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Down in Georgia there was an estate. it was lavish, with white paneling, but on the inside there was oriental wallpaper and gold trimmings. everything was perfect for gerotge Smithers, he could sip the cool ice tea on his porch while he’d watch the boats go by on the river. it was a cool morning, and not a single cloud in the sky.

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I often find myself to be so damn preocupied. I don’t even have to think about it, I just am…. I wish I had time to do the things I want; what do I want? Im not really sure… want to do many things.

» Posted By Bianka On 09.24.2011 @ 7:40 pm


I took a leap of faith when I decided to trust him again. After everything he put me through, I was naturally scared, but he seemed so sincere. How could I say no?

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We wore matching clothes. we always did that. we were twins after all. since we were born it was matching hats, shoes, dresses. I don’t know why people thought just because we looked like, we had to wear the same clothes. Wouldnt they be confused? What if I wasnt really Luciana and she, my twin, wasnt really Lane?

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certain things go certain ways and stop and keep going. certain are you certain? I’m not. Certain is not specific enough is it? certainly not. yes i am certain of this. its all dandy when you know what you want. certainty must be calming

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A myth, when I think of that word, I think of Greek Gods and of course, mythology. It interesting to figure out whether or not something is myth or not. FOr example, Mythbuster. Now that’s a good show to watch.

» Posted By Bianka On 01.25.2010 @ 3:01 pm


Well, Yoga isn’t all that great. It helps you relax and such, but you can do many things to help you relax. When I think of Yoga, I think of Yogurt and overrated celebrites. And I don’t like either of them.

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My hips sway to the music that the radio bellows. Like a robot programmed to do this task, I dance.

» Posted By bianka On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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