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Everyone asks me what I’m majoring in for college. I thought “undetermined” was an idea? Like one that you could use if you weren’t sure… Either way, I’m pretty sure that no matter what the fuck I major in, it’s not going to make a difference. Nothing really matters in the end. Right?

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I always thought maybe I would be a good teacher one day. I would be that cool teacher that let the kids swear and let them eat and let them do whatever they wanted. Then, I always realize that I just REALLY hate kids. The only thing I could teach them adequately is how to put a condom on an erect penis. And is that necessarily a bad thing to know? Better than a trying to put one on a softie, I guess.

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staple papers. essays. you write essays and reports for school and college. it’s like writing in a foreign language for me. Writing doesn’t come easily for me.. I try and I know it takes practice..

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“I hope you realize what they’re doing in the darkroom.”
She said emphatically, her eyes widening.
“Some people call it love, some say sex, but the truth is, it’s two teens f,”
with that he grabbed her face, stared intensly into her deep green eyes and gave her the softest kiss she had ever had. So slight she could barely tell if it was his lips brushing hers or if the electricity between them was so strong that there was no need for actually touch.

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Poignant and well thought out.
Rodney read over the material
In great detail.
Needing to spill his intermost secrets,
Trying to explain with words the mysteries of his heart.

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the reports were anything but clear.
“Isn’t there more here?” I asked.
The frustration pouring out of my words like the persperation that was now saturating my underarms.

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lots of legs
small and creepy
easily crushed
no, it’s how I feel with these new crutches my first day back to school.

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Blood mixed with dirt and water swirled around the sink. She sudded her hands and scrubbed them violently to clean her skin; to clear her conscious. The water had turned clear now and all the past ills were down the drain.

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From far away it looked like blotches of ink streaming down her legs. The closer I came to her I saw that the color was crimson, and the life in her eyes was gone.

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poor soul had been ripped out and trampled on. It’s hard to think of a soul as ragged. But trust me, his was.

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I wish I could admit it.
I wish you could admit it.
I have hard time telling you, any body.

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want…what is it that any of us want? what have they taught us to want? we have become the want generation, but with it masquerading as the “need” generation. the difference is quickly becoming something of the past. i want those jeans. i need those jeans. i want that house. i need that house. no…i will not take it anymore.

» Posted By Bekka On 07.22.2008 @ 10:58 pm


sprinklers are fun I used to play in them all the time during the summer. so much better tahn a pool. pools are boring spriklers you could jump and paly around and stuff not so much with pools

» Posted By beKKa On 10.08.2009 @ 4:19 pm

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