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Minerals make me think of rocks and rocks mademe think of crystals. I love crystals. They have healing properties. I have always loved the aesthetic beauty of them. Their colors and the ones that sparkle… But I haven’t always believed in their powers. I do now. I have experienced it first hand. I guess, right now, my favorite stones are obsidian and snowflake obsidian. I got my cards read last Ovto ER on Trade street on the Arts District and she told me that my life was going to be tumultuous. She said it would spin Aron’s me but land in a good place at work and with a good man. That obsidian would hell with the anxiety and negativity ty that will come with the preceding shit shorn. So, I believed her and bought some. I do t always temper to carry them or cleanse them by running cool water over them… Washing away the negative that they have absorbed… But when I do? I notice drastic differences in how my day goes and those around me and just how I deal with shit in general. So, yeah, I love me some minerals. They are amazing things those minerals to rocks to stones to crystals to healing to health to awe and wonder and beauty and an established order from the earth in a man made world of chaos and crap.

» Posted By Betterlate44 On 02.11.2015 @ 11:42 am

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