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The class filed in, the chairs scraped, the textbooks drawn out with sighs and murmurs. The students held their heads up with their hands, whilst mine was drooped over my book. Trying not to let the moisture in my eyes get the better of me as I got more and more frustrated with myself. I took a deep breath, breathing a silent prayer that the teacher wouldn’t call upon me, to make myself invisible and ever-shrinking into my seat. Because I had no idea what compounds we were testing in the practical on tuesday.
The words swam about the page, and the structures blurred……..

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I tilt the camera, and shuffle backwards, trying to make the angle right as my hand hovers over the button to take the shot. Is the camera angle straight? Will the sunlight affect it? I wait until the camera has adjusted and focussed on the image in front of me before I take the picture.
Later that day I tweak it – only a little – just an enhancement of the colours, or to make it black and white. Plus, if I had enough money I’d have had photoshop by now….
Now I’ve uploaded it. I may not get that much recognition for my amateur shots, but I’m happy with them.

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Sherlock had spun on his heel and came bursting through the doors of the interview room. “Useless” he spat.
John sighed. He really did feel sorry for the poor buggers who had to deal with the consulting detective’s questions and inquiries. I mean, he was usually under the scrutiny of those icy blue eyes since he came to live in 221B.
But Moriarty had left no ties. They both knew that. And that’s what was frustrating his flatmate. It was probably going to be another night of ‘the consulting sulk’ in his dressing gown on the sofa. He remained optimistic it would only last a short duration.

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Remember the “crews” we used to have at school. We didn’t exactly call them a crew, but they were our school friends, classmates, the people you don’t seem to choose, you just got put together whilst in school and so you stick together. I always used to say that my first friends at school were a motley bunch!

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I opened the doorknob slowly, as to make as little sound as possible. It was cold to the touch. The doorknob was an ornate, golden and shiny metal one; I wouldn’t even be surprised if all the doorknobs in this grand place were at least gold plated! I can smell the varnished wood, and as I open the study door the smell of stagnant air and dusty books.

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He cut off the end of the bandage and secured it into place on his flatmate’s wrist, and hummed. “Well, that should do for now John, but you really should get it checked at St Barts when you can.”
“I said I was fine, Sherlock!” John barked. Sherlock jumped slightly, which made John sigh and give him an apologetic look. But, really, he’d been asking the man if he was alright every 5 minutes since he’d injured himself on that glass from the broken window! They’d been in worse scrapes during their cases together. “Its nothing, really. I’m fine.”
“What is?” His flatmate replied wearily.
“Doctors really do make the worst patients.” John looked at him for a moment, and then started to laugh. Sherlock smiled at him, as he passed into the kitchen. Whenever John was injured, was one of the only times he ever got a cup of tea from the consulting detective.

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People always seemed to think me approachable. I was the quiet one in any class at school, the one who was smart, and somehow this made me the one that my classmates would come to for advice. Anything they didn’t understand in class they’d ask me what to do. It became wearisome sometimes, but if I was honest, I quite liked the attention.

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Life is full of suggestions, and they can change the way we live, our future drastically even though,it may have only seemed a small thing in the past. A small suggestion can have a big impact on how the receiver of the words sees themselves, and the world. When I told my teacher I wanted to become a writer he said “You should definitely read more of the classics”. And now my favourite book is from Charlotte Bronte. Jane Eyre.

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The 3 sleek white sails of each turbine, cut through the wind that blew onto the shore. Ships passing by them, carrying the building blocks for the next one to be set up. They are a prominent feature of the Norfolk coastline. It seems to be such a simple thing; to generate electricity by the movement of the wind. And, yet why are we only just starting to it?

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She wept what felt like buckets of tears that night. It was just so stressful.
She blamed herself for not doing the revision, but nothing could be done now that it was the day before the exam. She sighed and wiped away her tears.
It would all come together. It had to. She just needed to work harder.

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I had bright orange overalls (or dungarees as we call them) when I slipped out the back door of where my mother worked, at the sports place. Past the place where the elderly played bowls, and the tennis courts. All the way to the tiny park, with the little house and set of swings, and the roundabout. It was a foggy day and it had been raining, I remembered that. Mum had said that I couldn’t go out because it had rained, so I thought I’d find it by myself.
It was one of my earliest memories.
I didn’t see anyone all the way to the park and once I got there, everything was still wet and I didn’t really want to go on the swings any more. But I stayed there. Then I saw grandad and he picked me up and took me back inside.
Once mum had found me she said “I was so worried!”
And I replied, “I was worried too, Mummy!”

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