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She awoke that morning to open her newly empty sock drawer next to her bed. Only to find two socks, apart from each other. One red, one black and white, imperfectly striped. Yet, the day before, she had the biggest sock collection on the block. And now only two stupid mismatched socks? Bloody nonsense!
Looking around in frustration, she suddenly stopped. She knew, deep inside somewhere, in the pits of the dense groves of her distant childhood. This wasn’t just a middle school prank. This was the real world. This was an omen, a grave warning, a reminder of danger that was nonnegotiable. And it could only be from one person.
Suddenly, she heard a voice from the doorway.
“Hello. It looks as though we’ve met again” the aged purple teddy bear said through his furry lips, a voice so vile to make a child cry.
But no. She wasn’t a child anymore.
“Fluffles!” She screamed.
the war had begun.


» Posted By Avril On 07.12.2015 @ 12:31 pm

She didn’t know why there were only two socks in her drawer. And why one was red, and the other striped. Mismatched. But she had the biggest sock collection on the block! And now only two?? Bloody nonsense!
But she knew, somewhere deep inside, that it was an omen, a grave warning from Fluffles.

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one two three four five
once i caught a fish alive
but i decided i dont often get a pike, so i kept it and had it for my tea that evening with some butter sauce and parsley

» Posted By Avril On 12.18.2012 @ 4:43 am

there were five minutes left of the exam and i was beginning to panic. Why hadn’t I revised more? started sooner, gone to more classes?

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cells are tiny. skin cells are everywhere. all over my house. in my bed. different people’s skin cells are everywhere. it’s kind of gross. but that’s human nature i guess. cells remind me of biology class. i didn’t like disecting things in biology class. i do miss highschool though. i miss a guy from highschool.

» Posted By avril On 06.21.2011 @ 6:11 pm


i was told to write about shapes. There are many shapes and many sizes. so what is my favourite shape? i think it might be the star shape? or how about a square, because it represents a box, but boxes can be regtangle to right? hmm, shape it has one to three four five letters in it. it also has th word ape within it as well. cool, im still not sure what to write about it.

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She waved her wand over Leslie’s head and said a couple of magic words.
“Ta- da!” she shouted. “You’re now a fairy princess!” Leslie opened her eyes and grinned from ear to ear. She gazed up at her mother with wide eyes then proceeded to run around room as though flying.

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you have one for party, for school, for beach
makes you look crazy and you like it
and you give it to your spouse a green one when you cheat on him too.

» Posted By Avril On 09.09.2010 @ 10:49 pm

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