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Shell exploded all around us. A spray of raining sand showered into our fox holes from a percussion nearby that jolted me to my spine. An occasional scream or cry for help drifted in the air, unseen through the fog of smoke, dust, and stunned confusion.

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The painting was alive with fire and a sandy look. While he was painting he did not hear the wall crumbling behind. The tank rolled through, crushing him, his neck bent at an oblique angle on his still warm body.

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The episode dissolved to black. The curtain closed. We walked outside into the stifling heat and glaring sunlight. We walked to the car this distanced between us, dissolved.

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The car screeched around the corner almost throwing her out the open window. He quickly righted the car in the straightaway and her bitching did ensue.

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Bowling for dollars was the game. it came on every night on the reality TV channel.

we gathered our popcorn and beers and sat in from of the tube. It was going to be a good one.

The challenger came out, he chose the women’s head to bowl with .

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growth, Growth, GRowth, GROwth, GROWth, GROWT, GROWTH

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