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If I could disect each and every thought out of your brain, I wouldn’t. I don’t want to know who you are. Your face deems of lies and insecurities that I would rather not touch.

Which is funny, because you really were the closest person to my heart at one point. I thought that if you went, I would go with you.

But I guess that’s one big flaw in itself.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 02.01.2014 @ 11:38 pm


They were building sandcastles all over the fortress down north. Sammy was getting more and more frustrated by each minute. His people were not abiding to his rules anymore, and he began to worry that he had lost his power as king of the Abbey Shore.

“Stop it you guys!” he stomped his feet as hard as he could, but all that his small feet could muster was a light thump that the tides washed up in a matter of seconds.

The children around him continued to build the sand castles, gaining speed and momentum, each castle looking grander and more intricate than the one before.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 11.18.2013 @ 11:54 am


While cutting the papers for the origami class, Naka shifted his gaze towards his right. The sunlight was beaming through the blinds of the classroom, shining right onto Mikako’s brilliant brown hair. Her hair was the longest in the class. Longest and waviest. He wanted to sink his face into her hair, feel its toils curl around his face as he would fall asleep in a blissful aura of pine forest.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 11.16.2013 @ 1:03 pm


Her hair was soaked in oil, grease dripping from every end and every tip. The color was that of tarnished metal, and everywhere she walked, she would leave a trail of rusty smell behind her.

Lamis was her name. She was fully aware of the names that people would call her behind her back. Lamisi the greasy, or just simply greasy. She sometimes couldn’t help but wonder whether her hair would have had softer waves had her parents given her a prettier name, maybe Warda or Hallah.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 11.10.2013 @ 11:50 am


I was stalled in the supermarket. They told me I had to wait and that I couldn’t cut lines. And so I waited. But the longer I waited, the longer the queue in front of me seemed to increase. I didn’t get it. I waited and I waited, all to buy my jar of pickles.

“This is eternity,” a voice from behind me whispered. I didn’t want to look, I I didn’t want to see what eternity looked like.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 02.22.2013 @ 10:34 pm


Is patience really a virtue? I think patience is having no phone. I think we’d all be much better off without phones. Far more patient than we are, and we’d probably also be much more interesting people. More social, less awkward. I wouldn’t have to walk around pretending like I’m doing something on my phone, or maybe I wouldn’t have to depend on it so much. Talk to people more or something.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 12.13.2012 @ 11:18 pm


I’m roaring with happiness right now. Or soaring with happiness. I don’t know, but I wish I could be on top of a canyon singing and dancing my heart out, without having anyone judge me for either lack of my skills.

I’d like to toss my mane backwards and just roar and sing and thank god for everything that I have and then just rest.

I want to live in the wild. I don’t like being enclosed in a bedroom.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 11.10.2012 @ 11:05 am


Half a bread, half assed love. Glass half empty. Half this half that. Have this have that. Don’t take anything at all. Just don’t expect me to go through the halfway on my own. Something like that. People should try more, exert more. Or maybe I should try more, rather than give half assed attempts. Half an ass. That’s just one butt cheek. Half assed.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 08.23.2012 @ 2:29 am


So many events, such little time. I just wish I could go to every event ever, just attend it. And I wish I wouldn’t be so scared of people, so that even if I go alone, I would enjoy being alone rather than being afraid of having someone approach me or having someone look at me. I want to attend musical events and food events and events that I have no particular interest in. But no.

» Posted By Aya Zain On 08.20.2012 @ 3:59 am

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