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It means when you pick something up you are raising it off the ground. For example I raised the box off the ground. There are many things that are easy to raise and other thing that aren’t.

» Posted By Austin On 09.06.2019 @ 11:30 am


We need it for our body and we get it from the food we eat. It helps us stay alive and grow and be healthy. Its a source of protein you get from food and

» Posted By Austin On 08.28.2019 @ 10:42 am


I don’t know what this word means.

» Posted By Austin On 06.01.2017 @ 9:20 am


I don’t know what this word means.

» Posted By Austin On 05.31.2017 @ 9:14 am


When I think of mercy I think of a second chance so if I have any enemy’s right now please have mercy.

» Posted By Austin On 05.30.2017 @ 9:13 am


When I hear the word century I think of I don’t even know

» Posted By Austin On 05.26.2017 @ 10:39 am


When I hear the word sisters I think of them being annoying because that’s what they normally do and they bother everyone so I wish I will never have a sister.

» Posted By Austin On 05.25.2017 @ 9:17 am


When I hear the word stunt I think of people doing stunts I don’t know why but I do.

» Posted By Austin On 05.24.2017 @ 9:25 am


When I hear the word scuba I think of scuba divers idk why

» Posted By Austin On 05.22.2017 @ 9:16 am


When I hear the word breakthrough I think of some one breaking in somewhere i don’t know why.

» Posted By Austin On 05.19.2017 @ 9:30 am


When I hear the word ghost I think of the ones in haunted houses some people say that their not real and some say that they are real I don’t know if they are or are not real

» Posted By Austin On 05.18.2017 @ 9:23 am


When I hear the word star fish I think of the ones that live in the fish are incredible creatures.

» Posted By Austin On 05.17.2017 @ 9:24 am


When I hear the word birds I think of the ones that fly in the sky,because that is what I know them as.

» Posted By Austin On 05.16.2017 @ 9:19 am


When I hear the word shoes I think of the shoes you put on your feet,and how brand new shoes are tight when you first put them on.

» Posted By Austin On 05.12.2017 @ 9:29 am


When I hear the word shore I think about going on the boat because my step dad always says tell me when you get hungry so we can go to shore and get something.

» Posted By Austin On 05.11.2017 @ 9:15 am


We have and national anthem we sing in the morning and followed by a pledge that we also say.

» Posted By Austin On 05.10.2017 @ 9:14 am


When I see a knife I think about being careful because I have played with a knife and I cut myself..

» Posted By Austin On 05.09.2017 @ 9:23 am


I feel dizzy when I am up high

» Posted By Austin On 05.08.2017 @ 9:28 am


Don’t find faults find fixes

» Posted By Austin On 01.29.2016 @ 4:57 am


My interest is football I like to play football because I can have fun playing a game I like to play.

» Posted By austin On 05.20.2015 @ 5:25 am


They had all assembled to see what the commotion outside the ward was. All of them stood, mouths agape, chattering incredulously amongst each other. A small doctor exited through the double doors, and silence falls. “I am sorry” he whispers, “but the cyanide that he bit was real. This production will have to wait. Please inform the rest of the cast. Legally Blonde 4 is on hiatus.”

» Posted By Austin On 05.11.2015 @ 7:13 am


The smog was thick, thick enough to cut. Breathing it in hurt. My lungs felt dead. But I kept going. Kept going until all of me felt dead. Dead in this car. Dead in this garage.

» Posted By Austin On 02.26.2015 @ 5:17 am


I looked out in to the crowd. Staring at me, eye’s fixed on me. I tried to follow the advice my friend had given me. Unfortunately, picturing them naked didn’t help. And neither did the bulge in my pants.

» Posted By Austin On 02.24.2015 @ 8:42 pm


A man who has had too much alcohol. This could also happen to a female, but much quicker, and much more unpredictable. People can be dangerous, if they are drunk.

» Posted By Austin On 02.24.2015 @ 6:36 am


The day would come when all the resources were exhausted. Even down to the flora and mitochondria that create us. The minerals that had lasted us and nourished us would eventually sour, and turn on us, for the plague was ravaging the very fibre of humanity’s being. Amidst it all, the steel plated men looked on, automaton eyes glaring back at the organic frigidity drowning before them, with the buzz of their droning limbs sounding their victory call.

» Posted By Austin On 02.11.2015 @ 3:34 am


stitches are something that you get when you bust open your body or you will get staples.

» Posted By austin On 10.15.2014 @ 11:07 am

the stitches in my arms hurt ectremly badly after I fell off my bike. I was unsure of the seriousness at the time, but later wold go on to relaize I needed to go to the hopsital. I wan’t fond of the bills I would have to pay, but I went ahead and accpted the fact I needed the surgery to correct my arm. In the end I was really hurt.

» Posted By Austin On 10.14.2014 @ 3:07 pm


i don’t kwon this word sorry . apol

» Posted By austin On 10.07.2014 @ 10:14 am


That child was too young to do that face so well. He wore a frown whenever they left, and this they did often. The hardest part of looking back is knowing the child knew exactly what was going on.

» Posted By austin On 09.16.2014 @ 7:39 pm


“The whole world joining hands” emblazoned across his uniform’s insignia, the fault lines of his brow scoured in repose, his hands, clutching the manifesto of the men who sent him here, all seemed to ebb away. He had not got what he wanted, though he came for a good cause. His charity had clearly brought him a means to an end, perhaps in part, paid for by his own admission. For here he was. Here he lay now, gazing at the sky, breath short, eyes wide, a bullet in his chest, and chaos at his feet. Slowly ebbing away.

» Posted By Austin On 09.01.2014 @ 7:55 am

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