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I thought I was going to need an umbrella today because when I got up this morning it was sprinkling outsid a little. I defenately am going to use one on Saturday when we go to the rodeo. When I think of umbrella I think of the song rain rain go away come again another day. Oh anyways today is my birthday and so far I’m having a bad day, I’m not suppost to be having a bad day today, any other day but not today. This is another birthday, I couldn’t even remember how old I am I had to use a calculator to figure it out. I hope this weekend besides saturday evening rains so much, I love the rain it just smells so good. Now what else can I write about oh nothing because it is time to stop.

Bel Navarro

» Posted By Bell Navarro On 08.25.2011 @ 7:05 am


Oh this is a fun word, driving I like to drive everywhere. I remember when I was 11 and first learned how to drive. I learned on three on a tree it was hard yet fun, then I purchased y first car for $50. it was a 1950 Chevy Bel air loved it so much. Took me and my dad about one year to fix it up so by the time it was finished I got to drive it on a regular basis. I remember when I used to steal my dads vehichles when he’d be at work and go driving up town, one time i’ll never forget was when I ran out of gas and my dad got off work early that day, boy did I get a butt whooping. lol.

Bell N

» Posted By Bell Navarro On 08.10.2011 @ 7:55 am


My baby is going to be in the Ogden Pioneer Rodeo, he’s going to be muttin bustin. He wants to win the trophy, he tells me momma i’m going to hold on to that wool really tight and close my eyes till the eight seconds is up because I wont to win the big trophy. To Clay the trophy means everything it means he’s strong and tough. I love my baby and hope he does win the trophy.. My baby is going to be the best muttin buster
Bell Navarro

» Posted By Bell Navarro On 07.19.2011 @ 7:08 am


what does family mean to me? well it means a lot thyen yet it means nothing…. my son alone means a lot he is my everything my insperation to life.
My sister means everything as well because she was my mother growing up,

Oh guess what my Clay is going to be in the rodeo and do muttin bustin and to him that means a lot I’m so proud of him he’s been practicing every week and has been staying on the sheep quite long..

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not sure what to type about this word so ima type about my morning.
Well I got up had to wait for the bank to open to cash my check because I forgot over the weekend then headed to Logan to sign Clay up for muttin’ bustin’ so it’s official he is going to be all summer with evens and sports. Next year mini bull riding starts I love being a busy mom, he enjoys being in the rodeo he tells me “mom I like it when people come cheer for me, and I hear themm scream my name but can’t see who it is cause there’s so many people” I love my big boy so much I am going to buy him some new boots and chaps for this summer e3vents and maybe even a new hat.
Okay I ran out of things to type hope time is up soon

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Pointy. Rhombus from animals heads. Made of not bone but calcium.

» Posted By Bell Navarro On 06.26.2011 @ 9:25 am

The antlers on that buck were so great….. Just when I was bout ready to pull the trigger, he took off. I waited and waited for him to return, I’ll find him next season

» Posted By Bell Navarro On 06.26.2011 @ 9:22 am

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