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Her skin bristled against the cold and biting wind. Why had she come here again? She pulled her sweater righter around her and hunched over to fight against the cold. Texas wasn’t what she thought. When she left the Northern reaches of her home state of Michigan, sun and cold drinks were what she had in mind.

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The dark next door barked constantly. I went to check on it, to make sure that it wasn’t hurt or frightened. It wasn’t. The dog was old and one of his eyes had changed to a murky blue, that hazey look eyes get when they no longer function the way they are supposed to. I wanted to make sure it was OK, but the closer I got the more it barked.

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It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, that’s for sure. And I didn’t think of it, at the start that is, of any kind of sacrifice. I wanted it. Period. But now I see that what I was doing, what was really going on, was something else. Something bigger. Something I couldn’t have understood when it started. And now, it’s gone. And it’s my fault.

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She placed the final fork down on the satin napkin. This wasn’t her style, but her mother-in-law insisted. Tradition reigned over all. No matter that this was her house. She wasn’t even allowed to bake the turkey, let alone design the table settings. Why was it even taking place here? She hated Thanksgiving. No gifts, no sparkle. Just a bunch of fat Westons taking over her new house.

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I left the bakery with an armload of sweets I was hoping would be sufficient for the party. I couldn’t believe it. It was the second year in a row James had forgotten to tell me about his office holiday party. It wasn’t on the calendar and therefor I’d made us other plans. Plans I had to cancel. But did James care? Of course not.

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My head reeled back. You want me to go now? I think. How can I? I just got here. What was this woman playing at. Sure she looks normal enough, her pencil thin arms and legs, barely there breasts and a mouth so tight it looks like it could break. But why was she so agitated?

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I don’t know if I can keep up. My heart is racing and sweat is pouring down my face. I don’t know if I will actually stop breathing, but it is becoming increasingly harder to take in a breath. My legs are burning, my feet are aching. Can I do it? Can I get there? What happens if I don’t? I just have to keep pushing. Go and go and go. I’m losing her.

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Luckily her room was at the back of the house and had few windows. The day she had? Only sleep would help. She drew the thick curtains and settled in to her bed. The fall weather had cooled the sheets and she shivered as she pulled the comforter up to her chin. Her head nestled into the pillow and as she drifted off, there was a sharp knock on the front door.

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“Mom? Dad?” She called out in to the empty house. The only sounds she could hear were the window that had rattled in the wind since she was a little girl and her own breathing. This was why she had left the country. The quiet was eerie. She needed the sounds of the city. Fire engines, people shouting, honking cars. Anything to quiet the voices in her head.

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She kept asking different questions hoping Jamie would slip up. She never did. How was it that she was so consistent? This boded well for them. They knew the police would be coming soon. Their stories had to be straight. Their stories had to be believable. This was their last chance.

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I pawed through the drawers looking for anything that would prove to me I had an excuse to leave. Letters, tokens of affection, proof of heinous crimes. Nothing was there. I hadn’t gone so far as to search his phone or email. I don’t know if I want to be that girl. But really, was that so different from what I was doing? And why couldn’t I just leave?

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The marriage rock stays. He didn’t, but the rock stays. It’s beautiful. I found it on the Pacific ocean between San Francisco and the Russian River Valley. We were on our way home from our honeymoon, back to the city, hack to real life. The rock was supposed to be a symbol of the bond between us. Instead, it’s a reminder that nothing is impervious to ruin.

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She was grateful that her jeans were thick so they could absorb the sweat that was pooling in her low back. Being hot always made her legs chafe and the last thing she needed was to be uncomfortable. She took a sip of water; all of the ice had melted and the glass was covered in condensation. The glass nearly slipped through her fingers. That would have been a disaster.

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The forest was so thick Jack couldn’t see very far in front of her. It wasn’t night yet so at least she had that on her side. But each way she looked was empty. Not empty in the sense that the forest was dense as fuck, but empty as in there wasn’t a good answer there. Should she go right or left? Or straight? Probably, she should just turn around and forget it but that wasn’t an option. The kid was in here somewhere, and she had to find her.

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He stared at her after it was over and brushed an eyelash off her cheek. Her skin prickled with apprehension at his touch. It wasn’t warm or pleasing. Something sinister shone in his eyes. How had he changed so quickly? Moments before he was brushing his hands along her naked body and now that tenderness was gone.

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She hesitated. She knew she shouldn’t have, but something scared her. A small sound that could have been human or animal. But that moment of doubt screwed her. He was coming. He was quick, too quick for her to duck out of the way. A heavy blow connected with her shoulder and she cried out in pain as she feel to the floor.

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Well I won’t say that I’m the best out there; I don’t think I’m the worst. I know, I know. That isn’t saying much. But I have something the others don’t. Potential. Maybe those yahoos have already played their greatest game, created their most unique piece of art. But I haven’t yet. I have yet to show the world how truly original and searing I can be.

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He didn’t want her to look at it that way. It wasn’t because he felt sorry for her. It was more than that. He loved her yes, he wanted her to be happy. But what she didn’t know, was three years ago she had done something similar for him. Unwittingly, sure. But nonetheless, if it weren’t for her, he wouldn’t be alive today and that was worth more than anything.

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It wasn’t that it wasn’t good. It was good. It was actually great. But the intention was all wrong. When he wrote it, he was thinking of himself. How he felt about it, what it meant to him. It was supposed to be about me and how I needed to be perceived. I finally understand that no matter how I try, no matter how I communicate my needs he will always be looking out for himself.

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My god my eyes are tired. I’ve stared at this screen for the last what feels like six days and nothing of any value has come out. What are my truths? What do I want to put on paper that reaches and touches people? What reaches and touches me? Fear, fragility, vulnerability, and people trying their damnedest not so succumb to their inner demons. The places most dark in their life.

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Her eyes were as if they had been taped open, forced to watch this scene unfold. It was something out of her deepest nightmares. The demons she fought off every night when she was alone. But here she was, watching this woman scream about all the injustices she had suffered and pointing a gun at her skull. Jack pleaded, but it didn’t matter.

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It was everything and it was nothing. It was life and death. She never let anyone know her true self because her true self was a fabrication, an illusion for the people. She breezed through life allowing people to see what they wanted to see and that is what caused people to love her. Then at the end, when it was near time to depart this world it became apparent; she was alone.

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Boy I regret that decision. No, I’m not an alcoholic. But I like to drink everyday. A lot. Sometimes I fantasize about ways to stretch out the allotment I’ve created for myself so I can drink more. Yes, I am one of those assholes who says I can stop any time. But I didn’t. And now there’s been a death. It wasn’t my fault! No! But there has been a death.

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God this case couldn’t be going any slower. She felt like the entire world had come to a standstill to taunt her at her ineptness. If something didn’t change, and quick, she would never figure this out. She would never get her job back. And she would never shake the shame of screaming like a lunatic in the squad room.

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She coughed and it caught in her throat. It was raw and possibly bleeding. Her hands were scraped and she could feel a small hole wearing through the knee of her jeans. By her estimate she had about five minutes before she choked to death on smoke. She had been crawling around the floor for what felt like hours.

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I don’t know how much more invisible I can be. I’ve sat here for nearly two hours, just watching them. They’re laughing, talking, watching TV, eating dinner. They’re a family. Two boys, one very young girl. She was probably an accident. I guess like me. I should be in that family. Those are, after all, my parents. The trouble is, I’ve never met them.

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The last time I picked up a book, I think it was probably in grade school. Huck Finn, I believe it was. After my parents passed I had to drop out of high school to get a job. Reading not required. Now I met a girl, her walls are plastered with books. If I tell her the truth, I think shel’ll leave me. And I can’t allow that to happen.

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Instead of doing the one thing I am supposed to be doing, what I was hired and paid a large sum of money to do, I am looking for the person who murdered my father. I can’t help it, it’s a sickness. What did they think would happen when I became a cop? That I would just let it go? They’re crazy and they’ll regret the day they told me to stop.

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She couldn’t do it. Even though there were no cars coming in either direction, her feet refused to move. They were becoming cemented right into the side walk. She hadn’t seen him in months and there he was standing across the street. He hadn’t yet spotted her, but seeing as her feet wouldn’t move it was only a matter of time before his eyes laid upon her.

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The restaurant was bustling with clinking glasses, forks scraping, tinkling laughter. Even though she was wearing a dress she felt out of place. The women here were perfect. Flawless makeup, not a hair or lash out of place. Even the men looked as if they stepped off the runway. The woman seated directly to her left had kept eying her, she knew it, with each bite of cake.

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