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tick tock tick tock
when will this detention end?!
tick tock tick tock
John rubbed his hand, it was starting to ache from the amount of lines he had been doing and sighed. Its not like he had done anything wrong, anyway. In all honesty Jim had been asking for a punch being swung at him. Most people couldn’t see why he defended his new found friend so fiercely; but then again they never really understood that Jim would say what the things that he did out of their earshot.
The bell rang and the teacher dismissed him with a curt nod. “There you are, I was so bored.” Sherlock said in his usual drawl.
“Yeah, well unlike you I can’t just skip detentions.”

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He had to get it right
one drop here
one drop there
quick, stopper the test tube and let the mixture fizz
the results will show who did it
they must
he was certain who did it, but it all depended on this last test.

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