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A hero very much beloved. they say he shoots water from his arse cant stand electricty his name; PUDDLES.

» Posted By Benito On 04.11.2012 @ 8:43 am

water, ponds, alligators, frogs, splash, flies, trees, rain, dark, night

» Posted By Benito On 04.11.2012 @ 8:39 am


sometimes i like to sit in my tub with a bottle of vino and think of toes and naked women. Do you hear me world? I do this literally ALL the time. my friend albatross likes to watch and then we go boxing at the local alley–BOWLING alley! shits.

» Posted By Benito On 04.16.2011 @ 1:54 pm


Red, er velvety, I guess, little red riding hood, the scarlet letter, harry potter?
I dont really wear them though, never seemed like they had a real point too them, my neck is fine on its own

» Posted By Benito On 01.01.1970 @ 12:00 am

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