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He hadn’t slept the entire night. Every time he closed his eyes, the sound of crying baby reached him and surrounded his head. His eyes were red and itchy, but he didn’t dare to close them. Didn’t want to blink. Why wouldn’t it stop??

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She took her glove off. Just the one. Looked at her hand, that had become slightly blueish in the cold. Her nails were painted black, but was chipped. She hadn’t fixed her nails for days, maybe weeks.

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She was sitting in the lounge, minding her own business and not looking at the people around her. Why should she? They did not matter. All she did was wait, wait for something to happen, for someone to enter the hall and look at her. Where was he? What was going on…

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when I see a light bulb glowing in the dark I feel like I can see an idea shimmering in the dim closet of my mind. A small glowing, flickering halo of incandescent light. Warm to the touch, bright to the eye. I think I can hear the idea forming in my brain as I write this….

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“You’re sweet like sugar.”
Probably the worst pick-up line I’ve ever heard, but.. it’s kinda sweet too ;)

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She had been the forest the entire day collecting cones, colorful leaves and other things for her decorations. She wanted her Christmas decorations to be colorful this year and it looked like she had just the things for making that happen…

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She was wearing a blue headband and a red jacket. The colours were bright, but it wasn’t enough to cheer her up. Her mood was still awful and it didn’t seem like there was anything that could help her..

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She took a deep breathe. Something was wrong, something didn’t smell right. What was it?
Suddenly she knew what it was. She took the stairs two steps at a time and stopped in front of her room. She could smell the incense through the door…

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He took the towel and was just about the dry his hands, when he noticed something. The otherwise white towel had a black corner. Someone had used it to remove some makeup and since he only knew one girl, who used this much black makeup, it could only be..

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“Have you seen my latest buy?” she asked and looked at me suspeciously.
“No…” I replied and looked around to spot what she was talking about. Then I saw it.. Right there on the floor, beside the tv was a box and in that box was a green, fluffy frog. Not a real one of course, but a teddy version. And to make matters stranger.. it could sing!

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He didn’t say anything or do anything. The shield was kept up in safe distance, but as neither parts seemed to be willing to make the first move, the tension just grew.

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You could never figure her out. It was like she had several identities, lined up to appear when needed. I liked her, actually I like her a lot, but could never figure out which person she was or what identity I was in love with.

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She was certain that her word count was right, but still it didn’t seem like her story had moved anywhere. The characters weren’t doing what she told them to, or at least not what she had thought of and the plot seemed to disappear from beneath her feet. November 2nd and already experiencing her first writer’s block..

(As you can see, someone is in NaNo-mood :P)

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She walked along the water and from time to time stepped into it. She could feel the cold water working its way through her boots, but her mind was elsewhere and didn’t notice. Suddenly she stopped when something caught her eye. She bend down and took up a small piece of amber, which had caught the weak ray of sun light.

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She had looked everywhere. It wasn’t there! This was worse than finding a needle in a haystack! How was she going to find it before they closed in an hour? how..

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It was too much – she could feel her heart overflowing with emotions, her brains with thoughts, but there was nothing she could do about it. It was amazing, but at the same time so scary that all she felt like doing, was walking back to her bed and get under the sheets. At least there she’d be safe…

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This love is… eternal! she stepped back and looked at the letters, which was spray painted on the wall. The can was still in her hand and without a word took she the black colour and crossed over the last word. Eternal! like if…

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She walked along the lane without looking back. As long as she followed it she felt safe, but part of her knew that it would end soon and then what? The big nothingness was the only thing waiting for her and with a sigh she stopped and turned around..

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Big masculine overwhelming and industrializing, Berlin is full of them, unsexy.

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the troops came marching down the road. To begin with I had been scared, when I heard their boots hit the hard ground, but now.. well they were just there, I guess. Nothing I could about it and, said my mother, nothing to be scared of.
My brother is going to be one of them..

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My keyboard has been the witness to a lot of things. It’s my outlet to the world and my way of expressing what’s going on behind these eyes and in this mind…

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Every clip, every picture and every bit of sound reminded her of him. He wasn’t even in half of them, but.. somehow he was there anyway.
She couldn’t remembered when she had still felt like this or how she could have been so stupid, as to let him into her life again. She knew she was going to get hurt, again, but.. That was how it was meant to be..

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I’ve been a big fan of shoes. Now don’t get me wrong, I love shoes just like every other girl, but with feet as big as mine shoes has never been a thing I could just buy like milk or bread. Nine out of ten times they never fit me, so over the years I’ve come to terms with looking, but very rarely buying..

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He reached out for the microphone and froze. He could he the noise from the band behind him and the mumbling crowd in front of him, but no words would come through his mouth. There were no words!

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I still remember when I first saw you. People told me I should know better than that and that I shouldn’t just follow my first intuition like some blonde.. You can probably guess that I didn’t follow their advice. I had to be closer to you and to feel you close to be, even if it meant having my heart broken, more than once..

» Posted By Betina On 10.25.2009 @ 4:27 pm

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