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She sat perched high above in the tree using the leaves to hide from the oncoming soldiers. From here she would make her stand. She loaded her bow taking aim at the lead soldier. To take him out would cause the most amount of damage since he organized the rest of them

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When I placed the hat upon my head to hide my untamed curls, I never expected to run into Pete. There he was his same old dashing self in his pressed suit with his long wool coat looking like GQ. I hadn’t seen him since the break up and for him to see me in his raiders hat after I told him I couldn’t find it was just what I needed.
“Hey, I see you did find my hat”, he said as he grabbed it off my head, releasing my long locks to tumble out from underneath and down my back. I noticed as they did a warm smile drew across his face. He always did love to play with my hair when it was down.
Slowly he moves his hand to wipe the hair away from my face tucking just a portion behind my ear like he used to. the familiarity of the gesture put me off balancce

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She had a strange feeling whenever he came near to her. Tension had been building between them for months, she would get a warm feeling spreading through her entire body as he stepped near to her. Today how ever as he caught her in his arms as she feel from the ladder a stronger feeling occurred. They locked eyes for a moment as his face leaned in towards hers. He gently pressed his lips against hers parting her slightly. He lowered her body to a standing position, but he still held her as if he was the only thing keeping her off the floor. He began to kiss her harder and more passionately until an ember sparked within her as she released her passion joining him in the moment. She had a fiery feeling growing inside her body that was responding to his every touch.

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he walked along the rock wall watching as the waves crashed against them, leaving a white foam on the rock, while he noticed off in the distance a fiery scene on the on the other side of the bay. From the distance he could not make out if it was the dock or one of the many beach homes on that side of the bay. A sudden panic hit him, his heart fluttered thinking about Hope.He knew she lived close to where the fire was. He needed to get closer so he could make sure it was not her house, that she was unscathed by the fire.

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I need someone who will read a chapter and give me and honest opinion. can you hit me up on this.

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They scaled down the icy walls to the cavern below, neither one had climb on such dangerous terrain before, they had to step gingerly to avoid slipping the bottom was over two hundred feet down.

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She went to the market with a very short list, bread, milk, cheese and a can of crushed tomatoes. Just a couple of things, so why when she came out of the store was her carriage completely full to over flowing. This was the usual she thought to her self and as she tried to justify all the her purchases. She was practicing her speech for her husband on why she spent so much, when she realized she had just pushed her cart into someones car.

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Oh I forgot perplexing too

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OOPS OUT OF TIME THAT WAS DIFFICULT. NO IT IS JUST A WORD i USE TO OFTEN TO DESCRIBE A SITUATION. THERE ARE OTHER WORDS THAT CAN BE USED INSTEAD OF DIFFICULT. I could use ambitious, challenging, arduous, awkward, embarrassing, sticky, unenviable, baffling, elusive, knotty, problematic, problematical, tough, catchy, tricky,delicate, ticklish, touchy, fractious,hard-fought,herculean,nasty, tight,rocky, rough,rugged, tough,serious,thorny, troublesome, or tryingvexed. So next time you are looking for a word to replace difficult in a sentence try one of these.

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Kids never want to do chores so I told me kids there are five reasons why you do chores and when you figure out what they are you no longer have to do chores. I thought this would keep them busy for a while as they worked to clean the house, I cooked dinner. While my son was switching the laundry from the washer into the dry he thought of a few ideas as to why. I make him do chores. First idea he said was to teach him to be responsible. Great I answered one down. Next day he went to school and asked his friends and came home with another idea. This time he said to teach us to complete something, because I was always yelling at them that after they vacuumed they would not put the vacuum away or wrap the cord correctly for the next user. I said very good that counts as number two only if you you do your chores 100% for one week. He then polled his teachers for any ideas they had and he came back to me with to teach us how to follow instruction. Very good I said three down. He then went to his grandparents and tried to get and idea or two from them. My father just chuckled as he read his paper, because he remembered me telling about the game and what the five reasons were. He gave my son a hint telling him to teach you how to be clean and care for your things when you grow up and get out on your own. Of course my son raced home to tell me that one. I said great now you have 4. When you figure out 5 let me know. A year or two later asked my son to go to the grocery store and pick up some stuff for me. He was 17 at the time he said Mom I figured it out what the last reason is. I said so lets hear it. He smiled at me and said because when you part of a family you have to help out. You and dad go to work and pay the bills so we have a roof and a car and everything we need. So you count on us to help at the house, so that everything runs smooth and you are not to tired. I smiled and said yes that it was number 5 and that he did not have to do chores anymore and he smiled at me and said. No I will always be part of the family, so I will always have to do chores. Then he was out the door heading to the grocery store. I smiled I knew my son had grown into a very good and wise man

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She felt his presences as he entered the room
All around her felt nothing but gloom
They knew that she would be leaving them soon
But no one was discovering he was already in the room

Death held her in his warm embrace
She felt no pain as she looked upon his face.

He held her close as she became disembodied
Her loved one were left alone to stare at her body.

She looked upon death as they left the place
a wondering look was upon her face.
He told her not fret as they left the room
They will be up behind you very soon.

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He worked hard all day and left the office a little late but he ran as fast as he could to catch the Metro train. As he arrived at the station he noticed the police presence everywhere. they were stopping and searching all commuters. Now he knew he was going to be late. He stop in his tracks and tapped his temple to connect to his communicator. He heard the voice inside his head asking him what message. As he started to think it out the message was being sent and he was connected to the others in his group. They knew instantly that he was going to be delayed and that if the police searched him they would find the chips and the group would be in jeopardy. They all disbanded as soon as the communication was ended.

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“Most people know that the ulna is the bone opposite the side of the thumb in the fore arm, but what they do not know is that it is also called the radius. I learned that the other day in my Anatomy class”, Mercy said.
“Well, I don’t care what they call it “, Freedom responded, “all I know is mine hurts like Hell since you banged it with that damn shovel. Come on keep digging. We have to get this body burried before someone sees us”.

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I walked into the room and right past the speaker, as I sauntered in front as all the people it was as if I was a ghost and no one could see me there in the front of the room. I got my food rations and headed back across the front of the room. This time I made faces at the crowd and mooned the speaker. Still I got nothing from any of them accept for a little boy sitting midway in the audience. He snickered when I mooned the speaker, but as quick as he did his mother grabbed him and made him look away from me. It was tough being ignored and treated like a nobody, like I did not exist at all, but this is how they dealt with criminals and that is what I was marked as, because I dared to fall in love with a married woman. Mind you I never even laid a hand on her. All I did was wait on her hand and foot and wander through her house smell her pillow which still smelled like her shampoo and for this I got 6 months of time. Time to be all alone in a world where one could never usually be alone. So was my sentence really that bad, I thought as I exited the room which was filled and overflowing to go back to my small area of exile.

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Gazing at the stars in the country is a wonderful experience. Growing up in a big city with street lights and business lights everywhere seeing the enormous amount of stars and galaxies for the first time is an awe inspiring vision.The stuff that poems and stories have been written about for many centuries. Yet as I sit here gazing up at the same night sky I have been looking at day after day and year after year. I am still filled with wonder by its beauty and I often contemplate how many worlds out there have other life forms on them.

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I sat down to my computer one day and began to write a story about too sisters separated while young due to the misuse of their powers. Within a 6 month period I was able to write two and a half books. Over 265,000 words the story seemed to just jump from my mind to the pages. Book one had 416 pages while book two had only 330 pages. I had the lofty goal of getting it published before the end of the year, but what I did not know was that I would have to right book proposals, a short brief summary on the book, and finally something about myself and why I am writing basically have I ever written before. The answer to that one is yes, but what I have written was software specific for hospitals. Only nurses training on hospital software would ever see my writing it was a how to use the software guide. It is in hospitals across the country, but it is not a published work. It does not even carry my name. So how can I get someone to pick up my book and read it. How can I get a publisher or agent to be interested if I can’t write a successful book query. I have sent to three fantasy book publisher and two agents. Now I play the waiting game with all these self publishers begging me for my money to publish it. I could go that way but I want to be a real author, I want to see my story jump from the pages and captivate the reader. So I sit here and I practice trying to write about different words rather than finish my third book, my characters sitting in limbo waiting for and ending that may never come, because why waste my time and write them an ending for a story that may never see the light of day.

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“My life has turned into a sitcom. I am the Charlie Brown of my own cartoon. When I was young I had such high hopes for my life. I was going to be a leader, someone to look up to, but now lately I just seem to be the butt of the joke,” Clare said to the crowded audience. Many listening began to laugh thinking this was part of her presentation, but it was not. She had such a bad day she could not take it anymore, she needed to make sense of what was happening to her.

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“Hey Carl”, Marley called from the table to get his attention in the densely filled bar. Carl squeezed through the crowd to get over to the tight table that Marley had found for them. He was not sure what they would be discussing in this cramped loud bar, but he did not expect the conversation that was about to happen. Marley told him all about the bar, the satellite internet that was accommodating all the people in the bar, and about the dollars they pay to the company that owns the satellite. Marley was offering him a chance to buy into the company. A company she owned solely. She thought getting in on the ground floor of this venture would be right up his alley and it was a more effective demonstration, then it would be in a boardroom she thought.

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Well my nephew came by last week, my husband took him out and showed him how to flirt with woman to get a girl friend. I was concerned by this because my husband has so much charm when he tries. He could talk the most hard core feminist into waiting on him hand and foot. I was not sure My nephew Peter was ready for this type of tutoring.

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Scott always saw the lines between right and wrong as a blurry subject. This time it was no different. He knew Amanda was Austin’s girl, but they had a chemistry he just could not forget about. If he acted it would kill his relationship with Austin and it would tear his family apart. He was counting on Austins good and forgiving nature, but this time stealing his fiance MAY BE UNFORGIVEABLE, BUT he had to try before they were married . He had to know if they were meant to be.

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Kristy was a very nosy person. This was her first time in Barbara’s house. She excused her self to the bathroom, where she proceeded to go through her linen closet, which only had towels and sheets in it. Next she went through the medicine cabinet to see what might be in there, but it was only band-aids, and other first aid supplies. Next she looked under the vanity that is is where she saw the fleet enema box. It reminded her of her grandmothers house when she was a kid. there was always a box under the vanity. Now as an adult she knew what it was used for, but as a child she had no clue. Kristy quickly flushed the toilet, headed back to the living room and the book club

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It was 2010 and the styles had change so much yet Samantha still wore her hand made quilted jacket. The kids in school laughed, because that style had gone out in the 70’s. Sam did not let it bother her, she felt close to her grandmother when she wore the jacket.

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He swerved to avoid him the teenager boy who was crossing the street 10 feet noth of the crosswalk, he was walking in a diagonal line across the street. The boy stopped and shook his ass before he finished crossing. Tom thought to himself I should have hit the little twerp it would teach he to not play games in the street, but instead he swerved and hit a group of bushes

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I was delighted when this site started putting up new words on the weekend and all I had to do was ask on Facebook. They are responsive and I appreciate these words getting overtime.

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He walked into the room and he saw her sitting at the dressing table. she had the jewelry box open and had every piece of jewelry out on it. She kept put one piece on after another. She grabbed the clip on earrings and tried to get them on, when she noticed him in the mirror looking at her. She turned and said Dad can you help me get these on. He chuckled when she turned around, not only has she put on all her mothers jewels, but also all her makeup. He went over to the dressing table and he helped her put them on and told her how beautiful she was and how much like her mommy she looked. Then he took a selfie with her, quickly uploading it and sending if off to his wife, who was in a business meeting.

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Rita was heading towards the first blind date of her life. She was nervous she had heard horror stories from her friends her whole life, but she had been luck She met and married her first high school love, which fate now had taken from her. It had been two years since Roman passed away and everyone told her it was time to try dating again. They set up up on a blind date to help her get back into it. Her friends knew this one date would not be a life time companion for her, but that he may get her moving back towards living life. As she approached the restaurant she noticed a nice looking gentleman sit alone by himself in the window. As she approached the window he looked up from his table and their eye met each other through the glass. She looked at his almost violet eyes and she was drawn back to the first time she had seen her husband Roman. He too had violet eyes, it was not a common thing. She stumbled almost falling when she noticed the eyes. She wondered was this the man she was supposed to meet and if so how could her friends have not told her about his eyes. As she stumbled she stretched her arm out towards the glass to balance herself. As her hand touched the glass this stranger sitting inside extended hand out towards the glass as if to catch this woman that was on the other side.
Again their eyes met for a moment and they both felt a pull towards one another. She leaned on the glass to catch her balance. He leap up from the chair and raced outside to help this stranger. He made it out the restaurant and too her in a matter of moments. Next thing she knew he was offering her a hand.
As their hands touched they both felt a small jolt of electricity which again caused them to looked directly into each others eyes.
He looked at her and said, “Did you feel that?”
She responded, “I thought it was just me”.
He helped her into the restaurant to his table and he got her some water and they sat their and began to talk.
She remarked, “Your eyes they look like my late husband eyes”.
That is when he responded,”maybe they are was he an organ donor” the man asked.
She responded “Yes he was why do you ask”.
“Because these eyes were a gift two years ago”, he stated.
Rita passed out at that moment. Knowing the eyes starring back at her were her husbands and that some how she was meeting this man,who was not her blind date on her first night out was too much for her to handle.

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He had been working hard all week and he could not wait to get home. He missed Sophie so much, he hated it when his job kept him away from her for so long. It was going to be a long cab ride home from the airport. He was anticipating the smell of her clone or the soft feel of her curves. As he pulled .into the driveway, he noticed all the lights were off, he sighed a disappointed sigh. He dragged he his luggage into the dark house turning on lights as he went. When he finally made it to the bedroom he looked up to notice Sophie wearing nothing but a red translucent bow. He dropped his bags instantly and walked over to her. He gently grab at the end of the bow to untie his present waiting for him. He reached his hands out sliding the bow down her soft supple skin. while he placed his lip against hers and pressed hard using his tongue to separate her lips. She gently moan as her body melted into his arms.

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She felt and attraction it made no sense to her. Every time they came near it was as if her body was calling her to them. She had never felt an attraction like this before maybe to one person but to feel it towards both of them at once, it was totally illogical to feel this way towards a couple she thought. She had felt attraction to men her whole life, but never to a women.

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Tom scraped the bacteria off the vocal cords. and then reached deep down to get the growth just below it. The growth was causing the bacteria build up on the cords. He had to be careful as he moved his tools around the small area. He sliced one side at a time of the growth. Now with just one little thin slice left he had to be cautious and not hit the vocal cords themselves as he maneuvered the growth past them and out of the patient. He dropped the growth into the bowl and told the nurse to get it down to the lab for testing while he stitched the flap in the his throat.
Tom had never seen a growth quite like the one he dropped in the bowl.

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I sat on the rocks every morning at dawn, taking in the smell of the salty air, crispy air. Watching the sunrise over the ocean as I watched the fishermen on their boats getting ready to go out for the days catch. They would leave just before dawn, but as the sun came up you could always see them out at the horizon as they sailed off for the days work.
I noticed one day that as all the other ships were going out one ship was coming in. Its belly full of fish even the deck had fish on it. I was not sure where this fisherman had been or how long he had been out, but it was apparent he did not follow the same path as all the others.
This stuck with me through out my life. As I grew up and as I grew in my career. I never wanted to follow the pack. I always wanted to be different to find a better way of doing things. I often thought back to the fisherman and wondered what put him on a different path.
Who was it that he saw doing things differently that spoke to him and told him it was okay to be different, to go against the grain and to strive to be the best.
I have no clue who that man was but I would like to take the opportunity to thank him wherever he may be for showing me a different path. One where I make the rules and set the goals.

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