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There was a stack of fries on his plate about a mile high. Or maybe a few inches. It seemed like a mile, though, and far more than his belly could hold. He did not see that as a problem, and stuffed a fistful of fried potato sticks past his swollen lips.

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Kean clasped the blanket to his chest, the fabric twisting like a toothless old man’s cheeks. He could feel the cold in his joints and the strength in his muscles in spite of it.

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Her head felt like a pumpkin. Before she even opened her eyes, Ena could imagine its swell, orange and bruised like an forgotten pie pumpkin in the days after Thanksgiving. She hoped that she did not smell like a moldy squash, too.

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He could be such a card, and had been over his many years as a guardian, as a watcher. But most occasions found him hard-working and devoted. That Ena would doubt his confidence was both understandable and troubling to him. I’ll win it back, he promised himself, She’ll trust me again before all this is over.

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“Sugar, sugar…”

The song played over the tinny radio. He turned the volume up, letting the thin sounds wash over his cold form. Pieces of recollection burst in tiny synapse firings, faces and smiles.

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Ena felt as if she had stepped into some semi-virtual world where movie monster walked in the daylight and yet she still somehow breathed and walked and brushed her teeth. It did not seem possible, and yet it was reality. Or she had gone insane. She did not feel confident in which option she hoped for.

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The ice cream melted down the cone, over her fingers, and pelted toward the summer-scorched pavement. Mint chocolate chip, green dairy tracks, with the taste of cookie dough on her tongue, stolen from his cone.

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In her dream, the horse’s gallop pounded it’s quadruplet beat beneath her, pouding the rhtyhm into the balls of her feet, her hips, up and out the top of her head. Onetwothreefouronetwothreefour on and on and even in sleep she hoped never to wake.

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She jumped from the bed as soon as awareness touched her mind. Throwing on yesterday’s outfit and pushing her unwashed hair back with a stretchy headband, she hurried into the hall. Pausing only to grab a coat from the closet, she exited the apartment, moments from rising but fully awake.

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He figured they would be fairly incensed at him. Not only had he deliberately disobeyed their directives, but it seemed that he may have made the situation with the girl worse. Not only did she know, but now she was out to change things. As if that was possible. Yes, he did not think they would be happy at all.

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He toweled his hair dry, skin still beaded with water in the hazy atmosphere of the bathroom. What to do now? he wondered. He had not called the higher-ups yet.

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She groaned and pressed deeper into the stretch. How could yoga feel so good and so horrible and so right all at the same time? Frog pose… bhekasana …was her nemesis.

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She thought she’d make a good shield maiden. Not a wimpy wannabe like Eowyn, but an honest-to-goodness Xena-esque warrior woman. Or maiden. Whatever.

And now that’s what she was being called upon to serve as. Sort of. A shield maiden, a warrioress defending the world from a mass of living corpses.

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She certainly did not like shoes. IF anything, she despised them. She would go barefoot the year through if Marvin allowed it, and if weather permitted.

Her brother was the same way. He took it to a whole different level, though. She just liked to live barefoot, but would don

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He felt the spotlight of the Kean-creature’s attention upon him as he groped for the right words. But how do you give a monster, which might not in fact be a monster, hope, and avoid the pitfalls of conveying false hope? Farr had no idea. He sighed, and began, haltingly, to explain.

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He listened for a few more moments, but no further information of import buzzed over the police scanner. Farr slid into his jacket, then paused, staring at the sleeping girl. The hands on his watch windmilled while he remained, his brain working away.

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“I don’t know –” the man cut off, glancing back behind the car, eyes suddenly seeming worried about something more than herself.

“Tell me,” she urged, ignoring the pain that threatened to shatter her skull. “I can handle it.”

“That’s just the thing,” he replied. “I don’t know what to tell you . . .”

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The thought of living forever, an eternal monotony of hunger, effort, and glaring light, made her feel queasy. Life was enough of a challenge — immortality would be a curse, in her mind. Especially life eternal in the prison of a zombie body. She shuddered, and pitied the creature that had once been her fiancee.

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“It’s weird, you know, how none of the information that we’re looking for is coming up on the scanner,” said Farr, fiddling with the contraption’s tuning dial. “You’d think more people would notice dimembered bodies.”

“Maybe there aren’t any bodies at all,” Ena pointed out.

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He staggered down the narrow lane formed by the abutting garages of the houses facing two separate blocks. Kean did not know where he was, even though he had traveled this way in life. Now all he could see were the bodies, broken and consumed — enjoyed — by him.

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