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I blushed when I was in my cube alone. How dumb was I. And to do it in front of so many other people. They just looked at me like I was scum under their shoes.
I’m sorry I haven’t worked here as long as you.
I’m sorry I don’t really know what’s going on.
I’m sorry I’m not enough for myself so I assume I’m not enough for you either.

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She sipped the tea. It was cold. Chunks of milk that hadn’t dissolved lay in the bottom of the cup. It made her sick to think of it. This was the last of the milk, and it was being wasted.

» Posted By Beth A On 04.29.2017 @ 3:39 pm


“It’s not subjective,” she said.
“I’m just not very convinced by their argument,” he said.
“It’s not an argument. They’re presenting the findings from their research. They developed the experiment so it would give them accurate results, not fall under what they wanted the results to be.”

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The phone buzzed. She saw it. The same number that kept calling. It went to the answering machine. She assumed eventually the college would leave some message. Something about how her attendance was valuable. Some bullshit like that. But they never did. Just kept calling, hoping to catch her.

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They debated the pros and cons carefully. Their decision was made. But, in the end, it didn’t affect them at all.

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It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Her eyes scanned his for something she recognized. He was so focused, his gaze like a blade. She followed him through the abandoned hallways, silent except their steps.

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They’d been promising it as long as she lived there. She waited for an assistant to come help her. 5 years and a million promises later and it still wasn’t here. Her assistant this time was a harried young man with acne and hair in his face. He lifted her wheelchair and helped her get inside. She turned, looking over her shoulder. If only, she thought, promises were as easy to keep as they were to make.

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Reflections in the lake shimmered. Trees expanded as far as the eye could see, except for the lake, the centerpiece. This was where solitude met introspection.

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Their voice had been heard. And ignored. Citizens united and were, once again, ignored. They rallied. News reports claimed riots. They blogged. Twitter screamed “comfort zones” and “safe space” like rot festering on a wound.

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Running. They hid in the shadows, heart racing. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go. Nothing had gone right. Who told? There was no way anyone could have known what they were planning. Unless…

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She admired her work. It wasn’t bad, she thought. But the lumps were obvious. She couldn’t have them, not today. Any other day she could have breakouts, but today she had to look her best.

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She checked it again. This was it. The pump was stuck. She tried to rationalize. She would be fine. There were probably some other hikers around here who had a pump that worked.
She fought the urge to kick the filter, but she still maintained hope that it would work. She pulled it out of the nasty pond. It was clogged with algae.

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They sat silently. He rubbed his hands as he watched them. Their faces were blank, as they had been the entire time. He’d been trying to get a read off of them, especially the women. He considered himself pretty good at reading women. That’s why he was in this mess, after all.

» Posted By Beth A On 08.02.2016 @ 3:04 pm


He’s got nothing on me, not anymore. Maybe he would have, two years ago. Maybe the promises wouldn’t have sounded so hollow, maybe they would have replaced reality for a moment like they used to. Not anymore. He’s got nothing on me.

» Posted By Beth A On 04.22.2014 @ 10:16 pm


It’s not what they think. They say I should just get up and do something, like it’s not that hard. Thank you, numbnuts, I would have never figured that out without you. They don’t think it’s an actual problem.
Depression is that thing that happens when you’re really sad right? But it’s just a mood, you can snap out of it.
Right. Sooo easy.

» Posted By Beth A On 04.13.2014 @ 4:02 pm


It never occurred to her that all her asking for normalcy was what was throwing it off. That didn’t make sense. She wanted to get to the bottom of the problems, the issues throwing stones at the heart of their marriage. But, how can one so minded for complexity, for rules, for logic, be made to understand the complexity, the rules, and the logic of affection?

» Posted By Beth A On 04.12.2014 @ 9:59 pm


Rock climbing scared me, the height, the imminent threat of falling. Spelunking seemed different, it was less about conquering nature, more about understanding it and trying to be a part of it in a very quiet, intimate way.

» Posted By Beth A On 04.10.2014 @ 1:32 pm


Mass accumulation of positive thoughts have got to have some effect, right? If, in fact, this reality is a conglomeration of the reality everyone has agreed to see, doesn’t it seem fitting that a correctly placed hope, a prayer sent off into the wind, might find its place in a new reality?

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Valentine’s Day is considered the worst day to be single. But I always wonder on Mother’s Day how many people try not to think about it, but find their mind constantly winding back to it, to her, and they can’t shake the sorrow lying across their shoulders. Their sorrow goes much deeper than being alone, to loving and losing. On Father’s Day how many men sit huddled on their bed, weeping, because there is nothing left to do? Don’t cry to me about being single on Valentine’s Day. Be glad you don’t have anything to lose yet.

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The kisses landed between her shoulder blades. She told herself she enjoyed it. Being this close to him. She tried to believe that the couch really was comfortable enough for two people. Sleep was elusive, but not due to lack of trying. Another gentle kiss on her spine. Her skin crawled.

The next morning she said no. No, no, no. She tried to explain why, he wasn’t listening to her anyway. She could feel the ghosts of his lips on her shoulders, her spine. She didn’t feel so guilty.

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It was obvious, what he was going for. Too cool for school, too hip to try. Maybe that’s what he saw in his reflection, but the people around him knew better. Too scared to try, to afraid of failure.

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Years creep forward, much too fast once you start to realize they’re running off. By that point it’s too late. Too late to take back the screaming matches and surly days. By that point, it’s hard enough to try to act like the adult you’re supposed to be.

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Running. Mud covered their shoes. They tried not to think about everywhere that hurt, but there wasn’t anything else to think about beyond everything to be missed. It was boring. They’d never thought about that when they signed up.

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A variety of spices enticed me, but I quickly moved past the overpowering floral scents, heading toward the back where somewhat more elusive smells lingered.

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It wasn’t too bad at first, just walking an extra block. I didn’t have to look at it. Didn’t have to think about her. Then it started at home too. That vase, the way she’d smiled when we got it for her. How she used to look out the window, smiling as morning sun warmed her face. I spent less time at home, walked farther away. That park, the way we always used to stop and watch the ducks. The shop we only stopped at once to laugh at the clothes. She was everywhere.

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“I can’t believe you’re really doing this. You know, most people stop acting like a child once they turn thirty.” She continues to yell various things at me, but I can’t hear her through the wall.
“But spirit never dies!”
“You are impossible,” she shouts back.

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“For real? I’m thinking of life and limits, imagination, possibilities, and you want to talk about puppies?”
“Did you see how he fell down and played it cool? It was adorable.”
“Yeah, I saw it, my eyes recognized the light and flipped it around, passing it through this lump of brain to recognize it as adorable. But what of it?”
“We probably need to watch it again. Who knows if he’ll play it cool.”

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To occupy. Occupy wall street. Occupy the world. Rebel, rebel. Change the world, if you really can. Occupy your belief, it’s ready to be occupied, to be lived in, to be filled to the brim with people.

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Hot cocca slid down my throat, cayenne awakening nerves along the way. At first I hated it. Who puts peppers in their cocca? I took another sip, trying not to let my eyes drift much above my cup.

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It purred, it cried out for attention, begging for the slightest press of a foot against the gas, slowly, god, so slowly, releasing the clutch. They’re called old fashion, these cars which require dual foot power. No need to make race car noises, they’ve got their own.

» Posted By Beth A On 02.24.2014 @ 10:02 pm

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