thoughts from the waist up, but not in a clean way. She wasn’t a half-woman, though, and he was in for a long day if he didn’t consider all of her.

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tape, piping the word makes me think of pipes more than actual tape, probably because i associate that with a certain american-ness. if that is indeed word. It also makes think of die hard which is never a bad thing. what are those weird corrugated pipes you sometimes see in airvents or dryers?

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The headband was cool. Swaggy. The colors had yolo. Swag they said. They were super swaggy, with a BRO shirt as well. Must be avoided at all costs.

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The centerpiece was truly grand. It had a simplicity about it, yet it was still complicated and deep, or that’s how it was described. To them it was just a weird looking chicken.

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They had a odd viewpoint of the place. It was high up yet seemed down low in a way. They could hear the noise, but was not overflown in it. It was a nice viewpoint of the ocean.

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He was a gentleman, or at least believed that what he did was. Others would defiantly say other, but he thought he was being a true gentlemen. He looked dapper-

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i went to visit bill. bill is chill. he is a demon. dorito. this is hard.

he then proceeded to marry martin. bill and martin got married. then we ended up going to a park.

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Rin went over to Haru’s house for a visit. It was going to be normal like every Saturday, they would watch a movie and eat popcorn, as friends.

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I am a failure. Every chance I get I wallow in my own self defeat. I try and try but unfortunately I end up back to the start.. or the end even. I wish I could last to get to the point of success but I never do. I never ever do.

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I love the power of discovering,
discovering makes all things fun.

if we all spent days discovering, everyone
would be happier. worker smarter!

i love discovering
i am discovering

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I dialed your number….
my hands repeating something they’ve known all too well in the past
and I grasped the phone in great anticipation listening to your tone
but when you said hello you were greeted by my silence
What could I really say?
…it wouldn’t change a thing
I just let the static eat away

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Next week I am going to the cinema to see the latest western movie. I should be fun with an old fashion shootout at the end.

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I counted on him being there on time as I wanted to make sure all the plans were in place. I check with the Telweb and it confirmed that he was still more than 30 km away. I had time to look around. Walking around the mall I noticed people.

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Trumpest are naive, because trumpeters are naive. They are so rumorous but in the end nothing but a snap comes out of them- that’s why trumpeters get mad for nothing and so damn cocky, because they think that when they speak they are actually playing their trumpets and everyone can here them.

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The green slime oozed down the wall, forming a rivulet at the tip of a small channel. Koz leaned backward, letting the mooze flow freely into his gaping maw. His cone flickered green and yellow, and Misha laughed.
“Somebody’s happy,” she said.
Her iridescent wings made the faintest hint of a whisper as she touched down next to her fiance.
“Who knew the Coneheads and Elliptoids would ever have a love like ours?” Koz laughed. His third tentacle wrappped around her waist and drew her in. “Try it,” he said.
“No way! That stuff is nasty,” she said.
His cone flushed bright orange as Meesha’s floral scent reached his nostrils. “I never thought I’d have a partner who makes me miss being at home.”
Meesha stroked his cone, her gentle fingers lending her strength to his.

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Dogmatic. What?! How was I meant to do this? How could I answer a question when I didn’t know what half of it meant? My life IS OVER. My future ruined. All because of some STUPID GODDAMN WORD on my final test.

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Knights, castles, and honor… a thing of the past? Chivalry means a specific course of behavior based on an honorable point of view. Doing the right thing, not just saying the right thing.

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I guess they’re the apex of human civilisation, the process that began when we stopped pottering around the savannah according to the season and started to settle down and grow, like, cabbages.

Anyway, we got real good at growing cabbages, and now we make great big steel cabbages in the sky, and live in them.

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The man had no idea what to do. She was sitting there across the table, one arm cradling a teddy bear and a smile on her lips. “You’re my father.” His mind flew back through the years to that night and closed his eyes at the sweet memory of the smell of her hair and the scent of whiskey on her breath. He was into that kind of thing.

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my grandpappy likes to visit. i don’t like to visit because i don’t like very many people. people suck. i guess i didn’t pick up my talking skills from him.

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I taught my friend to play a few chords on the guitar once. He sad he had always wanted to play an instrument and because I thought it would make him happy and make our friendship stronger I helped him to buy a guitar and taught him a few chords.

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It is important to act in a civil manner among peers. When one acts as ORoma did last night challenges can occur which impede our youth in being civilized. A civil person follows conventions of behavior and etiquette. These are social moirees. A civil person does not need to use foul language as they have a stronger education and mind. The Snickers guy from 3 mile island comes to mind.

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upper division is really awful to do…although i do love to be on the “upper”. upper kind of reminds me of rapper for some reason. it’s really bothering me i didnt start using uppercases and used periods

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