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The rusty knife flew through the air, wobbling and turning till it reached it’s final destination. The whole blade went in. Robbles the gray haired bicycle repairman looked down at his belly. Between his hands he held a watermelon with a wood handled knife sticking out, leaving no scar on the man.

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Nothing to stop me, I’ll do anything to be the first out with this word. Rules or no rules.

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Wrinkled mr Andersson was using all the power his brain could gather. Right foot in front of the left one was his task and he did it, the old man shuffle.

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Ullas kidneys were aching, her cheaks flapping and knees shaking. Mano the crossbreeded and fleecovered dog had similar problems as they together traveled on the road out of town. Rims but no tires will give you a bumpy ride.

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Profound in 60 seconds…..? let me think and possibly come back!

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House is hus in swedish and band mean ties. Ties in a house could involve children, a wife and a husband.

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Hus is house in swedish and band mean ties. Ties in a house involves children, a wife and a husband.

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Ragnar the short necked middle aged man struggled with shifting weight when he tried to get up from his favorite brown recliner. He went out on his porch and leaned on and pissed over the handrail while looking at the big dipper in the sky. He knew that his place in front of the tv set was by now taken but his recent double pleasure made it worth it.

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The lord was not my shepherd, that role did my first grade teacher have. She was a short, bearded woman in her late forties and with eyebrows that grew together over her spotted nose. She was a kind woman.

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The castle up on the slope of the hill was leaning heavely towards the sun. It was earley morning and the sunrays warmed the surface of the heavy stone walls. It was somebodys home and somebody was happy for living here.

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We had mutual friends the mad dog and me. One of them was Rubecca the round and soft woman who lived by the gas station with Oglio Vella. The later was a small italian man with a tiny beard, a big appetite and car full of premium dogfood.

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