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It takes seven steps to get up in the morning. The first one is to stop thinking about you. The second, third, fourth, and fifth are to fail miserably and think about the way you move and dress and the way your hair falls and the way your laugh tilts up at the end as if you want to keep on laughing forever. I know that you do. The sixth step is to pretend not to think about you. The seventh step is to forget to forget to think about you.

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I hate it. I don’t know how you live with it. All the fear and misgivings. Don’t go down this road, don’t give in to the temptation. Never ever be in the position to have to repay anything…

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Life is fractured. Our hearts are fractured but it’s not about what’s fractured or broken. It’s about the light that comes in between those cracks. It’s what emerges from beneath the darkness. It’s always darkest before the dawn. Sometimes it takes breaking the pieces to have them all fall into place. Fractured sometimes means together.

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I look to the back of the steering wheel and found that my car was logged and metered. whut i don’t know what to do

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Captured is a sense of being held back from what you want. This could include physical and mental capture. For example, you could be captured by a beautiful person. This is a positive connotation of captured. On the other hand, you could be captured as in being kidnapped. This is the negative connotation side of it.

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I’m grateful that I knew you and that I could carry on your legacy of who you are and who to desire to be. I’m grateful even for the flaws that I got from you. I love them and I crave them more than I would like to admit or than others should know. That gratitude scares me sometimes though…I’m already so much like you with the suicide, alcohol and quiet mind I wonder when I’ll call for my own end of time.

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His comforter was quilted, which struck Jack as odd. Oliver had such a hard outer persona. He was this rock and roll God with a drug problem and legions of people screaming at his feet. And yet at home he’d crawl underneath a comforter that looked like a family heirloom, patterned with ducks and chickens.

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The soft down blanket felt amazing against his skin. So warm and delicate against his cold frame. It wasn’t easy living all the way down here, being passed by so many people with so many better things to do, but at the end of the day at least he was a little protected from the chilled winds. He traced his fingers along the stitches and smiled to himself.

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I am delighted to feel this anger towards for it means you were loved and you left without getting to feel enough of that love I had for you. I am delighted you made me and glad to know what has become of all the time I got to spend with you. I am delighted to cry over you. I love you dad and I miss you.

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His mouth bulges with richness and molten sugar. The creamy and the delicate create a masterpiece that is a result of decades of chemistry, innovation, and creativity. The moment holds a sweet orb of endorphins…Until suddenly the bulging eyes protrude a bit too much, the taste buds are only sandpaper, and the nose switches from sniffing to plummeting into the beautiful cake. THe droplet of perfection has been popped, it is only seconds before the lords and ladies realize the poison is the needle to blame.

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I’m not educated enough, I don’t have the knowledge to do what I want to do, or the skills to get there without it. I am not educated enough and my family thinks I’m a joke but they don’t understand how hard it is, to be educated in a time like this where you’re always wrong wrong wrong, or might as well be because if you’re not the best the you wont succeed will you?

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She struggled against the chains that bounds her. Beads of sweat popped up along her hairline and wound a trail down through her grimy, worn-thin clothes to her navel. The finiteness of her existence wormed its way from its designated spot at the back of her mind to the front of her working memory. She knew that rehearsal was the only way to embed a thought in one’s long term memory, meaning she had resigned herself to the inevitable. Everyone perishes eventually, her final breath will just happen to be at 17 with only empty eyes to weep.

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I’m sitting here wondering where I went wrong. Everything was on the right track until I hit a block, and now…now I don’t know where to go next. Around? Over? Through? Backwards? The path isn’t clear. I think I may I need some help on this one.

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I witnessed doubt clutch it’s curly fingers around the needle and thread attempting to sew itself onto the heels of the success I desired. I turned around quickly enough to grab it by the neck and seize it’s opportunity. I stole it’s way of living and sewed into onto the pages of my life story.

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The cinema is where dreams come to life. one person’s imagination becomes another person’s temporary reality. It doesn’t matter what the movie is about, there is something for everyone at the cinema to expand the mind and make you think.

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I hadn’t showered in a week and I didn’t even care. my teeth looked yellow, my hair was a mess and I smelt like I had bathed in a sewer for 3 days. It didn’t matter though, I was allowed to feel this way.

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Sitting atop the friendly precipice with all the world fooled. Sneaking around every corner in attempts to avoid confrontation. Suddenly when the waters have calmed after the bomb of disappointment has been dropped; silent but painful still you shoot me in the back. I never saw it coming; should have known you’d have good aim.

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A long and perilous journey, an epic and source of story. The path well-traveled is not for you, my dear quester, and I ask that you stay off the road.

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Sweet serenity, sanctity of silence, but groping in the dark, cold and alone, it’s dark and there’s no end to the thoughts that poison your soul, locked inside your mind with no one but yourself, because you are your worst enemy.

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False, fake. Hiding behind dead smiles, practiced in the mirror for show, so wrong on the outside they can’t remember what it feels like anymore to have a soul, and they wander lifelessly through a meaningless existence. Vultures who’ll pillage anyone for their 15 minutes of fame and not concerned with the concept of immortality

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Wash over and show me the beauty you can create in this destruction.
Provide me an example to test the ethics of how human is human.
It’s just a wave and water is the strongest element.
I think of this tragedy as a child losing it’s way.
too bad you’re an orphan.
The world will look at you with sad eyes and they’ll stand on a pedestal while they do.
Then you will get to close to their skirts and they have places to go.
We all do and we all have lives that need not be interrupted.

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“This wasn’t worth it!” Julie screamed as she, Dan, and Aleda sprinted away from the man wielding a shotgun. “Not worth it!”
“Hey ,at least we know the area’s repopulated!” Dan sot back. He was in the front, he had no reason to worry.
A shot pinged into the dirt at Julie’s feet.
“Yeah, like this area needed any more damn settlements!”

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Lucius hadn’t eaten for twelve hours. Andrea had kept careful track. Lucius tried to say it was something religious, but Andrea knew for a fact he was atheist, and therefore it was unlikely to be religious. She didn’t discount it entirely though – weirder things had been done by others in the complex. Two centuries of subterranean living had given rise to odd, cross-subdivision behavioral patterns, including nonrequisite fasting (at least once, nearly seventy-five years ago).

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He was obviously born to money, but had lost it at some point – his clothes were nice, but they were covered with the grime that comes from living in a cardboard box by the tracks. He was also begging and ranting, going on and on about how he “used to be the owner of the glory that surrounds all of you!” The closest to glory thing Luther could find was the five pounds of marijuana stuffed into the rafters of the old station.

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I hate them,” Jonah growled. “Disgusting, awful, burny things.”
“You just haven’t had a good one,” Rachel told him, popping another in her mouth. “You’d better learn to like them. Clerical error sent us fifty pounds of the dried things. They’ll be in everything for weeks.”
“Fuck this. I’m going to go try to eat Arcann’s food. At least hers is edible.”
“Wrong pronoun!” Rachel yelled after him.

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He wasn’t sure how the flowers managed it. They were, after all, made out of glass. At least as far as he could tell they were. Sometimes it seemed like maybe they were made out of real plant bits after all, but Lucy would always laugh when he asked – that terrifying, chest-deep laugh that sounded like Beelzebub laughing from the deepest pits of hell.

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The two of them sat across from each other at the table, one at the head and one at the foot. Lady-at-the-hed was short, thin, and dark. Lady-at-the-foot was tall, wide, and pale. LATF scowled, while LATH smiled with the sort of beatific smile worn by saints.

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he was plastered, of that there was no doubt. No one could have not been, and especially not someone as scrawny as Luther. Lucien was patently unimpressed.
“Hair of the dog that bit you,” he argued when Rachel tried to tear him away from his third-full bottle. “Allus works.”

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