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he and i didn’t know each other well, even though we’d been dating for six months. we just weren’t connecting, y’know, although i liked him enough. but there was something about spending three days hauling a 70lb canoe around a mosquito infested series of lakes that really, i dunno, we got past language and got into something deep.

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clearly not, she said, i would never, she said, i couldn’t, she said, and then she paused
a million remembrances, a thousand thoughts, each whirling through, passing by, zipping and blipping and shocking her as her mind suddenly asked,
could i?
would i?
have i?

the bombardment, too strong, too true, too close

full brakes

she says
no. i’d never.

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sometime ago she told me about her mother. about the way they sang together when the stars stayed hidden from view. and when they were out. they kept the cold and the dark at bay by raising their voices, strong high voices, out of tune with the tune, but in tune with each other.

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far from the cutest, far from trite, petite, small, adorable, far from all of that. not complete, not engage, not do, but end. ending of all. of all sensations, a swift chop, gravity working it’s deadly purpose, pulling the blade down and then it’s done. it’s all over. not-even-blackness.

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from the floor
and returning
to the floor
tasting the excesses of the sky
kissing the infinite possibilities of UP
but slowing
not quite kissing
not quite touching
so tantalisingly, temptingly, outrageously close
a pause
a suspended moment of hope
and then the descent
in denial at first
and then with speed

» Posted By Benjie On 11.05.2015 @ 9:37 am


it was well past midnight, and the young man had been standing guard for over six hours. The dark called.

He looked at his sister, asleep in her bedroll, her hair still golden despite the pale moonlight. he frowned. he should have woken her hours ago, but she hadn’t slept for days.

the dark called louder.

the young man’s eyes drooped for just a moment… as he snapped back up, his skin went ice cold.

there were howls.

they were close.

they were getting closer.

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he took a long, hard look at his hair. this was the first haircut he’d had in six years. six years of long hair, sticking to the back of his neck, his forehead, getting greasy, tickling his shoulders. he had been shocked when he finally saw his reflection, shocked even more when he saw it cut and styled: it had been a long time since anything about his appearance had been intentional, and the possibilities frightened him.

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you can’t keep on building castles.
you can’t keep on hiding behind stone
with small chinks to throw missiles from
you can’t just build a moat
bring up the drawbridge
and hunker down
eventually you’ll run out of food
eventually you’ll have to open the gates
and withered, starved, broken
step inch
across the moat that you built
to beg for help
from the enemies
that just wanted to say hello

» Posted By Benjie On 10.15.2015 @ 1:03 pm


he had been waiting for a very long time. he wasn’t sure, before this, that a man could sweat so much in a room where the air conditioner had been set to Antarctic levels, but he could, and he did. Fourty five minutes. What if they needed time to find out the best way to tell him he was going to die?

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it had been a long time coming, this fall, this historical autumn. they had been waiting for it, everyone knew it was coming. they could have done something about it, but here, in the beginning of the end, they knew and said out loud that they never wanted to stop it. something in their hearts told them, “the end is coming, and let it.” let it all collapse.

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he had been sitting in silence for he didn’t know how long when the bird hit the window. It took him a moment to register that there had been a sound, and an even longer moment before it hit him that something had, in fact, hit the window. He stared, and had to remember how to move his legs.

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from here
to there
and back again
going deep
going tall
and neither
from the centre
comes the edges
and without the edges
there is no centre

the base, the core, the fundament
without the extremities
is just a stick

» Posted By Benjie On 08.27.2015 @ 12:15 pm


she sat in the parked car, in the rain, waiting for him to leave the pharmacy. it was taking a while, which was fine, because she had an awful lot to think about. she had an awful lot to regret, so when alone, she was never bored. always something to wish she hadn’t done, always something she wished she could undo. she filled her empty hours with her past failings.

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willow willow, where will you go?

a slip and a droop
a sway
no breath of air moves that branch
no wind rustles those leaves
small rodent, large tail

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from this, then that
from that, then this
derivations, divinations
the past writes the future
the present reads the text
all the worlds a prophecy
and the seas are coming next

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brave the wilds
the whistling whirling
the call
the cold

in a place with no words
with no time
just up, down, sway, still
hunger and contentment
warmth and cold

face with bravery the unknown
the changing, change
know yourself
don’t speak

» Posted By Benjie On 08.06.2015 @ 7:31 am


luxuriate in the sensuouseness of his glance, the velvet side-eye, the lush and outrageous full frontal brief eye contact before darting away, taste the sinfully sweet nectar of his held glance.

» Posted By Benjie On 06.18.2015 @ 12:03 pm


he’s a spot on your record, you know. he’s a blemish. we all know about the two of you. we all remember it. we’re never going to forget it. your association with him will follow you every where, through your whole life, and even if you move, even if you go somewhere no one knows you, or him, that spot will still be there. it’s like putting a pillow over a blood stain.

» Posted By Benjie On 05.22.2015 @ 8:03 am


Let me be Frank with you. Let me be Carl, let me be Dan, let me be anyone except who you think I am. I’m not asking all that much, you know, I just want you to see me as someone else, because I think the idea you have of who you think I am is wrong, at least, it’s not the way I see me, and that’s unacceptable in the most gross sort of way.

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interest this, interest that, into rest, let it rest, sit with it, let it fill your interest. See it, taste it, touch it, look at it, receive it receive it receive it, let it rest, receive it, sit with it, take it in, focus, breathe

» Posted By Benjie On 05.20.2015 @ 8:43 am


the line sinks and cuts the current
the line is both death and life,
in that life is change and choices
and the line, sunk as it is, cutting the current as it is,
forces the fish to choose a choice that wasn’t there before the line was there
the fish must go left, or right,
or become tangled and die
and such is life

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tell me something but don’t just say it to me. Let me figure it out on my own. Let my mind put it together. When you just tell me, I hear it, and it goes away. It leaves. My mind only thinks about it for the moment it hears it. But when you tell it to me by saying something else, my mind has to think longer, harder, and so it remembers, it burns-in, so to speak, like that TV that was always left on the TV guide, grids and lines burned forever into my face, my eyes.

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It’s not about the win. It’s not about the victory. It’s not about success, about getting there, about making it, about being anything else except for where you are and what you are right now, except that you always need to always be moving forward. That’s the difficulty. That’s where we get hung up. It’s not about the win, but we do need a goal. We need a thing to work towards, even if we don’t know what that thing is. Our bodies know.

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It’s been a long time since I started. It will be a long time until I finish. My kingdom is strong. It has walls, my people are fed, my land knows peace. My land knows peace, yet I do not. I know there is work to be done. My advisors talk about the burden of the crown, and they pat my back and they whisper there too.

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On and on and on.

Tighten, stretch, reach, one step at a at at at a PULL don’t stop until you burst and then just keep going! Go on! Free from your skin, ruptured and left behind! Run! Run on! Run on!

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Like foam in a jacuzzi, you are unwanted, but mostly unnoticed. No one really cares that much if you’re there, just as long as there’s not too much of you, as long as you don’t make yourself noticed. Once noticed, however, folks will complain, but do nothing to get rid of you. Embrace that. Eventually they’ll get used to your increased presence, and go back to ignoring you. This is a good thing.

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Terminal, like curable, only the cure is cessation, is ending, is ceasing. That’s a cure. A cure is the ending of a disease state, so death is like a cure. That’s a nice way of thinking about it. Comforting. Somehow. Life is kind of a disease, it’s filled with suffering, and I guess death is the cure for life?

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Diverse yourself. Become many. See your parts, watch as they fill space, multiplying to fill the container of you. Which part is really you? Which part has your essence? Is your nose you? Is your hand you? Is your anger, your fear, your sight, your feelings, are these you? If your parts aren’t you, then what is?

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UNDONE UNDINE! Revoke your watery past, embrace the dust, the earth, the smell of the desert, replace the roll of waves with the rolls of hills! Mountains, not canyons. Flight, not diving. Walk. Jump. Fire.

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Sealed. Made to be as the sea. Not seaed, because it sounds too much like seed and that’s not what’s happening here. It’s not a becoming into potential, into a tree-that-is-yet-to-be. No. Sealed is to be made infinite, unfathomable in the most literal sense, but bound and knowable, if willing to delve deep enough.

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