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The scale today says 135 last week it said 125
I light it on fire.

scaly thorns poke through the rough patches of my skin.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 10.12.2013 @ 5:52 am


Timmy was timid at the terrible twosomes troubling appearance
One had a soccer ball the other a spike in his hand. Timmy the timid became timid when they approached, .

» Posted By B.Crazy On 09.11.2013 @ 5:09 am


The silo filled of corn
came tumbling down
in the middle of September
like an eerie reminder
of a day gone
lost in the sands of time
and in the aftermath
corndust filled our lungs.
like an errie reminder

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.17.2013 @ 6:59 am


Indecision to call you never tasted so sweet
listening to my heart beat
in iambic pentameter
picking up the phone.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.18.2013 @ 4:28 am


Singing the national anthem
this is my anthem
this is my attraction
my adoration for such a nation
that the words escape me

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.23.2013 @ 6:20 am


His dogmatic persona eluded the authorities and let them know who was boss.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.22.2013 @ 8:02 am


He choose the narrative as his own personal agenda weighed heavily on his mind, like acid rain in a thunder storm. A storm that had chosen a course that would head on and collide with his enormous ego. A storm that would not fit his narrative but bust it open and crack it wide open with holes that no one could fix.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.24.2013 @ 6:05 am


sun dried tomatoes lie out on the lawn.
her dress lie on the bed.
her lie lays on her lips like blood on the rose.
and the sun dried tomatoes lie out on the lawn.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.09.2013 @ 4:45 am


I make it worthwhile to give into your charms
by sitting down on the sand on the beach
writing in my journal
sipping tea of
blood and sugar
bleeding wrist thinking of
echos of the poems I have written they are repetitions of my past convictions.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.08.2013 @ 6:38 am


green bell peppers littered my kitchen floor.
seeds stuck in my teeth like chocolate pudding smashed to my lips.
ruby red lipstick stains on my nose.
leaving me wondering
how this happened?

» Posted By B.Crazy On 08.02.2013 @ 6:32 am


I took to the sky
Ran in the reign of fire
Regarded the dragons
Entered the caves
Violated his sanctuary
Entered under the underwater River
Rented a ferry
Entered under the sirens
Not wanting your attention (but seeing I got it)
Telling you a story.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.24.2013 @ 5:17 am


which way to go?
this I deplore you!
do I simply just ignore the presence of lingering doors?
They appear as if to taunt, when only they haunt me with questions that I deplore.
Which way to go!?

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.21.2013 @ 5:05 am


I was all hello, please, and thank you
and than
the coffee hit my blood stream
and I swallowed my pride
and ran off with out even a good bye.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.20.2013 @ 5:56 am


backlit by the sun i raised my hands to the sky
and yelled,” Sky always blue. Moon never cease to send me dreams.”
and I spun, and spun
until the morrow.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.17.2013 @ 4:50 am


Gamer Boi
He was a gamer boi, nothing but a gamer boi
all he did was game.
When she came around he said, ” not now girl.”
Now she is with another boi poor Gamer Boi.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.16.2013 @ 5:51 am


the old word derived as if it had arrived in the mail.
like blood derived in the heart.
like the nail
in my lungs
derived from your hammer.
and the knife in my back
derived from your hand.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.11.2013 @ 8:07 am


“It has been a delight sir”, movement came from the window shades. Albert plowed right through the rest of his speech. A dead bug lie in the spider’s web. No more tales would he tell.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.09.2013 @ 6:18 am


I am not sorry
I long for those days
I was seen but not felt
like rain in the Sahara
there than not
wet than not
I am not Sorry.
Now nor ever for beautiful days
and sandy beach scenes
like out of a magazine.
No I am not sorry.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.08.2013 @ 6:51 am

I am not sorry
I long for those days
I was seen but not felt
like rain in the sahara
there than not
wet than not
I am not Sorry.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.08.2013 @ 6:50 am


Of rocks;
small, long, oblong, sharp,
pointy, Dull.
I am among them.

» Posted By B.Crazy On 07.07.2013 @ 8:00 am

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